Big Chase reward and season -are you serious?

Okay, I get it. It does not consume fuel. And it’s not very hard, but then again, no raid really is. And after destroying one of the two trucks basically single-handedly (only retcher build in a company of quite moronic randoms).

I got 4 plastic. F-ing FOUR. That sure worth the time, both ours and the people who actually made the game mode! I wonder what went through the minds of the mappers, the coders, and the people who put together those magnificient trucks, as they knew nobody right in the mind will waste time on something that gives rewards in the lower end of single digits, unless I guess both trucks are destroyed AND the player in question is a paypig on premium sub, willing to shovel money into a product with a price/value ratio that is one of the lowest I’ve ever seen. I never cease to be amazed by Gaijin’s in-game economy, which in terms of generosity and fairness is about on par with that of Shakespear’s Merchant of Venice. To put this into perspective, if you go to Adventure Mode and collect scrap, provided you have a fast vehicle and know where the heaps spawn, if you are lucky and the market prices are favorable you could get more coins in the same amount of time by selling the scrap metal and copper you get than this new raid worth.

And then there is this wonderful new season. And the strategic reserve crates, which make up quite a significant portion of the non-premium rewards. And give things such as, 10 wires / crate. Or 30 engineer badges / crate. Amazing.


Weird… I was getting 12 per raid, I think… (only did two raids). And I used a low budget Sinus build. So I ended up 3d and 4th on the list at the end. Still got much more than what you’ve got.
So in my case, it was worth it… It was really super fast to do for a decent reward.


i myself am using fortunes for this raid, finish it under 2-3 minutes and always get 7 plastic, i am starting to think the ammount of plastic you get is based on your powerscore/price of your whole vehicle…

why? i also used just two fortunes but with other modules and no apollo, and i got higher rewards that way…

based on enemy units destroyed. So just kill the raiders for easy points. Time and damage dealt makes no difference.
You’ll get 9 plastics which is not worth the time unless you have premium.


Killed all of them, reward did not increase, nor decrease.

Mmm I dunno. I just stay back with 4 arbis and kill all the raiders when they spawn, getting 9 plastics every round.


well, if you are killing all the raiders, then why is splatter with sinuses gettting 12 plastic? the other guy with retchers getting 4 plastic, and i with fortunes am getting 7 even without killing any of them, and also getting the same ammount if i do kill every one of them?

i dunno. I also only shoot off guns on levi, maybe thats why?
Retchers and fortunes also gave me the least points

I haven’t done the Chase. Every time I tried all the other players had builds well over twice my power-score, so I just bailed and haven’t tried since. I might try it again, but I’ll bail if I see power-scores that ridiculously wonky.

Anyway, easy raids give me a lot more copper (60ish) if I build for the lowest power-score possible, low-ball the other players, and still manage to get top score. Anytime I use anything more efficient my rewards go down considerably(30ish). I can make more off of easy raids than I do regular raids if I play it right.
It sounds like the same mechanic is at work here.

But why would you leave? They will help you win.

I have also not played it yet (I hate PvE) but from what I’m hearing you want to be on a 10k+ build for this mode.

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Not interested, then. Don’t really have the gear to build anything less than pathetic at 10K. Not interested in the plastic either, but I would have played for fun. It looked fun. The map is cool.

No, they would win for themselves. My experience in the past has been that their elevated scores make the bots stronger and I just get pwnd until I run out of repair kits. They do use repair kits in this…brawl? raid? I’m not even sure what it is. It looks like yet another event for people with a lot more crap than I have.

I haven’t played Chase either, mainly because the devs need to fix their aging servers or do maintenance on them so I am not lagging so bad I’m pressing W only but my car is doing donuts so not going to bother with a mode that requires you not to be lagging to drive after stuff!

That must be with premuim active, correct?

yup min is 7 plastic for finishing it…without prem

They get paid and probably couldn’t care less, If a client pays for trash that they want, they can have it lol

I got 4 because I used Arbiters instead of Retchers. So… no reason to play it anyway. They haven’t even added some new Chase-related challenges, such as “complete two Chase raids for a measly sticker”.


the reward literally does not change even if you kill all the enemies, i tryed it myself

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I went ahead and tried it too, disregarding the wonky matchmaker, and as long as the convoy was halted, I got 7 plastic. Didn’t matter what I did. It’s not a very sporty game, is it? It’s pretty laid-back. This is easier than the version they have of it in Adventure Mode. I wish they would have just put this effort into improving that map instead. They could have run a more interesting version of it there, I think.

IMO, the developers focus on some weird stuff. It’s all very pretty though, and I think I’ll use it for an opportunity to not take this game as seriously as I have been, have some coffee, find me some hillbilly music, build a rusty-truck, and chill down in the wasteland bayou, arcade style.

Have you see the the size of the gddmn mosquitos down there?


Depends on what truck armaments’ you end up facing they are random. Some are harder then others.

Partial victory goes as low as 3 plastic from what I’ve seen. Full victory seems to go up towards 12-14. The scoring reward ratio seems really strange though.

I agree it would have been nicer if they had just added it into awakening instead of making it, it’s own mode.

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Ya, so I see.
It got old after about 4 or 5 runs. I’m done. I’d rather do easy raids in one of my little “matchbox cars” for copper.

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