Being Forced to watch the game

To get full rewards is a stupid mechanic if you ask me.
All those players waiting for their full rewards watching a teammate run away for 5 minutes, they could have been put to use in the upcoming matchmaking of new games.
But no, Targem Games wants all the dead players to watch their teammates, and get a penalty if they refuse to watch to the end of the match.


It serves two purposes (I believe).

First, I’m pretty sure that the matchmaker tries to keep you in a single queue, as long as you hit the button quickly enough. So making people wait until the end of the match helps keep that part of the matchmaker working, meaning shorter queue times.
The second reason is that it discourages suicidal playing, because no one wants to face full teams of people farming with lances or whatever.


That was easy farming when you could :wink:

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It was to slow your earnings, like many other changes.


Lance someone and move to the next game USED to be the most efficient farming.

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Iit still is the most efficient way to farm Batteries if queue times are short. It is still the fastest way to farm Experience Points too.


Come on, man
you are talking about not even 3 minutes per battle most of the times.
It’s fast enough.
Keeps people from suiciding via button or via behaver.
IMO the game should take the rewards from most of the players, only the 4 first places should receive rewards, the others should go to the garage empty handed , like if 15 scrap or 2 or 3 batteries will make any difference.

I had a game today where i pushed with support, in my third or fourth engagement all i had left was 3 hp, i keept on pushing …i was very lucky the guy was occupied with my team mates didn’t shot me again, i destroyed him .
To the bitter end.

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Haven’t you made this topic already?
If you play smart you can be the last(or almost) one to die. When I’m well concentrated that’s what I’m getting. Retreating in time to regroup with last one, then it comes to the point of either you choosing to tank damage if ally is damaged but have lots of weapons, or just be support and be the last one to die, and see if you can actually manage it. Just need fast enough build(at least ~95km/h)and some weapon allowing you to fight anything That’s how I’m getting lots of those battles when I’m the last, left against few, and still managing it(or not). I once was left alone against 8! And almost won :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was capping with only 2 wheels and 2 MGs on my craft while there was 2 heavily damaged guys without ammo. Only lost because of time.
That’s of course if that last guy is not some ass with radar and cheetah… those coward types playing XO like NFS… But hey, you can be the one if you need that shortcut.
This mechanic is motivation for you to play more tactically. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: cause by default we all probably want just to rush in to whatever end, but that what makes those games instant and full of toxic lance/melee builds which devs trying to fix so, deal with it. You can fix it on your own end instead of crying for game to change for your lazy style.


Yeah there were time, when people could farm like that. Take spears, kill someone and self destruct, repeat. Devs should just increase reward for wins, your actions in battle etc., not just same reward with 1-2 difference in wires for example. But nah, this game is all about either grind or money spending. Sadly

For you and some I guess, or even most of folks. It was intended about building your own fighting vehicles, and that what many actually do. It has some pvp mode to take your craft fighting - that’s second. Only a shame it takes forever to unlock weapons, hardware or even some structural parts. Gotta put donation system to run the game somewhere. And give guys something to progress to.

It probably still is. Spears on boosters… 5 metal. Make 5-6 runs with boosted spears for time of 1 normal battle. Almost doable. If there was no wait times.

That would complement lances too. They can easily get 1-2 clean kills. More reward for lances is dangerous.
Although I agree 20-30 metal no matter what you do in battle is rather stale.

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We had a thread about this the other day and I will have to disagree that the main purpose of this game is to build your own car. Sure, it is an option that I love, but it is far from the main focus.

Things in game that help you NOT build:

  1. faction blue prints
  2. pack blue prints
  3. exhibition
  4. pre-made cars in brawls/events
  5. auto-build mode

Things in game that help you build:

  1. build mode

As you can see the dev team has spent Waaaaaaay more time to support people that don’t build.

Trash unfit for pvp. Harsh but true.


Only if some (bad stupid person_1) puts meta there.

Made for diversity and to give you test of weapon you rather not bother buying. They used to have boxes with temporary weapons for that.

Generates something barely adequate at max.

The only way to make a nice decent custom build. (+leaked exhibition meta)

How do you even compare?
People somehow can’t stomach the building. I start with choosing weapon and modules, placing weapons to have proper firing angles and using at max best armor there is - the cab. Then wheels and modules, they are somewhat more flexible. Then some armor to protect weapon, wheels, modules etc… the further you go the more freedom to shape the build. As some parts just needed to give HP to cab so you can use whatever parts in any place. In the end, the point is to start with effectiveness, and finish with the looks, also using most relevant parts to make craft fit for as much threats as possible and keeping PS as low as possible. In the end I manage to have everything, even round up PS and durability numbers. You know, when it’s say 1000 or 1500, when i hear sounds of hit on the craft, a quick look lets me know was it ally or someone camping from some sly spot, so it has some uses. This is the thrill of building. People just can’t manage. Not even interested. This is why this game is so underrated. Most just play it for diversity in battles without even minding building mechanic. Perhaps it was even more successful game if it had no building mechanic at all, just pre-made builds for certain weapons. But they started with this idea and sticked to it. And I appreciate that, and so some others, but turns out rather few.
Exhibition and art builds is a pure proof that building is a thing and many enjoy it. It’s a shame though that people are so bad at combining art build with meta. Or starting with meta and make it look art to end up having some crossout-ish beauty.

