Boycotting Crossout because of fixed matches

I feel I have been categorized into a list of players that have little to no chance of winning pvp matches. Today I played 8 matches in pvp and was wiped in every one of them. This is not my first time having this issue. This happens constantly! I am not undergeared or using trash builds. HELL! Most of the time I am the last one standing on my team! I call it out in chat in game and the GMs mute me for it! Sick of this hypocritical garbage…


Everyone has losing streaks.
Sometimes you have winning streaks.

There are lots of theories why this happens, but we’re all just guessing.

I think it’s just a result of a low playerbase, and the difficulty of facing a good group on a team of random solo players.


i think its worse now for some strange reason,
what was an easy win after i degunned a few players,we end losing to 1 player you can’t de gun…
and yes most matches are losses,you can’t win them all/i know this.
but you can see most of these matches could of been won easy.
'trickery i say, it’s all just trickery :crazy_face:


If your call-outs are things like “Trash team” or “what a bunch of losers” or something to the same disparaging effect, then, yeah, you’re going to get muted for being a sore loser. You can also get muted for being a sore winner and toxic whiner.

As for the categorization, there’s these little Thumbs up & Thumbs Down buttons at the end of every battle. Use them to categorize yourself, or else other players will do it for you by using that system.

Thumbs up a match with players that you enjoy, thumbs down a match with players you dont like, and if you have a match with both types of players, don’t use it at all.


:thinking: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


It’s sad but you gotta just carry all the time, have a build that can get out alive, drop damage and repeat… it’s pretty much all I do and I know this pain


The dynamics of this game change often, sometimes dramatically, and if you’re not a whale it’s hard to have all your bases covered when the developers break some schit. Not all of us can just pick up a completely different play-style just because it’s in fashion, and then carry on business as usual. I don’t have the inventory for that, personally. In fact, it’s been a very long year for me, and I feel the OPs pain.

(REDACTED)…Jesus Rodriguez that was a wall of type. You’re welcome.

I always said that if you don’t follow any meta or use anything known for being OP (or at least rely on it) then you’ll have no problems when it comes to balance changes… and I haven’t needed to change my build or playstyle for 6 years.


I’ve enjoyed several of your videos. Speed kills, and a lot of the success I’ve experienced lately looks a lot like the success you’ve experienced more routinely…IDK if that’s true, or if it’s just advertising magic that makes it look like you always win, but whatever. I’m going to edit my videos the same way, simply because…duh? Of course.

I never get tired of seeing hover campers explode.

Point is, the hit and run tactic, relying mostly on driving fast, clever, and naked (that vid’s not a good example of that) was my go-to for wins too, rather than META Bricks or hovers, or whatever…until they nerfed the crap outta speed and wheels…turret rotation too. Then they doubled down on it and introduced a whole bunch of omnidirectional movement parts that buried me further.

It’s been demoralizing, and up until last night, when I figured out how this new Manitou cab works (it’s nice and fast), I have had very little reprieve from this years innovations to the game.

I do enjoy floating about in my copter, running copper patrol, and blissfully lobbing grenades on the new and improved terminators though…so there’s that.

I will still need my PVP fix.

The nerfing of speed has been a pain, being forced to use Phobos to make up for a 5km deficit in most cabs gets annoying… more so with new cabs being given 100-105km for no real reason?

My Aegis Fortune has been great, so much damage along with speed and protection all in one, then they gave Fortunes 360 rotation which is amazing as I love shooting dogs int he face when they chase me.

I do of course edit my vids to make things look good but to put some things into perspective - I need to first get all that footage. My latest Fortune montage was taken from 400 separate videos using Fortunes and I’ve not had them that long

I want to say I win about 80%+ of matches and I do take of my stats and here’s a good example of why I have such an ego - I can back it.

Here I keep note on my MVP% because I think it’s one of many few stats that matter -

This was for July 2023

If I now check my matches Played and MVPs they look like this:

I’ve not played much but since July I’ve gained a total of 1075 matches but also 487 MVP patches in that time… that’s a MVP rate of 45% and my overall is nearly 38%.

