“Big chase” update

Additional information about the “Big chase” update


We remind you that the update 0.13.80 is scheduled to be released next week. This update will include a new season with a battle pass, an updated “Chase” mode, as well as a redesigned co-drivers system and a new PvP map.

Like we promised earlier, today we will share additional information about the update.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are implemented into the game or may not make it into the game at all.

New amusement rides for the range

In this season, all battle pass owners will be able to receive new amusement rides which will add more various challenges to the track on your range. These rocket and machine gun turrets can be activated and deactivated. Activated turrets will constantly attack your armoured car. Each type of turrets can be activated and deactivated separately.


First of all, we’d like to thank everyone who took part in the mass testing of the new co-drivers! Thanks to your feedback and suggestions, we’ve also made one very important change (and there may be more of them till the update is released).

Mass limit bonus skill

Among other popular comments, the requests to add a skill to increase the mass limit of an armoured car stood out noticeably. We heard you and will definitely add such a skill, but there is one important point to consider. In its current version (+500 kg to the mass limit, like on the game servers), this skill affects the in-game balance too much, and, in fact, provides an ultimate and non-alternative bonus for many builds. This is especially true for lightweight and medium armoured vehicles.

In order to balance this skill against all others, we will change its mechanics. Now it will provide a bonus to the mass limit in the amount of 3% of the current armoured car’s mass.

For example, an armored car of 15,000 kg will receive an increase of 450 kg, which is almost identical to the original bonus. As a result, practically nothing will change for heavy armoured vehicles. But for lightweight and medium vehicles, the difference will be within a few heavy parts that will need to be removed or replaced with lighter ones.

Co-drivers for other types of weapons

Separately, we’d like to answer questions about co-drivers who would have special skills, for example, for plasma weapons.

Previously, it was mentioned that the starting amount of co-drivers will be expanded. In future updates we plan to add more specialized heroes, which would work well with certain types of weapons and match certain situations on the battlefield. As a result, almost every player will be able to find a co-driver that will fit their style of gameplay.

We will share the information about the upcoming co-drivers with you in advance so that you can evaluate their pros and cons. By the way, we already have some ideas regarding the upcoming co-drivers, so you can expect new information about them in the foreseeable future.

Resource to unlock new co-drivers

The resource for unlocking the co-drivers (previously titled “glory points”) will be called “Intel”. How will you be able to earn it?

  • Upon reaching reputation level 30, the player is given a certain amount of intel as a gift, for which you can unlock one co-driver of your choice.
  • You can start earning intel in PvP battles (missions) when you reach reputation level 30 with the “Engineers” faction.
  • In total, a certain amount of intel can be stored on one account at a time. Any intel that is obtained in battles over the limit does not accumulate.
  • A certain amount of intel can be earned in battles in one week.
  • An active premium subscription will increase the weekly limit and the amount of intel received for each battle.
  • Compensation will take into account both the normal levels of old co-drivers and the levels that players have spent resources on. For one fully leveled-up old co-driver, the player will receive enough intel to unlock one new co-driver.
  • All intel acquired through refunds, purchases of packs, giveaways and gifts are added and stored over the limit.

Balance changes

Structural parts

In this update, we will make changes to the formula that automatically calculated the parameters of structural parts. In some cases, the calculation may have been done incorrectly. It is planned that the parameters of the following parts will change:

  • “Left buggy corner” and “Right buggy corner”
    • Durability increased from 3 to 4 pts.
    • PS increased from 5 to 11.
  • The durability of “Digger side” increased from 62 to 64 pts.
  • The durability of “Backend” increased from 118 to 155 pts.
  • “Mengu”
    • Mass increased from 139 to 296 kg.
    • Durability increased from 86 to 183 pts.
    • PS increased from 30 to 68.
  • “Haraate”
    • Mass increased from 161 to 343 kg.
    • Durability increased from 69 to 212 pts.
    • PS increased from 35 to 77.
  • “Gessan”
    • Mass increased from 263 to 562 kg.
    • Durability increased from 113 to 347 pts.
    • PS increased from 58 to 126.


With the “Big chase” update, we will refine the physical models of the “Spike-1”, “Toadfish”, and “Phoenix” crossbows. After those changes, their size will decrease and they will correspond to their visual models better.

