*Brawls should be rotated every hour 🤗

how can anyone have fun with this time line?..




I don’t play Brawls much… BUT I might if it was something I wanted to do.

I can only see advantages in swapping them out faster.

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I honestly don’t play them because I never know when the ones I enjoy will be available… And I don’t plan my life around a video game’s schedule. :joy:

I’m with ya.

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where did the fun brawls go? :crazy_face:




Hi @all,
i have a question about the Brawls. Big black scorpion is my favorite. Since a few weeks I can’t find the BBS event.

Is this event still aviable. Is the a time line?

Thx for help

Greets from germany

why are we waiting until friday for a brawl?

why not start them monday?

now players only have 3 days to complete.
just lookin out for the players who don’t have time to complete challenges…
let’s keep brawls open 24/7 devs…thx

can we get some love Devs?
how can we complete this?..


without this?.. :crazy_face:
where did the brawl go? no brawl,no timer,nothing


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What he said… :point_up_2:t3: I rarely play brawls - not for any reasons other than I rarely know what a brawl actually is because there’s zero explanation, and they rotate so slowly, I haven’t really figured most of them out.

Untapped potential, here.