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Take into consideration that if you “call it out” a bit too much, people might not feel like trying as hard as they could or being as helpful as they could when they see you on the same team, especially if it happens enough times for them to remember your name

For example there is 1 extremely toxic player that I run into weekly, the kind who will go to instant toxicity the moment he dies, or some times straight up SD at the start of the match because last round people weren’t being as effective as he wanted to and now the matchmaker put the same people on the same team again and so on, and every time I see him on the team I start to feel a little whimsical and maybe I see said player rushing into the enemy expecting backup and I just happen to decide to go in the opposite direction, maybe I see said player being wedged by an enemy and instead of helping I shoot at another enemy instead of helping him, maybe I could go and jack his upside down build back up but I think that I need to instead go engage the enemy somewhere else rather than go help him

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Then they are just as weak as I assume. I tend to see my teammates as distractions more than anything… I weight up their usefulness as if on a scale - the more meta their build then the higher on the scale they might be usable but no one is ever to really be trusted or relied on… even as sad as that may sound.

I work around my team and rarely with them, yes I’ll help, flip and join fights but only if it’s not going to be a determent to myself - I must keep myself alive to clutch the match most games. I will not go to someone’s aid if it’s going to be my death, I’m not here to die alongside bad players but I’ll take advantage of their situation - I expect the same thing from my teammates as well, that’s just playing smart.

I had some matches at the start of the week… playing on Xbox EU at night gives 3v3 and 3 bots nearly every match and I kept running into a 3 stack of meta players. I was solo but won 4-5 in a row before swapping PS due to the matches getting stale - they then got placed on my team and all self-detonated but stayed in the match to watch… I just played like normal, we lost… I didn’t really care that much, making a full meta stack salty at an art build is it’s own reward… if a match is already thrown then it wasn’t a real match to begin with so I have no reason to care about it.

If solo players quit out on me then I’d be hard pressed to say their presence wouldn’t have made any difference in the match anyway, there are so many players so drop <100 score per match that being a player down makes no difference to me.

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Now I’m going to have to go gawk at my stats…and pine, probably. I’m not sure I’ve ever really gone through the patches with any purpose before. I’ve never given them much consideration. It seems like there are a lot of them and IDK what they mean, really…they’d make great stickers? IDK.

I’ll go check it out. Now I’m curious.

It’s good to see what weapon types people use the most…

I’m happy to not be a shotgun or drone user in the slightest…

patches don’t mean anything///for real,(MVP) is all patrol,we been through this in the old forum and we all said (just play to have fun). :saluting_face:

It’s a nice excuse for those who are insecure about their own patches, that’s for sure.

Who’s to say that someone with a low amount of patches is also not doing patrol? But they’re just that bad at it… It’s a pretty lame grasp at straws imo

I’d be all for a patrol stat like we have for clan wars, that would stop all of this nonsense

I’ve probably done a lot of shotguns, myself…and now drones too, because I sort of feel like throwing in the towel and not being as involved as I used to. Times are changing though, and it wasn’t always that way.

In the beginning I was into Machine-guns, but eventually much of PVP became dealing with face-huggers, and sporting machine guns didn’t feel very useful any more, and hit and run shotguns was where I went.

Then everything seemed to fall into a circular crap-fest of METAs I didn’t have or want, and I turned to drones to help me disengage from the give-a-schit. They win or they don’t, and IDGAF because I was in a cool car, but I wasn’t going to pretend there was anything I could do to make a difference, beyond dumping a bunch of cash into this game, and that just isn’t going to happen.

It’s not always so one way or the other, and I’ve had loads of fun periodically, but that does sum up my coping strategy for this game and it’s BS.

Right now? I’m not real sure where I’m at with this game. It’s sort of been re-invented now, and I’m trying different perspectives and new things (I’m liking the grenades).

This game’s “logic” has always sort of mystified me, as I’m often surprised at what works and what doesn’t. Lately, when it does work for me I have to say, it looks a lot like one of your videos…but at a much lower power-score. I don’t see me getting fused Retchers any time soon.

Speed kills.

i thought patches were cool when i first started this game.
but when i realized i can get them in any mode…‘well,there went that’ :crazy_face:
it ruined my competitiveness knowing i can just farm ‘MVP’ Badges in patrol among other things…
i just play to play now.just another game/take it or leave it :rofl:

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It’s a good excuse as I said, you don’t need to project anymore

um,your projecting… :saluting_face: :rofl:
‘twice now if we are counting’ :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: