Balance changes planned for the upcoming update

Balance changes planned for the upcoming update


The second half of July will bring a new update that will have a number of certain necessary balance changes. Today, we would like to share some details on those changes with you.

We would like to remind you that:

All the balance changes described in this news are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not be implemented into the game at all. Some additional changes could be made after the publishing of this announcement if needed.

Rotation speed is planned to be increased for a number of weapons:

  • “MG13 Equalizer” and “MG14 Arbiter”: by 44%.
  • “Miller”, “Reaper”, “Spike-1” and “Toadfish”: by 58%.
  • “AC43 Rapier”, “AC50 Storm”, “AC72 Whirlwind”, “AC80 Stillwind” and “Yokai”: by 42%.
  • “AC62 Therm” and “AC64 Joule”: by 17%.
  • “Tempest”, “Whirl” and “Astraeus”: by 60%.
  • “Cyclone”: by 36%.
  • “Little Boy 6LB”, “ZS-33 Hulk” and “ZS-34 Fat Man”: by 71%.
  • “Elephant”: by 50%.
  • “ZS-46 Mammoth”, “ZS-52 Mastodon”, “Phoenix”, “Synthesis”, “Prometheus V” and “Helios”: by 100%.
  • “Median” and “Varun”: by 40%.
  • “Waltz” and “RL-9 Helicon”: by 47%.
  • “Narwhal”: by 114%.
  • “Jotun” and “Aurora”: by 25%.
  • “Quasar” and “Pulsar”: by 75%.
  • “Trigger”: by 18%.
  • “Destructor”: by 12%.
  • “Blockchain”: by 8%.
  • “Assembler”: by 22%.

Comment: low rotation speed is an outdated weapon balancing mechanic that affects only the vehicles with wheels or tracks. Therefore, many of the weapons that use this mechanic are only used in combination with the “Oppressor”. The increase to the rotation speed of most of the weapons will allow players to utilize them efficiently in combination with other engines and movement parts that don’t strafe. And using the “Oppressor” will now make the rotation of the weapons as comfortable as possible.

We understand that those changes may make the “Oppressor” less popular. We will rework its perk if it becomes too unpopular.

“Buggy wheel”, “Bigfoot” and “Sabbath”

The perks of these wheels will now have reduced efficiency in combination with other movement parts.

Comment: the perks of these wheels are quite efficient as is, but combining them with other movement parts strengthens vehicles quite significantly. The change doesn’t affect builds made with only one type of wheel, but it weakens vehicles with a lot of different movement parts and the play style aimed at “using all possible perks”.

For example, if half of the movement parts on a vehicle are “Buggy wheels”, their perk currently works at 50% of its maximum, meaning it reduces speed requirements by 20%. After the change, the perk in this situation will work at 35% of its maximum, i.e. reduce speed requirements by 14%.

“Bigfoot”, “Sleipnir”, “Tank track” and “Meat Grinder”

Changed the group of those wheels in the tonnage calculation mechanic. Now, installing those parts will cause other lower movement parts to increase the tonnage and use their perks only if they make contact with the ground.

Comment: when this mechanic was first introduced, we did not separate these movement parts into a group separate from most low movement parts to avoid inconvenience to “tilted” vehicles; and designs with wheels suspended in the air were not popular at the time.

Now, with the increasing popularity of “Bigfoot”, there are cars with lower wheels that act as a source of tonnage and perks without touching the ground, which is unfair to builds with mechanical legs and hovers that don’t have the ability to do so.

“Yongwang”, “Fortune” and “Porcupine”

The projectile trajectory no longer depends on the movement speed of the vehicle.

Comment: the change makes shooting at longer distances while moving easier.

Cabins maximum speed upgrade

Bonus changed from +3 km/h to +3%.

Comment: the change is similar to the recent change of the “Phobos” passive skill. The upgrade will not lose its relevance in comparison to other upgrades in the “Power” category, but will give a slightly lower bonus to slow cabins.

ZS-33 Hulk

The perk now speeds up reloading by 10% instead of 0.3 seconds.

ZS-34 Fat Man

The perk now speeds up reloading by 15% instead of 0.5 seconds.

