Average kills per battle

Does anyone know what type of game mode affects this stat?
Is it all based on PvP?

Just curious on that fact.

Side question…i assume that the higher the number the better so is this a max out of 8.0?

What would you say its the general average across all players. Would it be about 1.7 or something?

I believe it’s PVE and PVP… in XO, it’s fairly meaningless as doing a few Patrols will make it bizarrely high. Mine is at 3.72… don’t let that make you think I’m insanely good. Maybe I just kill a lot of bots. :man_shrugging:

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Ahh that sux. Would be interesting to see how we all faired against just humans. I play pvp 99.7 percent of the time so i guess its kinda accurate for me lol. It barely moves but im still looking at it from time to time…

would be correct and it’s an average of both kills and assists.

That wouldn’t be a bad break down.

It also counts anyone you damaged as a kill if they die in the match. So different weapons will be inclined to do “better” than others. As example a MG user can spray the whole team with 10 dmg and if his team eliminates all 8, he gets 8 for that match. Meanwhile, a lance build may completely take out 1 scorp hover but would likely only finish with 1 or 2 “kills” on the match


I think DMG/match vs humans would be a better stat. I would also like to see guns stripped/match and movement parts/match


That is correct I think. Not sure though how PvE counts. Patrol definitely, but other pve modes idk.

3+ is good. 2-3 is ok-ish. 2 or less is weird noob. 4+ are twinks that made new account for stats or been very meta from the start.
We all start as newbies, trying things, experimenting, acquiring things, getting better as we learn the game so those stats will naturally be bad and get better with time. Some escape this being meta slaves, they get bored and still get to build and try things… or not.

No. The stat is meaningless.

Adding to why it’s meaningless… there’s a challenge that requires you to kill or assist in killing X-number of enemies with X-type of weapon. When I grind that challenge, I’ll jump in Patrol & do nothing but focus on hitting every enemy at least once. That makes this stat blow up.

On the other hand, along with what @91423005 ClaysDad said, many build types are much better at “kill-stealing.” So, even if it just counted kills against humans, it’d be a bad stat to use. When I use my Assembler build, I typically get multiple kills per match because one blast from a pair of those is brutal. On the other hand, the guys I’m killing have been softened up by the machine gun guys. That stat would make me look amazing & everyone else look terrible.

Even if there was a win/loss stat, I wouldn’t put much stock in it… the matchmaker nerfs good players or even good builds while buffing the bad.

Yeah if you play pretty much no patrol then you know the stat is accurate, I’m sure for most people Patrol might boost their stat by 0.01-0.03 and the latter is only if it’s played a lot…

Not sure why people say it’s meaningless due to Patrol, people don’t play that much patrol for it to be skewed much.

As a 4+ non meta player for 6 years it’s nice when people think high stats must be boosted, it’s the ultimate compliment.

It’s not though, it’s usually a pretty good gauge of a players ability. I never see good 2.0 players, reasonably good meta players can sit around 3.0, 4+ is a mix of things.

For you.
I speak of about hundred profiles I seen of players I encountered in PvP battles. The stat isn’t 100% accurate, but definitely reflects most of picture. Also some players boost it playing PvE but you can easily see that by amount of pve battles.

by routine careful play on meta builds(even if you say they are not).
The type of people having nothing going on in their lives, nothing to think about, focusing ~100% on the game every time, not much trick to it.
If being good at some game is an achievement to you, ok then :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It is, if you enjoy playing a game you’re awful at, that’s ok too

Kill ratio stat in this game is a joke.
It can be affected by so many cheesy things.

Counting assists is one of things that completely makes this stat invalid.

Then the fact that patrol also counts bot kills and assists. But for most guys this don’t mater becuase they don’t play patrol.

One of the biggest cheese factors is “weapon choice”

The reason I say weapon choice is because of how the system counts assists. So weapons that touch everyone in a match will have a higher kill ratio and they don’t even need to kill anyone.

Someone with a weapon that can hit everyone before a match is over could get 8 kill counts in a game and only do 5hp damage to every car.

