Lol, I remember attacking a tracked build from the rear with a melee build a little while ago, and after I started to chew through them I got stuck between the two tracks, and then they carried me around for a while, sticking out of their back end while their allies finished me off.
Very funny, wish I had grabbed video.

Personally, I find cannons much easier to play than melee.
I think a lot of people underestimate how much thinking you need to do to be successful at melee. Or maybe I just suck at melee, and keep playing it in hopes that I will someday learn.

and you prefer the ones that require the least amount thereof.

youre kind of a personification of crossout. just like in the other thread where you propose more p2w. crossout would do that too, if it was a person.

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Not at all. I play all weapon types.

And for the other part, I have no idea what your talking about.

Still, no matter how bad the fire-dog player is, they will always have an instant win against any build that goes lower than 80 KM (and is not a hover) no matter how skilled you are if your vehicle goes lower than 80 KM you are better off just exiting the battle as soon as you see a fire-dog…

It does not matter if you have 7000 cabin durability, 20000 total durability, the dig may even bump and ram into walls, miss you while you are stationary, but as soon as it touches you, you are dead, you will die in the next 4 seconds, unable to do anything about it, they have extremely durable for a “light” vehicle, yet they deal over 2000 damage per second, and your acelleration and maximum speed are reduced to nothing, so no way for escaping either…

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What PS will I find these borer plagues? 2499 to 6k? Cause I find this extremely hard to believe that it’s this bad. Does no one remember the spark harvester 6k platoons? Those were hard times, and that’s when I was working my way up the PS, topping out right in their sweet spot powerscore with no choice but to deal with them.

So what did I do? I put inner landing gear wheels with bumpers on all 360°, with triple vectors/spectres mounted in a V with the cab in the back and the guns on the sides lowered so all guns could shoot all angles (the side guns could shoot directly behind the growl cab). Then, I outdrove them, shooting backwards while navigating the map with map knowledge. Watch the radar religiously while doing all that and you could be damn near untouchable to them, save the occasional cloaked up sparkvester hitting you head on. But with proper hatchet placement, you could realiably deflect the blow with any angle sharper than say, 30°.

Something tells me all that would be even more effective against the borers. So, guess I’ll reinstall and see what the hubbubs all about. Maybe I’m wrong. If it works, I’ll post the build and hopefully maybe help some people out. The only caveat, is you have to be extremely dialed in. One slip and your dead. But you will have the upper hand if you can drive mistake-free.

Or maybe times have changed, and I’m a dinosaur from yesteryear with no clue of the beatdowns to come.

I’ll lyk xD

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No rare or blue parts have perks…that would make them “Special” lol

Played 5k for 15-20 games, only ran into one borer squad a few times. Definitely a healthy chunk of the people paying there are on borers, but I don’t see the blight that some people are mentioning. Seems pretty balanced. Most likely people getting railroaded and upset that they can be insta killed if they aren’t paying attention. The punishment fits the crime imo

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That was my experience at 5kPS too. Saw a few borer squads, and a handful of solo borer players, but I also saw more shotguns and lots of other types of builds.
I wouldn’t call it a plague, especially compared to the days when low/mid PS was dominated by sparkvesters.

Around exactly 5500-6500 PS there are teams of heavy borers triple-squishing any other build. You cant do anything about it on any map that is not crater. As soon as you have to turn to fleed, you are dead.
One can almost admire such kind of anal fixation.

I kinda agree with that, and think the melee resist of heavy frames should be bumped up to make them competitive against light frames.


I also agree that’s a good idea. Currently there aren’t a lot of circumstances where I use heavy frames, except for when I’m using small 1x4, 1x6, or 1x8 frames (the extra durability of heavy frames allows those parts to survive fire puddles and flamethrowers).



Sometimes boomsticks

Now borers

What’s next, tires? :rofl:

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tires with machine guns and flamethrowers in them, the faster you ride the faster they shoot xD
call them “the death spiral” :smiley:


We already have melee tires and grinders though. So… not so far from Leggo Movements with weapons in them.

All in all, borers never been a problem to me. I shoot them off while simply driving away from. Boomsticks are more dangerous.

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yes shotguns are more dangerous… oh wait you mean THOSE boomsticks xD
tbh yeah they are. in pve when i see a bot comming at me most of the time i cant shoot off the lances before they hit me. its frustrating because they are a weapon with stupidly low durability but half the time i cant even shoot them off with arbiters before they slap me in the face with them.

i seen people use melee in raids a few times and it shreds cars like lunatics. against others its a bit more difficult as they are more armored. but still i wouldnt use melee in raids cause it requires you to be up close and to chase down an opponent, plus enemies tend to love circling around you and shoving their bumpers up your tail pipe.

the one thing i can say for sure though is the bot borers are annoying as hell. i ALWAYS take them out before anything. once they shove their face into your tailpipe they wont stop till their dead. seriously you can drive in circles and theyll keep trying to shove their face up your rear the whole time. gives a whole new meaning to “pull your head out of your butt” xD
well in that case its theirs but still lol.

Every bot is annoying. If they chase you, they won’t care about your allies even if said allies ram them from all sides.

this is oddly true. they say bots randomly target people but it isnt true at all. in pve missions vs AI i seen all bots target 1 player several times, just completely ignoring everyone else in the process. its happened to me to, basically an 8 vs 1.
the weird part is in a raid, or sometimes in pve missions vs ai, i can shoot an enemy and they can be focused on someone else, but the instant my bullet nicks their armor they instantly focus fire on me even if my other team mate is focusing them down and shooting at them.

team mate is shooting enemy
enemy is focused on my team mate
i start shooting at the enemy
they immediately stop focusing my team mate and focus fire on me despite my team mate out damaging me at that point.

i dont know how the game mechanics function in here, its completely random at times. and also at times it just makes no sense.

Sometimes it happens with me. Some other times it doesn’t. Maybe bosses and levis can give some trouble, but the rest is cannon fodder.

Works just like it used to. This thing excels against melee and holds up just fine versus other 5k rides. The wedge ‘fix’ contact bug/feature is definitely an extra wrinkle that can screw you over, but I’ve literally drove away from multiple bastion borers that hit me broadside with little to no damage.

Side note: I specifically put the steering wheels in the rear to give it more turnability to maneuver around tight corners without getting hung up on them. 4 ST wheels would definitely be an option as well, but you lose a certain amount of maneuvering in tight cornering (ex.- Powerplant map). There’s a reason forklifts steer from the rear, and as a Certified Forklift Operator, I tend to be biased. xD

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I suspect part of bot behaviour is determined by whether their radar sees you. I’ve noticed that if I run a Doppler on some maps, allied bots get a lot more aggressive towards any enemy within range.
But if they have no radar and no teammates sending radar to them via radio, they just try to cap. They also seem to get confused when multiple enemies are in range, and usually focus on one, no matter what’s happening around them.