Event crafting gone awry

That’s what I meant: I have tons of unused workpieces from previous events, which I often save for moments like this.


Even then some of them are hard to manage as they sometimes depend on a secondary workpiece.

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And that’s why I hoard them!

But even if you only have workpieces for the lower level parts, those parts often surge in value too. And if you are missing the lower tier parts, it can still be profitable to buy those parts if you have the workpiece for the higher tier part.

I get the opportunism of the process but it’s just not fun to me. I do much the same with I use them really carefully. I just don’t think it should be like this in a sandbox game.

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I agree it would be more fun for me too, but I accept that any F2P game is going to have some artificial scarcity to motivate people to spend real money.
It’s not ideal, but it’s baked into the model to some extent.

At least there aren’t any true paywalls in Crossout.

That’s why I keep saying you could limit them to badges and @ZERGOR just suggested they could be randomly added at level. I just don’t think it should be as bad as it is right now in terms of scarcity. Some of the stuff you can’t even buy at times even if you have the coin for it. To me that’s just not good for a game.

Athena crafting recipe?


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@Poony4u fixed the response on this to be more correct.

Badges or level ups would be good for player retention, but wouldn’t motivate them to spend money.
Now there is an argument to be made that they should focus more on player retention than monetization, but their accountants might not share that view.

And even things like Athena don’t count as paywalled, as it is still possible to buy them on the market.

Don’t get me wrong: I wish Crossout wasn’t a F2P game, and would gladly buy it for $80 if that meant they got rid of all their other monetization tactics. But I just don’t see that as a realistic option (especially with Gaijin as publisher).

See I would argue that it was effectively pay-walled via demand during the crafting event. Meaning in such the portions of the recipe were rendered unavailable.

Most of the other stuff I would agree with you with.

I would only use the word paywall for items that players can only buy with real cash.
If it’s available on the market, it’s not paywalled, no matter how much it costs on the market.

Sometimes it’s sold out though. In that case if it is pack excusive it is pay walled.

Wow, I haven’t actually noticed anything like that being sold out. Usually it’s just obscure paints and decor that are unavailable on the market.

Nevertheless, I would be surprised if it remained unavailable for long. There’s always someone who can’t resist huge profit margins.

I still wouldn’t call that paywalled, unless it remained unavailable on the market for extended periods.

Sorry to nitpick, I just feel strongly about using the right words for the right things.

Athena, Missed that BP along with the BP with the Thyrsus. Not sure where I was at when they come through. Dropped the $ for the Thyrsus sadly it isn’t the fused unit from the BP. Bummer… However the Athena is still a far stretch away. Saving the coin . Now if I could craft them!

On the PC market which you don’t follow if any info gets leaked that part often goes to a state where it’s un buyable. That can be both too expensive or there are just none of them. It’s more often that there are just none there.

At some point people do start offering them but at a greater price then they are actually valued.

That’s a different issue, but in the long run things tend to work out.

No faults found I do the same thing with logical structures especially in game you have to look for the flaw in it.

Why? Not every F2P game sells things that effect character damage/abilities. Some only do cosmetics, where nothing is rare. (I actually spend more in these games lol)

I wish Crossout was a F2P game like it was before BP’s. Before BP’s you could get anything in the game as a F2P player… even as a brand new F2P player. It felt like pay for variety, not pay to win.
The game is far from that.

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The new season , crafting again uses Trombones for crafting. How many extra crafting units from the ghosts of events past do you still have laying around? LOL This cow has done gone dry . No Mas !

Actually, I’m currently grinding out three trombones to sell, and have one more trombone workpiece after those are gone.

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The only F2P games that I’m aware of that only sell cosmetic items are much more popular than Crossout, and on a larger scale is much more feasible. I would love it if Crossout worked like that, but I fear that’s not a viable model unless you have a much bigger playerbase.

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Great ! Take advantage of it while you can. P.T Barnum said it best, “There’s a sucker born every minute” GLHF!

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It’s funny, I actually started working on them before finding out they were going to be an ingredient in this, so this is a really nice bonus for me.
I usually hoard the workpieces until a situation like this.
Going to use the profits to get another one of the legendary saws, to experiment with the new cerebus perk. I want to go hunting for hovers and gerrida spiders!

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