So basically you can go into a match and be completely useless and come out looking like you killed the whole team stat wise.

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One other thing that effects this stat is “doom platoon players” and even “duo/trio player”

You will have guys that only play in 2-4 man squads OR a good portion of their games are always in 2-4 man groups.

They are always in voice and always have each others backs.

I know guys that will refuse to play PvP solo, just because of their stats.

Then, when you see them in chat they will always flex about how high their KD is when they never played a solo game in their life.

The KD is more of a EGO thing for people. They made a stat like that so you can feel like you are awesome.

The dev team is pretty smart when it comes to this.
I think that is the main reason they include assists in this worthless stat. It is because they know the human condition and take advantage of how people think of themselves in a video game.

This false stats drives peoples online persona and becuase they get a sense of feeling good about themselves they will play more.

I own a marketing company and small things like this are genius. Their is nothing like programming weak minds to make them feel awesome to get them to keep playing a product that has little features.

My hat is off to the devs.


I find that most good players have good Kill per battle stats and bad ones don’t regardless of the whole stat boosting thing which people like to throw out all the time as a big cope.

If you check someone’s amount of MVP patches compared to their matches played this also gives a good indicator on how good a player is.

People can write paragraphs of cope about boosting and other reasons why they think the stat is meaningless, but at the end of the day I never see a good player with a low stat, or a bad player with a high stat.

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Above I explained how weapon choice is a big boost to this worthless stats.

Weapon choice also affect MVPs in a positive or negative direction depending on play-style.

This can even make a good player look bad.

For example:
I have a buddy of mine that was one of the first guys on Xbox to own scorpions. They called him the Scorpion King. When he played he pretty much only aimed at weapons. He could easily strip a full team in CWs.

But because he would be the guy removing weapons and the rest of the guys played clean up he did not get most of the points. So someone else would get MVP even though without him the match would have never been won.

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I run my Athenas to strip weapons, never had an issue getting MVP consistently

Sounds like a skill issue to me

Narcissist much?

We are talking about how the stats is in general and how they are calculated in the game.

Please don’t make this a “look at me thread” because the OP has nothing to do with you.

But you do prove some of my other points, thank you sir.

I’m countering your points, don’t cry over it; it’s all on topic whether you like it or not.

If I play MGs or ACs, it’s pretty easy to get a lot of assists. There have been periods in the past when I mostly played MGs, although not to boost my stats (at the time I didn’t know assists counted).
I am very sure that my kill stat during that period was not reflecting my skill level, as I was pretty much just spraying and praying, and my builds were not very good, as I didn’t really understand it yet.
Since then I’ve been more into trying all weapon types, so my stats are probably more balanced.

But recently I finally started playing patrol (because copper is valuable on the market and I hate raids, and to clear weapon challenges quick). On PS4, patrol is still 8v8, but PVP is just 6v6. If I keep patrol as part of my warmup routine, it is definitely going to start boosting my kill ratio in a way that does not reflect my skill.

None of this matters to me. I know my skill is probably about average for someone who has played as long as me, and nothing special. I also just don’t care about being perceived as good at a game. I just like playing it, and will keep on doing it as long as I can still find a PVP match quickly.

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Same… and I can’t help but wonder about the lives of people who brag about how good they are at a game.

Meanwhile, as I stated earlier, when the challenge to “assist or kill X number of players,” I just load up the miniguns & run around the map tapping everyone at least once. 8 “kills” per match. :joy:

That boosts my K/D - - THROUGH THE ROOF!


Such skill!

My kids often play on my account, and they pretty much stick to Bedlam, Patrol & Adventure. I’ll log on & see my entire history is nothing but Patrol. Hilarious… They’re all seal-clubbers, too. :joy:


If you looked at my stats, you would probably think I’m a super-gamer dood.

LOL, I play maybe twice a week if I’m lucky. Even then, half the time I’m driving something idiotic, but yeah… that stat means a lot.

And before someone says the word “cope,” please use a dictionary to realize what that actually means.