Something they do reluctantly and as response to that lazy inept player community they end up having. If they really wanted to make gome good for them - pack and faction blueprint would be a solid working meta builds. But then it wouldn’t make any sense for anyone to build at all as it would bring no merit of having upper hand in battle through better build. Perhaps they end up doing it, but not yet.
_1 Putting meta build on exhibition is like shooting yourself in the leg. You got more stronger both allies and enemies, resulting in harder battles and less value of own build, lower winrate. I did it few time myself. Making a tough meta build to random guy than having to fight… gosh… everyone should be using what he is capable to build, but then most people end up sucking because most people are just… stupid. Or lazy… whatever.

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I’m not disagreeing with you and I’m Not even going to try and compare.

I build everything I play myself, so this is not about proving anything to me.

It’s not a mater of comparison, it’s just a simply fact - “There are more things added to the game that promote people to not build then there are to promote them to build.”


This is not a debate on much way is better.

We already know which way is best for 90% of the people out there and that would be the exhibition. Because even though “build mode” is the best way to make the best car most guys don’t have 3 brain cells they can rub together to even understand the build control.

This is how I spend a lot of my time in XO.

Building and putting meta builds on the exhibition.

I do not view it as “shooting yourself in the leg.”

I view it as “Playing VS cars that are worth playing against”

There is no fun in going into a match and stomping everyone just because your builds are better.

Just to close gap a little. Lots of guys are just building cringe piles of crap, they’d rather give them something then have them leave in disappointment of not being able to get a viable build.

Building your own build ensures you get the most effective build with parts you possess, even customized to your specific behavior or new meta in the game. That what matter most. Everyone wants the most powerful build possible to stomp enemies… or be ably to punish that annoying hoever ass, outwit cunning melees and have epic battles of winning against crazy odds. It’s just not many can have that.


Yes there is. Stomping weak ones is guilty pleasure if any. But when they come in mass?? Plus, there are lot of ugly strong meta builds. The game gives you lot of situation where to win you must fight 2-3-4+ enemies. So it’s already unfair, but that’s the most fun way to play, when you alone or with 1-2 guys left fighting heavier odds.
If you want dueling with fair crafts - go play CS:GO or something, WoT or War Thunder.
This game is supposed to give you that extra fighting power in those hard to win situation, and devs so far keep it that way. Only guys like you ruin it spreading meta. Also makes game look like… trash. Instead of everyone playing their own unique build(or some semimeta-semi nice faction build that could be) they play ugly trash boxes that “just works” thanks for fools like you for that.

I love finding guys that feel this way in game.

If I message someone with a “hey man, nice build, can I get a copy of that”

And they answer something like “can’t share this build man, it’s a clan only build.”

Then I jump into PvP, get qued up with that guy. Take a few screenshots, take a little video of them being taken apart by guns and armor removed.

Then 30min - 1hr later you will find a version of that build on the exhibition, BUT I’ll even have better stats.

Not to me, shooting fish in a barrel is fun for a few min. Then I want a challenge.

Some people in this game just want to go through the motions and always win. I like winning, but I want to feel like the game was close and not a complete one sided battle.

See, you still compete for domination like any other monkey we are. You just think you are doing it smarter but that all doesn’t matter.

Are you fighting some secret 1*1 mode??

Game provides those. Not every battles, but it often makes impossible challenges, those are no fun.

Is when you are left against multiple players with strong builds.
All you really do is move that threshold - more impossible challenges, and harder for everone, especially newbies, and those not using meta.
Spreading meta builds devalues building part of the game. If you just can’t get it. If that’s what you want - make it shooter/droner/melee/etc game where building don’t matter - that’s what guys like you push it to. And even arrogant enough to think it’s better for everone.
Or are you just enjoying seeing “look he uses my build, I did that” thats more like painting everywhere with paintcan thinking it’s cool that you left your mark. It’s actually is if it’s a good mark. But if it’s a meta dog that noobs don’t even bother painting. Then you obviously just make game trash and enjoy that you just managed to influence anything anyhow on large scale.
And this “its to easy”. for f_ck sake. There will always be weaker and stronger builds and players. Feel too boring - try to play more aggressive and rush them faster. Make nicer build and sacrifice some meta-ishness for fun looks, you’ll make game more fun for yourself and others that way.

No, the parts still have the same value.
Even more value as the build become more popular.

What is “devalues” is some dude Ego that thinks he is the only one that can build that way.

Which he’s not :slight_smile:

I couldn’t give two :poop:’s about someone thinking then have an exclusive build.

Not “the parts”,
That part of the game. What is the point for anyone to build anything if there meta builds everywhere? Little. And most people are too lazy to build as it is.

I am. I’ve never seen builds that I built. They are unique. Unique builds make game look interesting, more diverse.
And my builds are not 100% meta because I sacrifice some tiny bit for looks, sometimes a huge for something like this

Of course you can copy stuff. Thats what monkeys are good at. So let them. Copy. Make their own unique copies. Not do that work for everyone.

Just his own, patented. If you want a copy - try and do, with screens you might not get everything 100% exact so it might be a bit worse, a bit different. Also using different parts, not everyone have all unlocked.
But because of guys like you game is much more full of copypaste ugly builds than it could and should be. Just for few twisted persons scratching their own

and even creating excuse that they make a good thing. Yes they give lazy and stupid people better crafts but you know, it’s like imagine someone hacked the game and gave all parts to every account - sounds cool and rather communistic thing to do))) But in the end someone looses and it might not be good for everyone at all.
And about meta, it’s not just guy with ego designing that meta suffers. It’s everyone who isn’t running that meta gets everything harder. You surely see people here complaining on loose streaks?? They should blame you and guys like you for being part of that.

I thought you where talking about META builds.

We are having two different conversations.

I wouldn’t even consider driving a car that looked like that.