Bots with relic weapons

Playing at 4k, whos idea was it to put the orange relic weapons on bots there that rip everything apart?
Not many players have access to these weapons, and putting them on bots at 4k is just silly.


Silly is when devs put Punisher on bots and then tell players “you shouldn’t use X weapon on Y PS” :clown_face:


4K builds with relics are weak anyways.

The bot would be stronger with more lower PS weapons.

Tell that to the aimbot and wallhack bots on crossout that track players while cloaked. even tho they have no radar equipped.


Its simple, prioritize them.

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Bots are pretty much blind without radar, and many don’t run radars. But when they’re on a team with dopplers they suddenly get very smart.
Study bot behaviour closely and they’re not that hard to deal with. Biggest issue for me are the long range cannon/scorpion/toadfish bots, but if you keep to cover they aren’t so bad.

Yeah, I find the new bots to be a challenge now especially if they swarm you like sometimes they do or when they bullseye hit you across the map even on bumpy maps

Sometimes nowadays, every bot on the opposing team will have Scorpions. When this happens, just assume that the matchmaker is punishing you for winning too much.

It is an equalizer. Players often spam toxic metas that bots have no hope of fighting. Often times the bots are too stupid to stop driving and aim the weapon they are shooting.
Two times I was on fire with only double digits of durability left, but the bots wouldn’t stop driving while their cab halted their gun depression; enabling me to carefully survive and take them out.

You make a good point here, but enemy dopplers dont make them track and shoot cloaked players.

:crazy_face: bots dont need ‘radar’,they are bots programed to kill you…

‘i think the bots radar doesn’t need to be on the build,it’s just for looks’
they have auto radar…like car jacks…
if you strip their weps they go to cap…

It was quite a while ago that the bots got smarter about cloaks.
From what I can tell, if you are near them, they can “see” you the same way humans can see you a bit. And if you cloak while they are targeting you from afar, they’re able to make a good guess where you’re driving too (similarly to how they make pretty good guesses at where you’re going to be when their cannon shell actually reaches you).
Getting behind cover is still the best way to shake them, and even better if you cloak and get behind cover, in case someone is running a Doppler on the other team.

You are right it was awhile ago when i noticed this behaviour vs cloaked players, but still i think they should have radars equipped to balance the power score.

If they all had radars or detectors, they would be even more consistently strong.
Now I don’t mind that the bots are stronger now, but I still like them to be a bit dumber than me.

I dont think the bots use radars to track players tho, for almost half a decade it has been they track the guy they spotted first or the guy who did the most damage to them.
Ive seen bots aimbot shooting me from one corner of the map to the other, while there was no other player around, so i dont think they rely on the radar system designed for players and their minimap.
If they did rely on it, then why are there never any radar part on bots?


Maybe that is how you play the game Roughmonkey, Bitch, whine and cry.
But i dont generally go into the chat ingame.

I’m still pretty sure that’s all radar based.
I think that some bots have radars now, and of course the humans on their team are likely running radars and hopefully radios so they can share their radar data with the bots.
As far as across the map shots, all they need is a keen on their team to see you.

The reason I believe that bots rely on radar is that you can see how blind they get when there’s only one left and they’re not getting any radar signals from teammates. In those situations they only seem to be able to see you if you are close to them.

Unless your running Doppler - at some point in PS (not sure exactly where… 9k?) people just stop using radios and radars unless their weapons need it to work.