Balance issues

The hover machine guns is very powerful at 14kps,It is difficult for players to use other weapons against them, so other weapons and mobile devices become meaningless.So why do they exist? In order to allow blockheads who do not use hovering machine guns to be slaughtered at will?


Play 9k, let them fight each other until new year balance changes

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I just played a few matches then with a 13k build and half my team and the entire enemy team was literally all mg hovers with the exception of one cannon hover and a cyclone hover. Not only are they just about all on hovers most of them are using mg’s. My eyes don’t lie 85% of players are using hovers and a further 75% of those hovers are probably all on mg’s. They got the absolute life blood sucked right out of the game too the point I just might leave if something don’t soon get done about it. Trillions upon trillions of possible build combos yet everyone uses the same combo which makes for a very boring and uninteresting game.

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People who never got good at competitive games or games with skill based matchmaking get hooked on the ability to abuse metas and such to win games because they’ve never felt good at a game before, I feel like this must be the case.
They don’t strive to be better, or to try and beat meta players using non meta items, doing the latter feels way more satisfying and it’s what I try to do every day I play… always go for the biggest mega kids in my sports car, let them know that no matter how much they try they’ll only ever be a crutch kid.


I think there is too much emphasis on skill on this game. If I wanted to show off my skills I go back to playing games like cod aw or cod cold war where my kd is 2.3 and 1.4 respectfully, or 2.4 in battlefield with hundreds of thousands of kills. I came to this game because it seemed like a lot of fun and not being mvp every match don’t bother me even if it means using sub par builds because I find the meta a absolute snore fest.

What this forum needed was another thread complaining about hovers. Sheesh…

And no, I don’t use hovers. I have em… don’t enjoy playing them. Sub 10k matches are more fun anyhow. Virtually every part in the game is in play.


If people keep making threads about the hovers something might get done, from what I knows the devs don’t read these forums but who knows they might check on it every now and then and if it increases the odds just slightly of something being changed with hovers then these efforts may not all be in vain.

Not really they’ll just piss people off. Just keep the same old ones open and fresh it’s much more polite.


Me personally I just usually browse through the front page. This one is about mg hovers so slightly different.

Opening a new thread without reading & responding to others with the same topic is basically telling everyone that you don’t care to hear anyone else’s opinion, and insist on shouting your own immediate petulant thoughts.

I mean… at least, that’s how it looks to me.


I’m not a boomer but I grew up on the web there are basics of netiquette that people just ignore or don’t care about… It clearly shows with some of the behavior. You can piss on a dead thread and it’s fine but keep the good ones going.

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People do believe they’re do ‘skilled’ at Crossout yet would barely get out of bronze rank is any real competitive game, I too played old cod’s BF’s R6, rocket league, overwatch etc the list goes on:

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 11.12.35

Screen Shot 2020-01-09 at 16.22.13

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 19.14.20

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 16.47.59

Top 500 overwatch, fat stats in BF, R6, crazy win % when Fortnite released, even got top 10 in Pubg when that came out. and many more things I don’t have to hand, surprisingly I have these as my laptop is old now. Perhaps I have a competitive need in some way, I know I have an ego but damn I love to prove its worth too

These sad meta kids will never BE good, only pretend. All we can do it keep showing them that in game

It shouldn’t matter if you absolutely suck, average, slightly above average or one of the best the game should be fun for everybody whither your bad or not. I think there is way too much emphasis on doing good. I remember back in the day you use to see loads of players with under 2.0 kds in crossout but now that is a rarity. Mine use to be like 1.5 but now it is at 2.77 and if I had to start over again it prob be at like 3.5.

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When it changed from having to do damage 10 seconds before the enemy died to get an assist it really shifted the kills per battle ratios, i went from a 3.2 to 4.0 and then 4.06, console being 6v6 ive gone to 4.02 and ive been here for ages, kinda sucks, would be so much higher but I’m happy with it as an OG player with those old assist parameters

That is why everyone got crazy high kds in this game, seems like the average is over 3 these day’s.

Dono but it was fun having you shoot at me… :slight_smile:

Bragging about how good you are in a video game is like bragging about how popular you are among your imaginary friends. :rofl: I couldn’t tell you what my k/d ratio is, and frankly don’t care. I’m here to have fun, not impress anyone. Heck, some of my builds are just silly, and that’s what makes playing them so fun. Granted, I generally only play those in Patrol or farting around in Adventure, but I imagine the game would get pretty frustrating and/or boring if I was preoccupied with my stats. I mean… it’s a video game. LOL

I’m pretty sure my k/d ratio with my Christmas Living Room and Fireplace build is pretty pathetic, but it’s a ton of fun… and my Lil Dragon fares a little better, but still not tOp TiEr GamEr performance. I imagine if I took GAMES seriously enough to be concerned with stats, I wouldn’t be having much fun. Now that I think about it, taking the game too seriously kinda explains some of the obnoxious behavior on the forum, doesn’t it?
living room

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I mean, if you take the game seriously, you can’t bring a flying smiley face into the helicopter battles! LOL
Hey, it got 2nd place in my 1st outing with it. Imagine being shot down by this goofy looking monstrosity!

And yes, it has spinning ears on both sides. You can’t see it in this pic, but there’s also an inflatable mammoth hanging out below looking suspiciously like a particular male appendage.

The first time I got wasted by a giant SpongeBog SquarePants, I wasn’t even mad. That’s losing in style… or something.


No offense, but those are weak R6 stats.

Maybe some people care about other things than the tiny niche you found in XO. Why should people not be allowed to talk about parts of the game you don’t care for, like high PS?