Balance changes and other changes in the new season

Hello! The new season “Ravagers Ascension” starts next week. It will bring the changes to the energy supply and energy consumption systems that we announced and tested earlier. Today we would like to consolidate all the changes that we plan to implement in the game live servers, and also announce some additional changes. For your convenience, we highlighted the previously unannounced changes in color.

We remind you that all the changes described in this news are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not be implemented into the game at all.

Energy supply


According to the results of previous testings, the changes to the energy supply of the cabins have shown good results. This means that we will keep the system of energy supply parameters increasing by rarity and depending on the type of the cabin. Old values are shown in brackets, the new ones are shown outside brackets.​

Rarity Light Medium Heavy
Common 21 (10) 20 (10) 19 (9)
Rare 22 (11) 21 (11) 20 (10)
Special 23 (11) 22 (11) 21 (10)
Epic 24 (12) 23 (12) 22 (11)
Legendary 25 (12) 24 (12) 23 (11)

Since “rare” and “epic” cabins have lost 1 energy point (0.5 in the current system), we are making additional balance changes. Most of them are related to the mass limit, so that the player would be able to replace the generator:


Tonnage increased from 3500 to 4000 kg.


  • Mass limit increased from 9000 to 9500 kg.
  • Tonnage increased from 4200 to 4500 kg
  • Power increased by 7%.


  • Mass limit increased from 8500 to 9000 kg.
  • Tonnage increased from 4000 to 4300 kg.
  • Power increased by 7%.


  • Mass limit increased from 10000 to 11000 kg.
  • Tonnage increased from 5000 to 5500 kg.
  • Power increased by 11%.


  • Mass limit increased from 13000 to 14000 kg.
  • Tonnage increased from 5000 to 6500 kg.
  • Power increased by 8%.


  • Mass reduced from 2100 to 1700 kg.
  • Mass limit increased from 12500 to 13000 kg.
  • Power increased by 4%.


Maximum speed increased from 80 to 83 km/h.

The Call

Maximum speed increased from 77 to 80 km/h.


  • Maximum speed increased from 80 to 83 km/h.
  • Tonnage increased from 4500 to 5500 kg.


The changes of the energy supplied by generators remain the same and complement the changes to cabins.

Heavy generators now give 1 energy point more than light ones (i.e. 0.5 points in terms of the game version that is currently live on servers) but their destruction causes a much more powerful explosion. These changes would hopefully make all generators a viable option; currently, the players have a favorite generator in each “light/heavy” pair and use it much more often than its counterpart. Old values are shown in brackets, the new ones are shown outside brackets.

Rarity Name Energy Explosion damage Explosion radius PS Extra
Rare Big G 2 (1) +25% 130 (150)
Special Ampere 4 (2) -50% 380 (410) Durability: 65 (45)
PU-1 Charge 5 (2) +71% +50% 475 (410) Mass: 576 (445)
Epic Gasgen 6 (3) -54% -33% 810 (870) Durability: 105 (72)
Bootstrap 7 (3) +71% +50% 945 (870) Mass: 765 (600)
Legendary Thor-6S 8 (4) -36% -33% 1600 (1600)
Apollo 9 (4) +67% 1800 (1600)
Relic Odin 10 (5) -22% -17% 3000 (3000) Mass: 715 (874)

The effect that we would like to achieve is that it would be more convenient for light cabins with more energy to have a light, small and safe generator than a heavy, large and explosive one with one additional energy point. At the same time, players would also be able to comfortably install such a generator on a vehicle with a heavy cabin, bringing it closer to a light cabin in terms of energy.

Energy consumption

Firstly, we would like to note that the PS of all “common” and “epic” weapons and modules has slightly decreased in the new system. This is due to the fact that the PS of weapons and modules is equal to the product of the rarity factor times the consumed energy. The factors of these parts were not divisible by 2 and therefore were rounded down.

The PS values of some parts were also changed. Values from live game servers are shown in brackets, the new ones are shown outside brackets.

  • “Fuel barrel”, “Car jack”, “Radio”, “RS-1 Ruby” — 40 (65).
  • “Fuel tank”, “Contact 2M”, “Rift 2M”, “TS-1 Horizon” — 65 (115).
  • “Hardcore” — 95 (157).
  • “RD-2 Keen” — 135 (216).
  • “FHT-3 Flock” — 200 (375).
  • “Rune-1” — 190 (206).
  • “RN Seal”, “Shiver”, “KA-2 Flywheel” — 270 (400).


In order for the new system to have as little impact as possible on players’ current armoured vehicles, we have dropped almost all weapon changes and will only modify their energy consumption if needed as part of the regular balance changes. The energy consumption of all weapons will be multiplied by 2. The exceptions are some auxiliary weapons, for which we have reduced their energy consumption:


  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 275 to 135.