Comment: the changes are due to the fact that the time bonus could make these weapons reload too fast in some combinations with other reload time bonuses (percentage bonuses). The changed perks will be slightly more efficient (or at the same level) at reducing reload time on most vehicles, but will lose effectiveness in combinations with other bonuses that are too great.


Added perk: “Increases the impulse of other installed “Spike-1” parts by 35%”.

Comment: the unique feature of the “Spike-1” (the high impulse) is almost unnoticeable in its current form. Adding the perk will make the impulse noticeable on medium PS vehicles with three “Spikes”, but will not increase it at low PS levels, where the mass of enemy vehicles is much lower.


Previously, the perk increased damage for each energy point spent on modules by 6%. Now the bonus also depends on the rarity of modules: legendary — 6%, epic — 5%, special — 4%, rare — 3%, common — 2%.

Comment: the efficiency of the weapon was too high at a wide range of PS (7000–16000). The change aims to weaken the weapon at low PS and in “Clan confrontation”, but keep it relevant in battles at high PS.


Bonus to the energy weapons damage is now 25% instead of 20%.

Comment: compared to other epic cabins, “Quantum” has a rather weak and narrowly focused perk that needs strengthening.


Dependence of spread on flight speed increased by 2 times.

Comment: high efficiency when used on armoured aircraft. The change only affects the spread in flight (with the rotor on) and does not affect ground gameplay in any way.

Bigfoot ST

Tonnage increased from 1250 kg to 1500 kg.

Comment: the change is due to changing the group of “Bigfoot” in the tonnage calculation mechanic. The change is necessary because the “Bigfoot’s” tonnage is often insufficient for heavy vehicles, and lower wheels will no longer increase it.


Radiators now work with the “Gravastar” like with the other shotguns, meaning they give it a reduced bonus to time before overheat.

Comment: high efficiency at 8000–11000 PS and in “Clan confrontation”.

ST-M26 Tackler

  • Energy consumption reduced from 6 to 5 pts.
  • PS reduced from 810 to 675.
  • Damage reduced by 19%.

Comment: low popularity of this machine gun. The changes will create more options for building a vehicle with the “Tackler”, from installing more “Tacklers” to installing additional modules. The reduce in damage is due to the fact that reduced power consumption alone would make it overpowered.


  • Energy consumption reduced from 10 to 9 pts.
  • PS reduced from 1350 to 1215.

Comment: the logic is similar to the “Tackler” changes.


The increase in spread after a shot reduced from 2 degrees to 1.

Comment: weapon lacks efficiency. The change allows to quickly fire the entire clip with higher accuracy.


Perk now increases speed by 15% instead of 10% in the first mode, and power by 25% instead of 20%. In the second mode, it speeds up cooldown and reloading by 20% instead of 15%.

Comment: cabin lacks efficiency. The change improves each of the modes, increasing their impact on gameplay.

Steppe spider

The perk no longer reduces rocket damage.

Comment: the change is due to the low efficiency of the cabin.


  • Projectile damage increased by 10%.
  • Projectile impulse increased by 20%.
  • Pellet damage increased by 10%.
  • Pellet spread reduced by 10%.

Comment: lack of efficiency given the complex mechanics of using the weapon.

Fin whale

Speed bonus reduced from 25% to 23%

Comment: we expect that after the weapon rotation speed changes, a significant number of vehicles that use wheels will replace the “Oppressor” with the “Fin whale”, which will make the average speed of armoured vehicles in the game higher. To reduce this effect, we are bringing the speed bonus of the “Fin whale” closer to that of the “Oppressor”.


  • The module now absorbs 300 damage instead of 400.
  • Durability reduced from 303 to 252 pts.

Comment: even with the increased energy consumption, the module remains too strong and, therefore, highly popular.


  • Recharge time increased from 16 sec. to 25 sec. (like that of “Chameleons”).
  • Manually disabling the module now reduces recharge time by 68% (i.e. to 8 sec., as before).
  • The manual disabling delay is now 2 sec. instead of 1 sec.

Comment: the change will reduce the frequency of vehicles entering the invisibility state and increase the value of disabling it. If used carefully, manual disabling of the module will keep the recharge duration the same.


  • Energy consumption reduced from 14 to 13 pts.
  • PS reduced from 2800 to 2600.

