Banned from the exhibition?!

Can someone explain me what the hell is this??? Banned from using the exhibition? Why I got banned!!! First time I’ve
see this thing!


You built or named something inappropriately and got reported. Simple.

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wasn’t it the reaper copter got you banned too at some point,just for dl it? i heard that somewhere.
anyway the uk flags ban you too,yup this game is really weird…gl

Do you know what build You posted last?

You may have your own answer.

Probably a build he thought was cute but others didn’t hmm

does building a uk or a ukraine flag or both get you banned?

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Yes, because you can’t do anything in Russia to promote any of that or your a trader. They removed a ton of builds a while back because of it.

All media is state ran, and yes, this forum and the information in the game fall under Russian controlled state media, because the dev team is Russian. This is one of the reasons no dev has been seen on this forum or on a live stream since the start of the “Operation”.

The only person you will see here is LilSam, he is a “Community Manager” and not part of the dev team.

any flag prob gets flagged (lol) as political in some way and is blanket banned?

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I hope I got banned from exhibition because of some broken automated system when some idiots reported my builds because it’s painted in yellow and blue and not banned by some fascist admin. Got banned because of yellow and blue?! Really!? Maybe I like only yellow and blue colours who knows? Is this is russian “world”? Ban colours, ban word’s, ban your thoughts, ban hopes… If I got banned by admin and I will find out this then it’s definitely time to leave this game, I won’t be playing and supporting game where fascism and terrorism rules are in force.


Hello @Z_a_K_a_S,

If you want to appeal, please follow this topic:

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