Blueprints instead of stabilizers

It’s been a long time since stabilizers replaced every other level up rewards and while they are okayish, they don’t feel good to obtain.
An other problem I have with the game is the huge number of things that can’t be crafted because they were event crafts that never went back (by the way I don’t understand how those items still manage to be on the market when noone can craft them anymore).
A solution : have the engineer reward stay the stabilizer but have the factions reward be a random blueprint with a high chance of blue, low chance of purple and very low chance of gold, and maybe keep the abysmal chance of 200 coins.
There would be two types of blueprints : discount blueprints of faction part (the faction leveled up) or a blueprint of an event item with a higher chance of having one of the faction (not garanteed to allow for syndicate, founder and hyperborea items).

I feel that would be cool and allow some lucky players to craft rare items while keeping the market in check (looking at you few event items that are more than triple the normal price for their rarity)


Sad I don’t use stab’s. I stopped fusing a long time ago after the OCD nerf bat began swinging frivolously killing off any hard work building a fused unit from grinding only to be deemed useless time & energy spent doing so.

I’ve suggested a few times to just put them up in the badge exchange for various prices. I wouldn’t mind seeing the stab boxes improved though either though.

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Yup having blueprints in exchange for badges would also be nice. That may even be better cause you could jump on the occasion when you see a blueprint that is interesting for you. My main grip with this game always was the ridiculous number of things I just can’t craft in a game with the moto “craft ride destroy”.

And it’s a bit of a rant but getting items becomes worse and worse. First they added new items to their respective faction for everyone to craft (like the bastion, photon and harpy), then the items of the founder and syndicate were unlocked for all the people that did the event but left new players (or returning players like me) in the dirt. Then they added blueprints so doing the event gave you only limited crafts after the event end. Then they removed even that and if you don’t craft during the event… tough luck. And now they require on top of that those uncraftable items of previous event for new events. LET US CRAFT IN YOUR CRAFTING GAME. End of rant.

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I agree with you the crafting issues especially with the BP recipes have been bothering me for a while too. When I started playing you could fairly make anything in the game now you can’t and it’s either just different and not as much fun in how you have to deal with it. The idea of craft ride destroy has come to mean something different. As plenty of players are now riding their wallets and destroying other peoples coin supplies with predatory tenacity in snapping ingredients up early and reselling them super high. I don’t know if you’ve read the forums for a while before joining but if you have you’ll know I’m not one to normally complain about the game. This portion of the game though even bothers me though and I hope it gets better.

I would suggest submitting the idea though. Outside of a mod liking the idea and bringing it up in one of their meetings as to be forwarded along later. It’s the only way to really pass it up the chain is using the form they gave us.

Bots, the bots sell them. That’s the only way some of these items stay “in stock”.

I just wish that we could always buy and sell stabilizers.
I have almost no interest in using them, but have been happy to sell them when we’re allowed to. No good reason why that couldn’t be permanent.