Comment: the logic is similar to the “Tackler” and “Snowfall” changes.


  • Energy consumption increased from 12 to 13 pts.
  • PS increased from 2400 to 2600.

Comment: an extremely efficient weapon in various modes. The change aims to weaken vehicles that use “Narwhal” by reducing their number of installed modules and increasing their PS.


  • Damage upon hit reduced by 9%.
  • Damage bonus for hitting modules reduced from 30% to 20%.

Comment: after adding damage upon hit, the efficiency of “Pulsar” increased significantly, and the perk began to be utilized more often.


The perk now increases the cabin’s power by 200% instead of 30% and speed by 10% instead of 20%. The bonus to allies’ power is now 50% and speed bonus for allies is now 10% (for any cabins, not just heavy cabins as before).

Comment: the change affects the gameplay when using the “Yokozuna” perk: due to the huge increase in power, it will be more suited for manoeuvring and accelerating and less for catching up with someone. The cabin will also be more useful for any allies, not just the ones with heavy cabins.


  • Energy consumption increased from 10 to 11 pts.
  • PS increased from 2000 to 2200.

Comment: the logic is similar to the “Narwhal” changes.


Damage reduced by 15%.

Comment: the shotgun stands out as having one of the highest damage to energy consumption ratios and has too high efficiency at a wide range of PS levels: from 6000 (2 “Nidhoggs” + “Growl” cabin) to 18000 (2 “Nidhoggs” + 1 “Jormungandr”).

Spark III

“Spark” now reduces the armoured vehicle’s power and speed by 5% instead of 4% when dealing damage, but the effect stacks up to 12 times instead of 15.

Comment: this is partially a reversal of the recent changes that were supposed to make the “Spark” a more independent weapon. Unfortunately, it did not work as intended; moreover, it became noticeably weaker as an auxiliary weapon.

“BC-17 Tsunami” and “CC-18 Typhoon”

Recoil reduced by 23%.

Comment: high efficiency in combination with the “Whaler”, the perk of which charges too quickly when using these guns. The change will also slightly increase the comfort of playing vehicles with other cabins.


  • Energy consumption increased from 10 to 11 pts.
  • PS increased from 3000 to 3300.

Comment: the logic is similar to the “Narwhal” and “Hammerfall” changes.


  • Damage increased by 33%.
  • Heating from a pellet reduced from 12.5% to 5%.

Comment: the shotgun was weak as a standalone weapon and was exclusively used in combination with two “Nidhoggs”. The problem was due to the fact that a shot from a single “Jormungandr” heated enemy parts by 100%, and its own damage was lower than that of the “Nidhogg”. The changes should help “Jormungandr” become a weapon in its own right.

Flash I

“Flash” now reduces power and speed of the armoured vehicle upon dealing damage, and slows the reload speed and cooldown rate of weapons by 5% instead of 3.5%, but the effect stacks up to 12 times instead of 17.

Comment: the logic is similar to the “Spark III” changes.

These are all the balance changes that are planned for the next update at the moment, but we would like to remind you that the list may still change as a result of internal tests and additional study of statistics. Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments. See you soon!

Update on nothing. It doesn’t change the main problem of this game at all. What he says doesn’t change the balance by even 1%


got mixed feelings about this changes.

first of all WHERE IS FIREDOG NERF?!

  • Yokozuna :

Are you MAD?! Remove 200% Yokozuna power buff, its crazy you want buff Bricks…

Bricks already have too much grip and power. 6 bigfoots can push 10 ML spider that can do almost nothing vs brick on back. not to mention other vehicles catched on side.
Its just a VERY DUMB change.

  • Hammerfall/Breaker

Yes, but this weapons were not key-issue of Bricks. Fin whale is. and you nerfed Fin whale too low, while nerfing shotguns here.(and anyway if change anything, change hitboxes)

  • Fin Whale


Nerf speed or perk more. Fin Whale is main reason why Brick flooded game. And now you even added new Titan wheels that are overpowered.

  • Cabins maximum speed upgrade :

Yes a good change here.

  • Rotation speed is planned to be increased for a number of weapons :

Yes, a good change, but then Opressor need buff or perk change.

  • Jorn/Nidhogg WHY?