  • Now consumes 3 points of energy instead of 4.
  • PS reduced from 550 to 405.


  • Now consumes 7 points of energy instead of 8.
  • PS reduced from 1100 to 945.


Perk’s bonus for energy spent on modules is now reduced from 12 to 6%.


  • Now consumes 5 points of energy instead of 4.
  • PS increased from 260 to 325.


  • Now consumes 5 points of energy instead of 4.
  • PS increased from 380 to 475.

“Lacerator” and “Mauler”

  • Now consume 7 points of energy instead of 6.
  • PS increased from 825 to 945.

Comment: “Borer”, “Buzzsaw”, “Lacerator” and “Mauler” consume too little energy, so vehicles that use them are usually built for low PS levels and have too high efficiency on those levels. The change should weaken armoured vehicles with these weapons by forcing players to uninstall some modules or install a generator and increase the PS levels they play on.


Similar to weapons, we doubled the energy consumption of all modules (except for the ones listed below). We decided not to tie energy consumption to rarity, which we tested last time, and implemented only those changes that we consider really necessary:

“Dun horse” and “Razorback”

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 190 to 95.

Comment: starting from 4000 PS, “special” engines are used much less often than “epic” ones and are usually just placed into storage without any use.


  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 190 to 95.

Comment: unfortunately, players don’t use this module at all.

KA-1 Discharger

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 190 to 95.
  • Efficiency reduced from 15 to 10%.

Comment: this recharge booster is practically never used in comparison with the “Flywheel”, even at low PS. On the live game servers, both modules are too close in their parameters and models, making the “Discharger” virtually useless. The changes should increase its relevance at low PS.


  • Now consumes 3 points of energy instead of 2.
  • PS increased from 400 to 600.
  • Invisibility reserve increased from 30 to 45 sec.
  • Bonus from invisibility reserve reduced from 15 to 10% (i.e. it still adds 5 sec.).
  • Bonus to the invisibility reserve from “Rune-1” reduced from 50 to 25%.

Comment: a very effective stealth module with unique mechanics different from the “Chameleons”, making it not so much an extension of them but an alternative to them. We don’t want to weaken its performance, but we think it’s fair to raise its energy consumption and make it less dependent on the “Rune-1”.


Now consumes 3 points of energy instead of 2.

Comment: as with the “Yeti”, it’s a very efficient module with mechanics different from its predecessor.

B-1 Aviator

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 85 to 40.
  • Boost reduced by 30%.
  • Now gives 3% bonus to damage with the “Cockpit” perk.


  • Now consumes 2 points of energy.
  • Boost increased by 21%.
  • Now gives 10% bonus to damage with the “Cockpit” perk.


  • Now consumes 3 points of energy instead of 2.
  • PS increased from 275 to 405.
  • Boost increased by 56%.
  • Now gives 25% bonus to damage with the “Cockpit” perk.
  • Durability increased from 129 to 172 pts.

Comment: we implemented an energy consumption progression for boosters and further widened the gap in acceleration efficiency, as “Hermes” is too big and quite difficult to mount on a car in large numbers, and “Aviator” is much less likely to be used at low PS than the rare “Blastoff”.

“Argus” and “Interceptor”

  • Now consume 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 275 to 135.

Comment: both modules are rarely used and utilized only in overly specific circumstances.

R-1 Breeze

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 85 to 40.

R-2 Chill

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 130 to 65.
  • Efficiency reduced from 50 to 40% (for shotguns, from 29 to 23%).

RN Seal

  • Now consumes 2 points of energy.
  • Efficiency increased from 70 to 80% (for shotguns, from 38 to 44%).

CS Taymyr

  • Now consumes 1 point of energy instead of 2.
  • PS reduced from 130 to 65.
  • Efficiency reduced from 60 to 40%.

Comment: these changes are necessary so that when using weapons with heating mechanics in conditions of energy shortage it would be possible to replace an epic module with a weaker one, or to install it if you have 1 free point of energy (similar to weapons with reloading and “Discharger” / “Flywheel”).

Additional balance changes

Large wheel

Durability increased from 220 to 275 pts.

Landing gear

Durability increased from 110 to 130 pts.


Durability increased from 135 to 175 pts.

Lunar IV

Durability increased from 125 to 155 pts.


Durability increased from 200 to 245 pts.

APC wheel

Durability increased from 215 to 230 pts.

Twin wheel

Durability increased from 235 to 295 pts.

Comment: the changes are in addition to the recent wheel PS changes. They should increase their survivability and relevance at low PS.


Perk stacking delay increased from 0.3 to 0.5 sec.

