* Battle for uranium

whats up with the MVP blip? did they change something


Well, don’t stand there on the sidelines, get in there and battle!

I doubt they want to hand out as much ore as people want.

What if they gave some via certain challenges:
Killed X number of Players
Win X number of matches
Win a match under X time limit
Win X matches via capture

That way players could get some even if they don’t take a limited ranked spot.

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I don’t have any uranium to speak of. Ten units? IDK.

What happens to players who don’t have any uranium?

I have two units of uranium. Just checked. :smiley:

I think they want it to have the sweaty competitiveness of a ranked mode. It’s not really my vibe, but I’m still participating and we’ll see if I get any ore.
I think it would be nice for there to be a way for more casual players and PVE enthusiasts to grind out a bit of Ore from completing specific tasks. Maybe if this works out and replaces normal CC they can add something like that too.

I know some might say that the devs don’t want more Uranium on the market because they want prices high, but I suspect they know sky high market prices for relics is a big turnoff for new players.

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That really doesn’t bother me. I like a good challenging match especially ones that make me re-think what I can do with parts.

I was more questioning if there was enough motivation for players to play in the framework of the sweaty competitive ranked mode when asking about the tasks. The few extra badges for it being a limited event were enough for me. I know that’s not enough for everyone though.

If it were kept at just badges I’d like to see stuff added to the badge exchange: blueprint storage, blueprint garage, and rotating through past BP item workpieces. Offering uranium via tasks in the mode is also a viable option to me. I don’t think these would disturb their current monetization system that much.

That’s kind of what I was thinking. There’s nothing really negative that I can come up with if they made the switch. Outside of motivating players to participate via rewards there isn’t much they can do.

It’s hard to say, when I think they are starting to do stuff that I like they normally find a way to irk me a bit too.

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