It seems you just want more $$$ to just exploit people to buy relics and not stay with 2 legend + 1 relic.

  • Flash/spark you should


They are already cancer and it should not be possible for single flash to load full perk for porc guy using only one of it.


increased damage

1 flash/spark - 30% of max perk max

2 flash/spark - 66% of max perk max

3 flash/spark - 100% of max perk max

  • Omamori

this change make sense, BUT you should make omamori weaker when connected to low HP weapons.

This should not be possible to DOUBLE hp of any 300 or less HP weapon.

While cannons connected to omamori get much less compares to small hard to hit weapons.

  • Wheel mixing

Well good change i guess. But again it wasnt really needed. Main issue was fin whale that you didnt nerf enough. Bricks mostly do not mix wheels anyway, they just use 6 bigfoots for example, and now unkillable Titans that only porc can kill.

  • Typhoon/Tsunami

Why? Narwall is better anyway still…

You should buff all cannons(Masto/Mammoth/Tsunami/Typhoon) except Narwall…

I wonder what they will do when the whales start leaving too. Only then will they start with the real balance. But it will be too late. :ok_hand:

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So many parts in the game that needs buffing but devs don’t seem to care. Clarinet tow is always gonna be junk. Same with cabs like aggressor and jannabi that sell for 300 coin on pc while catalina sells for 3000. Their perks are never utilized, devs knows it but still does nothing because they spend 99% of their time cooking up new events and battlepasses to sell at wallet destroying prices.


I’ve been running radiators with gravastars all this time. They already give the bonus. They’re fixing nothing because nothing is broken. On the other hand, they should give gravs better durability because they are impossible to armor around without making them a shoot-forwards-only weapon, fit only for spaced-armor builds.

I use Tacklers on a 6K-ps build, not because they’re overpowered, but because they survive longer than other machine guns. Now they’re making them worthless. “Low popularity”? Nobody will use them at all now.


No schit? A year and a half later? Nerfing rotation speed was always a marvelously terrible idea. Then, introducing a bunch of omnidirectional movement parts immediately afterwards made it seem beyond stupid, and well into the moronic buff/nerf predatory monetization schemes that are this game’s hallmark.

The back and forth with this in particular, and numerous other things, is literally jerking players around…the few that are left. While I’m glad to see that rotation speed nerf rolled back from the currently ridiculous state they have been in for a year and a half, this whole cycle and process undermines this player’s confidence in the game’s development, and is why my wallet has been so tightly reserved for so long regarding this game. I never know what I’m buying, and can hardly determine what this game actually is or how to play it. I certainly am not chasing this back and forth with my wallet.

I’m looking forward to the day when these developers decide WTF they are doing. Until then: Great Free to play game. Thanks, Devs :+1:

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i’m just thinking BOTS will be crazier,unless they already were crazy.

Last time I played (been mostly doing the Ravager thing, if anything), bots were definitely crazy. I thought their behavior resembled that of drones a lot more, plus a few extra twists. Overall, I liked their new mania, and felt like it was more vibrant. I like fast cars so the new scatter and chase tactic they were inviting was fun.

A track in Adventure mode would be a great way to deploy this new behavior. It was sure working poorly in PVP, as bots would just flee and not defend themselves sometimes, or would drive around in the not-so-Clean Lake aimlessly. They need a track to follow.

But, for whatever reason, this game has no track, not even a simple, static, circular, paved road, and trying to invent one with the Brawl Creator is stymied by the strange inability to deploy bots to the Race mode in particular. WTF?

Racing vs bots is as old as the Commodore 64.

What is the problem? They don’t have the code for adventure mode, and can’t change it? What is it? Of all the stupid schit they choose update and then un-update, like this rotation speed roll-back/buff, or the ridiculous wheel nerf/un-nerf/buff before it, why can’t they just edit this simple static map in Adventure mode? Ever?

These people must be tweakers. It’s literally what they are doing; tweaking. And then, un-tweaking. It’s driving me crazy.

Obviously, I’m tired of it (the back & forth), but I will be glad to see turret speed advanced. Cannons can be fun, but haven’t been for a long time, IMO. Now I can maybe get that tank project I’ve long been benching back on track(s).