Comment: the efficiency of the wheels’ perk was too high against rapid-fire weapons, because the maximum bonus is gained in a too short period of time.

Meat Grinder

  • Added additional weld points.
  • Added resistances to thermal and cryogenic damage (25%).

Comment: the new weld points will allow for more variety in auger builds, and the addition of resistances will increase the survivability at medium PS levels.


  • Fire puddle damage reduced from 5 to 2.5 pts.
  • Parts heating rate reduced from 20% per second to 5% per second.
  • Projectile blast damage increased from 30 to 120 pts.
  • Added parts heating from the projectile explosion (25%).

Comment: This weapon is too effective for a support weapon due to extremely fast parts heating over a large area. The changes are to increase the importance of direct hits, while reducing its efficiency as a support weapon for allies.


  • Projectile blast damage increased from 60 to 150 pts.
  • Added parts freezing from the projectile explosion (25%).

Comment: the weapon’s efficiency is still quite low. As with the “Incinerator”, the change strongly encourages direct projectile hits on the enemy.


  • Damage of the built-in melee weapon reduced from 32 to 20 pts.
  • Reduced the length of the damage zone. Built-in weapon now can’t deal damage through parts that are 1 structural cell thick.


  • Removed the permanent bonus to ram damage. Now ram damage increases only from the perk.
  • Ram damage resistance reduced from 75 to 60%.

Comment: the average damage per minute done directly by the “Cerberus” and “Tusk” cabins exceeds that of many weapons. We believe that cabins should not be that efficient at dealing damage, as their built-in weapons cannot be destroyed and do not consume energy.

“MG13 Equalizer” and “MG14 Arbiter”

Fully charged perk now doesn’t reset immediately, but gradually reduces over 2.45 sec.


Fully charged perk now doesn’t reset immediately, but gradually reduces over 1.5 sec.

Comment: the changes to the miniguns and “Cyclone” are primarily aimed at increasing the comfort of using these weapons.


Rotation speed increased by 67%.

Comment: the rotation speed of “Retcher” was too low and is now equal to that of its predecessors (“Thresher” and “GL-55 Impulse”).


  • The speed of the perk’s negative effect increased by 57%.
  • Parts freezing speed increased by 47%.

Commentary: low efficiency of the frost cannon. Negative effects from the perk and freezing mechanics accumulated too slowly, so they were of little use.


  • The rate of projectile’s damage loss as parts are penetrated reduced by 12%.
  • Rotation speed increased by 60%.
  • Spread increase while turning reduced by 25%.

Comment: changing the damage loss rate should enhance the perk of the “Scorpion”, which is poorly realized in the current game version. Changing the rotation speed and spread increase while turning should improve the experience of playing unpopular wheeled and tracked vehicles armed with the “Scorpion”.

Co-driver “Phobos”

The “Nitrous oxide system” skill now increases the speed of the armoured vehicle by 5% instead of by 5 km/h.

Comment: the skill is too strong in relation to other passive co-driver skills. It gives a bonus to speed that does not depend on the characteristics of the vehicle itself, which is especially efficient when used with slow cabins.

Ram damage mechanics

Reduced the influence of speed on ram damage and its penetration depth.

Comment: we’ve implemented additional minor changes to the settings of the new ram damage mechanics after collecting statistics from live servers.

For now, these are all the balance changes that are planned to be implemented in the new season next week. We would like to remind you that up until the time of the update’s release, certain changes may or may not make it into the game. Another interesting announcement related to the new update is coming this week. Stay tuned!


27 May 2024




some actual good changes, i absolutely cannot believe it

Nerf to medium and heavy cab speed due to phobos, huge boost to dual hermes booster cars, huge QoL boost to miniguns and cyclones, melee nerf, favorite speed buff, barrier buff, epic heavy cab nerf (loss of speed ), scorpion buff, omamori nerf, yeti nerf (nerfing wheeled shotgun builds at hugh PS by 1 energy as it is now).

I like most of these. Nerfing wheel speed was probably necessary to slow down the heavy builds, but medoum builds such as the kensei are feeling the nerf hammer as well. Not my favorite move, but i can probably deal with 112 kph vs 115 kph i suppose :\


So looks like Cerberus was allowed to be somewhat good for long enough time to take it back

