* Battle for uranium

Battle for uranium


The start of the new “Ravagers Ascension” season and the rework of the energy supply and energy consumption systems are not the only things to look forward to in the upcoming major update. There is also something brand new and long-awaited coming to the Wasteland: a way to earn uranium ore outside the Clan wars!

We remind you that all the features described in this news article may be changed / improved / removed from the final version of the event.

What is the “Battle for uranium”?

“Battle for uranium” is a temporary event planned for launch in a few days after the start of the new “Ravagers Ascension” season. You’ll need to fulfill a number of conditions to participate in the event, so we thought it would be best to give you a chance to prepare, and so we are sharing the information ahead of time.

When will it be held and for how long?

The familiar “Clan confrontation” will be replaced with the “Uranium wars” for one week. This mode will completely replace the “Confrontation” for a week and will be held in the same time intervals.

What are the features and rules of the event?

The basic rules will remain the same: “4 vs 4” PvP battles in rounds that last until the first victory, and you must be a member of a clan of any level to participate. You can enter the battle as part of a group or alone. You can prepare up to 3 armoured vehicles for the battle, one of which can be selected at the beginning of the battle.

The main feature is that you raise your personal rating in the “Uranium wars” and move up the leaderboard in the same way as in the recent “Enemy in reflection” event. Depending on your final ranking, you may receive a certain amount of uranium ore. In addition to your final score, uranium ore will also be awarded for advancing to certain leagues, but the main battle will be for the places in the top league: that’s where you’ll get the biggest rewards.

During the event, you will have access to 2 variants of “Uranium wars”: battles for vehicles from 7000 to 8000 PS and battles for vehicles from 12000 to 13000 PS. We advise you to prepare your vehicles in advance: there never was such an opportunity to get uranium ore before, and you definitely shouldn’t miss it!

We will be sure to share the exact dates of the event in the upcoming patchnotes. We look forward to seeing you at our traditional update livestream next week!

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Sounds potentially viable.

Very exciting!

I always find it funny the PS ranges when required are always just outside of stuff I normally use. Guess I’ll be hitting the build button often this week.


I’m pretty sure I have a few current builds between 12k and 13k, but I’m not sure if any of them are CC worthy.
Wish I could check my blueprints remotely from my phone.

I’m so not into META wars, and think that they are by far the worst aspect of this game.

Clan Wars: exploiting weak game mechanics as a virtue, and then spreading those values into PVP, creating accentuated game balance issues for everyone to enjoy.

Not excited. Filled with dread.

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Given that most dont play in those specific bands, there is no established meta right now, so you should be excited. But even if you elect to be sad, I have good news for u chap: u dont have to play the mode.


I play a lot of PVP, and I feel like ever since Confrontation mode happened, PVP has been engulfed in Melee META, the exact same META they are using in Confrontation. What happens in New Vegas, doesn’t appear to stay in New Vegas.

Ya, I’m glad I don’t have to play that mode, and good for those who do. It sounds like they should feel encouraged with this update.

I hope the developers are able to contain the excitement by patching their exploits well, because this mode certainly encourages, cultivates, and spreads any legal cheat (or illegal cheats if there are any) this game system offers. It’s legendary.

Uranium makes people insane, and I’m not looking forward to it. Not only will the insanity not stay contained within Confrontation Mode or Clan Wars (META/Clan spill-over), it won’t even stay contained within the game itself, and will soon be into reddit and this forum, in the form of angry people who feel like the high stakes of various nerfs and buffs robbed their inventory of their ability to get their uranium fix, like nothing else does.

People get really pissed when you nerf their uranium miner. Other resources aren’t as big of a deal, as they aren’t as influential to inventory dominance, thus the insanity.

I think uranium radically freaks people out, and the methodology of those people who need it has a bad influence on the game. I think this is the developers defeating themselves and creating problems they don’t need to again. I wish they’d find a different direction to go, and doubling down on Confrontation Mode, which already seems awful to me, is the last thing I’m going to be excited about.

More maps, please.

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The main reason anyone complains about uranium and specifically wants a raid or something for it is that they want it to be freed from behind clan cancer

And now they go and do a diet clan cancer for uranium. Confrontation mode is already a big pile of whomp whomp, and not even gatekeeping the badges can get me into it


I generally think it will be good to try it with a few PS brackets and see how it does. Even having the Uranium market open up a little is a big step for them to take and they probably should have done it a while ago.

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I hope this is a test towards making Uranium obtainable through CC.

I’m not a hyper competitive player, but I do enjoy the challenge of trying to do my best in that mode and building to a PS limit. And this new PS class they added for this gives me a chance to try out some heavier duty builds, without having to get into the no-limits madness of CW.

It is certainly something people have asked for; better access to uranium. It should make at least some people happy. Clans are an important part of this game for more than few, and people have been begging for an improvement in the mode for a long while.

I don’t think it has to suck, but I bet it does at first. Confrontation Mode sure did (does?) when it hit the fan. Then they dialed it back.