Cabin “Master”

Previously, we have already announced changes for the “Master” cabin. After mass testing, we decided to improve the cabin a little more and reduce the maximum heating received from the perk to 25%. As a result, the full list of changes looks like this:

  • Cabin type changed to “Medium”.
  • PS reduced from 2400 to 2100.
  • Max. speed cabin reduced from 95 to 75 km/h.
  • Tonnage increased from 5000 to 5350 kg.
  • Weight limit increased from 10000 to 14100 kg.
  • Mass increased from 750 to 1150 kg.
  • Now the cabin heats up to a maximum of 25% (instead of 100% before).
  • Now, the automatic activation of the parts restoration occurs immediately after the cabin heats up to the maximum possible level. You can still turn off the cabin heating manually at any time.
  • Now the perk description looks like this:

When the module is activated, the cabin heats up to 25% for 5 sec., and then cools down for 5 sec., restoring 10% of durability per sec. to the parts that are connected to the power nodes. After 2 sec. of being active, the module can be disabled. This will stop the heating and reduce the durability recovery percentage accordingly. Cooldown is 10 sec.

Disc launcher “Ripper”

  • Now the weapon rotates freely around its axis.
  • Durability increased from 484 to 581 pts.
  • Mass increased from 540 to 648 kg.
  • Disc impact impulse increased by 40%.
  • Weapon rotation speed increased by 25%.
  • The time before the disks that are stuck in objects are destroyed has been increased from 5 to 7 sec.
  • Damage received from colliding with discs that are stuck in objects has been increased by 2 times.

Drone “SD-15 Vulture”

We plan to leave the balance tweaks unchanged:

  • Target acquisition time reduced by 19%.
  • The drone’s flight speed increased by 5%.
  • Enemy detection range increased by 17%.
  • Cooldown time reduced from 13 sec. to 12 sec.
  • Explosion radius increased by 80%.
  • Blast damage reduced by 53%.
  • Periodic damage increased by 33%.
  • The drone now deals periodic damage 5 times before it explodes.

Pulse accelerator “Astraeus”

The physical size of the projectile has been reduced by 75%.

Next week, we plan to launch our official livestream, where we will show all the new features and major changes in the upcoming update. And tomorrow we invite everyone to take part in the final mass testing of the new co-drivers. Don’t miss it!


Thank God.


Finally… Although it’s far from what Crossbows need in total, but it’s one of the things that was supposed to be done long ago. A small step for Crossbows, but a step in the right direction.

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New amusement rides for the range

This is interesting though I was really kind of hoping I could use my own weapons out there eventually.

Structural parts

Surprised they didn’t do those changes sooner.

Cabin “Master”

Still won’t use it. I think it really needs nodes in the front and back.

Mass limit bonus skill

It amazes me how little they pull out of their feedback sometimes. lol

Co-drivers for other types of weapons

It’s nice to get a confirmation on that. Though I don’t remember them saying anything about adding them in the original video or news.

You can start earning intel in PvP battles (missions)

This is sad they are ignoring gain from most of the game doing it like this. Devalues raiding, Awakening, brawls, patrol even further…

An active premium subscription will increase the weekly limit and the amount of intel received for each battle.

Pushes towards p2w more… I know they have to make money but still…

For one fully leveled-up old co-driver, the player will receive enough intel to unlock one new co-driver.

This is kind of sad since your actually getting less passive bonuses with the new system and they are removing +3% reputation gain from them too. So it will actually increase your future grinding.

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i want to point out a few things here that gets me upset about this

uhh instead of “in the future” why dont you take the time to flesh out the co-drivers NOW, BEFORE you release them to the game? because this seems to me like “in the future” means the entire system isnt ready and certain weapon classes are going to have an advantage over others.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!? this game is already heavily pvp focused, now your locking our driver progression behind MORE PVP!? common!!

and what about the generator mass limit bonus perk we got from one of the drivers? alot of my builds are reliant on that driver, if thats removed i either have to fuse my generator (waiting for an event) or completely rebuild some of my raid builds to compensate for the new mass limit on my vehicle. either way this is going to set me back by quite alot.

sad that i cant use them. ive run out of room in my garage thanks to them updating the cement blocks from 1 point taken to 2. it made me go from perfectly fine to over the limit on my range. can you add more mass limit on ranges please?

how about no? i for one am in favor of keeping the old co-driver system.

is anyone else here just as upset as i am seeing this?