Arbiter and Cyclone quality of life change, man I can think of a lot of other weapons that could really do with a lot of qol changes, that have never been anywhere near as effective as cyclone and arbiter. Let’s make the hover mouse over a player and hold down button weapons that already perform rather good at most PS even easier to use, man they must be huffing each others farts so hard in the development room right now

ummm ‘what?’
it’s working fine,get rid of the green glow that ramps it up .
this is why they nerf everything,why make things to boots ur wep then nerf a wep under your boost that you made?
(nerf your boost-i think its blight cab makes the puddle green) i never used that cab…
or am i reading thing wrong…i’m tired of nerfs…

wow just wow,'direct hits! from a support (area of effect) vehicle :thinking: (it hits multiple enemies not a single target)

now we see your thinking, 'Vodka :rofl:
another wep goes back on the shelf to collect dust…well played xo :clap:

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ok i know i said that fire damage is broken iin here but omg i did not think theyd obliterate my favorite weapon. this is just going to nuke any use this weapon has.

a LARGE area? define large area… because hills matter with this weapon. not to mention this weapons area is alot smaller then you think it is, hell the jotun has a bigger AOE then the incinerator! they literally nerfed its area of effect and even with the co-driver AND the blight its still about as large as a small puddle!

who the flying f**k is going out there and getting DIRECT HITS with a damn arching weapon!? i can understand the jotun but the fricken incinerator!?

vodka? VODKA?! are you joking? they are hitting the fricken 200 proof moonshine washing it down with tequila and a shot of 200 proof scotch. they breathe out anywhere near a fire source and they are exhaling fire!

i hate this so much. the incinerators are one weapon i play more then any other because its fun, now they not only get nerfed with their fire puddle size but their damage to? man screw this game. screw it to f***en hell.

i want to also mention here that the incinerator matters when it comes to terrain, the jotun doesnt. if you get the incinerator between 2 hills, itll literally make the tiniest fire puddle out there, get it on flat ground and it will go to its max size. this weapon is useless in comparison to the jotun which doesnt follow the same rules and hill nonsense that the incinerator does.

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A lot of good changes in this update, but this one caught me by surprise.
I am so curious what new weld points they have added. I can’t picture where they would be.

on the corkscrew wheel part themselves. attach a few blades on them and you got yourself a certified rototiller! :crazy_face:

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Maybe there will be weld points in the rear, so that they can be mounted in either direction like legs and hovers?

They nerfed all my enemies, and buffed my inventory. What’s not to like?

They did nerf passive melee, and I like to use a lot of that. It’s what I was using to tear off wheels. It worked great, but between that nerf and the durability buff to wheels, that doesn’t sound like it’s going to work as well any more. Those wheels (my wheels) are going to be mounted on there pretty tight now.

Wheels needed more love? IDK. Better acceleration is all I ever wanted out of them (and hubcaps).

From my perspective, they buffed the low PS game, and nerfed the high PS game, and that’s good for me, probably, but also if they want to expand the player base. They are improving the F2P with this as well. Ad Camp incoming?

That melee needed the nerf. Thank God. I hope it helps. Thanks, Devs.


Oh no, we have to change our build style!

I hate the Incinerator. This nerf is much appreciated. I think the Mandrake should be the superior support incendiary weapon.

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i see a lot of Inci players crying. I know some people liek MudnBeer probably do not even play CW, tho even in raids/etc i seen it overperform

last time 60% CWs was incinerator there. Its just because of this people who outperform relic weapons power with this epic weapon.

I prefer playing Vs 4 bricks than 3 bricks and 1 inci that just heat-up 3x times better(and multiple enemies at once) than Masto or helicone that heatup only part of enemy and only one enemy. And its… EPIC not relic.

If it wasnt so team-OP, then some people should not overuse it over other support-type relics.

Now it can still perform very well, but need brain and aim to direct hit, not just shooting at ground front or back of someone.

So it was Expected nerf.

thats how its used(AOE) what game r u playing? :thinking:

you can still use AOE? so whats problem?

Well, so maybe not-AOE weapons like masto/helicone should have 3x more Damage then? or heatup multiple targets like inci? no-sense you say.

i know you cry since you used it.

u still dont know what ur talking about…

go use an inc,then come back and lettuce know

and what if i played?

Go play CW, cause you do not play it.

jaja i did play cw… :rofl: never with incs…

Ye, what league? Rust or Tin where can solo everyone?

i think you played… 2 years ago

i do remember you telling that you dont play CW
if you would really play it, you would know about inci well. (or maybe because it was so overpower you just cry to keep it overpower)

Thankfully DEVS got stats and see it overperformed toooo much

The next step for DEVS is nerf bricks little more.(or rather hitboxes/etc)

u must be on console…
cw in pc is all long range weps ‘reapers ect’
back in the day of hovers peek a boo u needed long range weps to shoot them…
after 600 cw games i gave up because of nerfs and weird weps they introduced in the game…no worries,i dont need to play it anymore…

600 CW games… lol XD not much bro…

im PC player.

Like i said and like you confirm… You do not play CW and you know nothing about CW.