Looks like they will reel in the melee META with this next update too, and they will have a new energy system they propose will support greater game balance than…what we are used to?

It doesn’t have to be a wreck, but I’m going fasten my seat-belt anyway.

I don’t think it is a test, I think they are just gonna have random events that may offer uranium from time to time but it is still gonna be very limited. Devs ain’t just gonna overflow the market with too much uranium just enough to bring back a few more players to the game.

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Probably buy a couple of mastodons when the relic dip happens and resell if prices come back up or just keep them, I’m drove with crossout anyways can’t catch a break from it, always something around the corner.

It has it’s ups and downs I can swing 3k in points each week from 4k based on matches just in CC. I did around 30 extra CC matches just so the clan could get 100 extra badges last week. I can’t say I hated doing it though. This week I’m landing a lot more meta matches and it does suck a little but it’s a you know when there’s a bad match up and I’m not going to be pissed about it thing.

The stuff CC has going for it is that it’s a smaller ps pool and the match maker almost doesn’t have to function. What they are offering is an even tighter range for the PS brackets.

If you remember back to the old forum @SIGMA920 a few others and myself had a thread going about what other numbers might work for competitive matches and they came up with the 3x3 arena idea. They did the 4x4 CC mode the next year after many people liked the arena mode. I’m not sure if it’s related or not still but the timing was really close.

I’ve been pushing for tight PS brackets for a while for competitive matches for a while though and while the 5-9k for CC does work it doesn’t give any push ahead room. There was nothing to lead up to CW other then a huge leap of faith. Meanwhile CW is complaining that they don’t have enough players to even get MM working. So having tight PS brackets that lead up to full CW could be a really good pay off to them as it fixes other issues. It’s a slightly different issue if the PS brackets selected are the right ones but we know from CC that down as far as 5k can work.

I’ve previously posted some tables of what I thought a competitive bracketing could be though I didn’t populate them fully. I can pull it if your interested but it was about one bracket for each rarity though it’s not intended to be split between rarities.

When it comes down to the meta infestations though, I don’t remember a point in the game when it wasn’t like that. Each shift generally brought a new one the big difference being the timing of the shifts which were often a little longer before.

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I play 12-13k ps often and its just bricks steamrolling over most builds. Phobos nerf, omamori energy increase and epic cab nerf will hit them some, but I suspect by not enough to change things up by much.

8k will just be melee as always.

Honestly, me neither. It’s always something. I think I preferred it when Hovers kept a mild lead. I really don’t care for the melee being so tough. It feels crappy to loose to that so fully, so often. It seemed like hovers had a higher skill floor and it wasn’t as humiliating to loose to someone using that play-style. This just feels stupid. I’m glad it’s getting nerfed.

I do like the idea of tighter brackets, just in general, but they always say popularity is an issue with that, and it results in lethargic queues.

Ad Camp incoming? Maybe after they get this next update broken in? They really need new players, and I do see some things in this next update that will benefit new players, and this improved access to uranium could feasibly be considered an improvement to the F2P model…which I’m currently deploying here. It’s been mostly fun too. It’s still Crossout, but I’ve seen worse days.

I’m normally fairly remember berries on these but I also remember being killed a lot in other PS spots by almost the same builds. I remember back to when the big nerf came to melee and they doubled the power intake of them too. It give me a little hope for the future though as with the increase in energy they could do something like that again.

Any type of game company is looking for more reach they should do that.

err: A to of correction last line.

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If their beginner level game is miserable, the game is ripe with imbalance, P2W, or this melee madness is overbearing, all it would do is persuade more people that the negative reviews of this game are accurate, and spread its already bad reputation further.

It would be counterproductive if they don’t have an enjoyable game to present to new players, but to me, some of what they are doing to this game with this next update does appear that they are trying to doll up the lobby, and improve the beginner player’s experience by installing a greater disparity between vets and noobs, or at least their hardware.

That’s why I keep suggesting that they are gearing up for a little advertising. I think some of this new update looks good for low power-scores, while also throwing a bone to the clan warriors and pacifying them.

Could be great, but I’ve been waiting a long time for “great,” and I no longer expect that.

I’d like more real estate to play on, and I’d be fine(ish) to just work with the wonk they have. I can manage to make it fun for myself usually, but I can see that it is difficult often, and I can see how many would find it just too disparaging to screw with.

They need to doll up that lobby a bit before trying to sell this game to a wider audience, IMO, but maybe they are? We’ll see soon…OK, maybe I’m a little excited now. I’m ready for change of pace, for sure.

Some of that will take itself out i.e. high offense to low defense vs melee any rate…

Getting people to que up and stay in till the end of the match is the big issue. Balance they always adjust for, what they balance for is a different issue. If there are enough games going on then maybe they can try to balance against meta rather then gross pvp matches.

I just hope they don’t fall too short as this is a good try effort. They are suspending something people already built for ps wise. Now they have to switch which the option of 2 alternatives. Rebuilding can be a task, with that challenge I hope we can have a fair turn out. To keep this from being long, I hope they give us some good numbers on how many participated and how much was earned.