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I’m not a fan of it either. I think it’s a marketing set up that will make more sense later, like when it’s revealed that you can buy co-drivers. I suspect co-drivers will be a sales feature for things like Battle Passes, events, packs, or maybe Crosscrowns might be utilized to advance them. I see it’s already been made a sales feature for Premium Subscriptions.

They doubled the mass on some structural parts. I don’t recognize those parts by their weird names, but the doubled mass is going to be a big deal. That’s not a minor change, like with this buggy corner. I’m not sure why they even bothered with updating that part since it’s pretty worthless in the first place. Now it’s completely worthless with an 11 point PS. Just why? That’s a terrible PS to Durability ratio, IMO. It’s worse than decor…it isn’t decor is it? I’m not sure off hand what it is.

Why? That part was OP? Seriously WTF? Why not increase the mas and PS on everything then? Why that part?

Most of my builds are under mass, but this will likely change that in a big way. These parts have more than doubled their mass and power score…maybe it all fits together in their plan somehow? IDK. This all seems pretty radical to me (almost all of it), but whatever.

I’m not sure what the “Gessan” is (a bumper, I presume), but holy crap it’s heavy now, whatever it is. It’s durability will be more than triple what it was too. That’s quite the modification.

This will be a different game next week. I don’t know how it will all fit together, but I know how their updates have gone in the past, so I’m not looking forward to it, except out of curiosity (it kinda looks like a train wreck), and the morbid curiosity is killing me.

Who knows, maybe it’ll be great. I’d like to try the test server, but it hasn’t worked for crap every time I’ve tried, and I lost my motivation. I may have missed my chance at this point.

Good luck with this, devs. I hope it works out. This is a big one.

Lately playstation works with 20fps only. Any plans to fix that problem in next update? Hows xbox?

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Neither can I, unless I remove stuff.

Yeah I agree, I think that’s going to be a huge kick in the pants for many players.

It’s the 3 bumpers from the Syndicate BP: Gessan and Mengu are the Car/Truck bumpers Gessan being the larger one. Haraate is the flat truck bumper. I remember people complaining about their stats when they first came out. I’m thinking if they are updating them then perhaps they are giving a second one of each of them out as on first run we only got a single of them.

The PS is a bit too high but not by much. The buggy engine cover which is the next smallest shoot through part going up from those is PS 14, Dur 5, Mass 5

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Well, now i will never use these parts again, thanks Targem!

So do Vultures dig deeper into a build before they blow up? It’s seems like that to me by reading the changes.

Seems like this mass increase is going to cause a lot of people to have to rethink their builds. It’s a huge mass increase. I suppose the durability buff on these parts will indirectly nerf all the melee. Maybe reeling that in a little is their intention with this. IDK. It’s a pretty extreme change. A lot of this up date is. It’s pretty brave, I’ll give them that. I hope it works, whatever they are up to.


Yea thats terrible I also dont know what to do, laugh or cry :rofl:

I thought I was tripping last time I played on PS5, has the frame rate dropped significantly or am I just pretending it used to look a whole lot better than this lol

Glad its not just me this needs sorted ASAP.

I guess all ps players has that problem just most of them dont know or forgot how game should works playing that laggy garbage last few weeks. Got new glasses 2d ago and cant enjoy the game watchig that slide show :grimacing:

Um… Just make a sideways build dude. Problem solved.

This should be an interesting patch. I like all the buffs they gave to weapons and the master cab change.

I hope I see more rippers in the wasteland after this. The gun should do really well now. You just have to kind of aim it like a Yokai. Get a shot right on the ground in front of their car as they are driving around and the dammage should be catastrophic. Alas that isn’t the easiest shot to land. So the gun will have a steep learning curve and people still won’t use it much compared to the other easier to use relics.

Don’t like the aesthetics of sideways builds. Even if they let me rotate the cab to preserve normal key bindings I wouldn’t do it. So no problem not solved.

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Noticed there is no new news for this little bit today, yet. Test server is up but don’t have access to it.

I’m not a huge fan of gessan getting more mass and durability. One of the reasons it’s my favorite bumper is because it big and light. So I guess I’ll just have to modify a bunch of my builds(but idc about the rebuilding part).

I’d rather Devs just added three new bumpers with those new stats instead.

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