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I play wow sometimes and it’s much more friendly than crossout. :ok_hand: :vulcan_salute:

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Crossout is fine, you just complain about it too much lol. I’ve seen you complain on numerous topics. If you don’t like it, then go play WoW, and kindly stop complaining here. Goodbye.


I dont like or agree with all of the changes, but overall, I think it will be a good balance patch.


Whales are meta slaves, they’ll never leave; just pay for whatever is the next meta. The only ones to leave will be players like myself and my friend group who are actually creative, we can tell when we’re no longer wanted.

Devs just want the braindeads to spoon feed and herd.


It certainly isn’t.

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What dont you like? Fortunes get a buff. Bricks get a nerf.

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It’s a fat nerf, wtf are you on about?

This is nice

That’s a large nerf.

Large nerf but fair.


I always thought these did fine as they were.

Sounds fair.

It probably needs more love then that. lol…

Some how I’m not sure if this will make much of a difference.


Was expecting a nerf for them. Hope it works out well.

I remember when these were considered OP and then they got nerfed into the ground. It would be interesting if they could be relevant again. I use to like making little mg tanks with them.

I didn’t think the spread was that bad. I kind of felt like it was more of a durability and dmg issue during the few events that we could play them.

I haven’t used one in a long time as I always found there to be better options.

That will be nice as it wasn’t viable with a lot of the rarities of rockets via that reduction.

Now if they could only fix the crosshair issue to have it indicate when something is in the sweet spot.

Probably will still be OP and cause problems.

I still haven’t made use of this. Most of the time I’ll just use the chameleon (special) it’s just enough cloak for me.

I’m not commenting on some of this just as it would be just too long. I am enjoying seeing them starting to play with the larger energy range though. I hope those changes go well.


The game is just being dumbed down incredibly, to a near mobile game state.

Rotation speed is a downside, they’re just removing it because the game is now heavily skewed towards omni movement and camera steering etc. Now you don’t have to worry where your guns are pointing, just point the camera and the weapons will aim there, no need to think just point and click.

Oh and bots are gonna be even more annoying to fight, I love aimbots with faster weapon rotation in my “pvp” game.

Not to mention my already highly nerfed and bugged Fortunes don’t get any increase, even though they have a staggered fire, meaning they need it a lot; especially since the rate of fire nerf.

Removing the projectile momentum speed is a huge nerf, now they will be the same speed as if your build was driving at 0kmh. Oh and they introduce this right as I grab some boosters? Seems a bit suspect, Fortunes are still bugged too, why fix it just nerf them more and try to spin it as a buff.

Why? 1kmh isn’t gonna stop the bricks and such, just another nerf to speed like with phobos, light cabs lost their 5kmh just to have it sold back to them with power creep and such.

Why though? Because I see soooooo many Yongwangs build, it’s truly out of control and needs nerfing. Gotta nerf the skill-based weapons so everyone is on cam steering shotgun/autocannon mg’s.

Steppe spider

The perk no longer reduces rocket damage.

Comment: the change is due to the low efficiency of the cabin.

You NEED downsides, absolutely stupid change, do you know why it has low efficiency? Because course rockets are fucking USELESS right now and have been for ages, in the age of de gunning and brick spam brain dead meta good luck using a 200hp Cricket with no rotation.

They compare swapping an epic engine for a legendary engine as if it’s the same thing, because the consequences are a literal 100PS and NOTHING ELSE. They even know how bad their own power creep is and are happy to push people towards their fomo items and act like 2% speed decrease if “doing something” about it.

The comment is literally “look guys, you can just use this instead!”.

Massive knee-jerk change, typical trash.

They don’t remove the insane aim assist, or fix bugs and issues. The gameplay is getting more and more mobile-esc; just hold 1 button, the game aims for you, drives for you, stabilizes your vehicle for you. It’s a damn joke now.

Normally I’d agree with you about needing downsides. However on this one ,you could really only get away using crickets and locusts with the cab prior. The dmg reduction was just too large for the others. So I would support the change. If it doesn’t work out I wouldn’t mind them trying to fix it some other way.

Which others? Honestly I’d rather they just halve the reduction first, their “balance” changes are just so knee-jerk, they either do nothing or too much all the time.