Better to buy protein and exercise than pay for games

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I weigh ~200 lbs so I don’t really need any weight gain :laughing:

What I need is the exercise.

I’m on my feet all day at work, so I need to sit down on the couch and veg when I’m at home.
Exercise is for people with sit-down jobs.


what’s your height? It depends a lot how tall you are. If you’re 185 cm tall, you’re good

I work at a tire press. I stand all day for 8 hour shifts. I come home, eat and in two hours I go to exercise, for an hour. Thank God I have time off.

That sounds exhausting. How do you find time to post here so much?

I mostly post at work while I’m waiting for my next client to show up, but doesn’t sound like you have that option at your job.
What is your secret to being able to work, exercise, play games, and also post constantly on the forum for a game you quit playing?

6’2. It’s 190 cm.

I am 193 cm tall and I would like to weigh 95 kg, I would like to gain another 20 kg, but that will take a long time. Yes, it takes time.

Cereal for breakfast, pork or chicken with potatoes or rice for lunch. And for dinner, fish salad with dark bread. + 2x a day protein + creatine

I must say it often easier for me to lose weight than to gain it. When I was ~20 y/o I was so slender I could almost wrap my waist with my palms, I shit you not! I was about your current weight when I could do that.

Watch out boiz
:monkey: flagger in attack :wink:

I am so happy I live in a country with legal cheap weed.
Soothes the sore body, calms the anxious mind, and helps me concentrate when gaming.
Also happy that I don’t have any major physical problems at my age.

Haven’t been drinking booze for a while now, and it’s really improved both my mental and physical state. Might never go back to alcohol, but haven’t decided. Surprised at how little I miss it.

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I’m trying to remember what I ate yesterday.
I think it was cereal and espresso for breakfast, Indian vegetable biryani for lunch, and a grilled cheese for dinner. Plus some crackers for a snack and some fake beer for beverage.
Not a lot of protein, but my body seems to need/want carbs more than anything else, and my metabolism seems high enough that I don’t really gain unwanted weight.

I have no interest in getting jacked or bulking up. I’d rather be a wiry little guy who is stronger than he looks.

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A man should eat 1.5g of protein per 1kg of body weight

Strength training lower number of repetitions with heavy weight for 4 to 5 series

Stay healthy guys :muscle:


Nice machine, I only have 2 x handles and 1 x long rod. I still need to buy some weights, for deadlifts and squats. But because of my back, I have to go slow on the deadlift. so far I have 58kg 2x 25. plus a long bar of 8kg.

You can find proteins everywhere, even in plants, but meat is important because the proteins in meat contain important amino acids that are needed for the brain.

I shop here, take a look. GymBeam - obchod s doplňky výživy pro sportovce

Its good for the start what you have, just get some dumbbells and more smaller weights for your bar. I remember my old good times training in my friend basement gym :slight_smile:
Improtant is to not give up and keep going at least a little bit but keep going and dont stop, after a few years you’ll never regret it.

My good times are already behind me, I’m 42 this year but in my whole life I was doing rl hard gym and body building around 10-12yrs starting at the age of 15. Now I’m a bit out of shape due to other responsibilities but I’m investing in my son, trying to teach him what is all about and showing him theres a rl life outside of computer :slight_smile:
Hes doing kickboxing and mma training since one month and he rly like it ,I’m proud of him :muscle:

Actually his room looks like a small gym now :rofl: