Broken mouse steering

Since you devs released this update [PC][PS][Xbox] Crossout: Frosbite Assault - News - Crossout

Changes in controls of tracks, Rolling-based movement parts and augers

For all tracks, rolling-based movement parts and augers:

Added the ability to quickly switch to rotation on these movement parts (previously it was only available after the vehicle had come to a complete stop). To do this, you need to completely release the gas key and press only the turn key. This edit will improve the maneuverability of these movement parts and make it possible to quickly change direction. Previously, in one form or another, this was available on all movement parts, except for tracks and rolling-based movement parts.
Reduced friction parameters. The change complements the mechanics of the quick switch to rotational movement, and makes it easier to push vehicles with these movement parts.
Increased the speed of rotation on the spot.
Improved suspension (similar to wheel suspension). Now travelling in cars with these movement parts should look more natural.

The mouse steering for omnis atoms and augurs have been seriously broken.
Can you guys revert them to the previous state plz because nobody is using them anymore since you devs broke them.

They’re punishing the metaslaves by making the game more realistic. Cannon buffs come next

mouse aiming is not broken, they just made it so that using these parts with mouse aim requires some minimal amount of skill

Yes, something we can agree on

Do you guys realize im posting a gameplay issue here that was not there before?

Came with the update, all friction parameters on all omnidirectional parts and tracks were reduced. This affects inertia while spinning. Deal with it.

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yes we realize that …

Keep the trolling to the general forum please, and not the bug report forum where players message the devs.

if even mouse aim is too hard for you now then either learn it or go back to sleep.