Buff Buggy wheels

Hermit (medium wheel)
PS 190
Mass 110

Buggy wheel (light wheel)
PS 250
Mass 116

I’m pretty sure you can see where I’m going with this. The light epic wheel should probably not be heavier and more expensive than the medium epic wheel. It’s been left untouched since its introduction… Now might be a good moment to finally make it relevant.

I think it’s also worth mentionning, the heaviest light wheel besides the Buggy wheel weights… 50 kgs.


Hermits had OP stats since they got added. They tank like crazy for how much tonnage they give and how fast they are.


So buggy wheels should be nerfed then?

I said nothing about Hermits not being too strong. I personally believe they should take a very slight nerf, at least to their PS value.
Still won’t make Buggy wheels good. This topic is about an underperforming movement part, you have plenty other threads which would be more relevant to spam with your nerf urges.

All buggy wheels need is a mass reduction.
I suspect they were never meant to be that heavy, and somehow the mistake never got fixed.
Personally, even though the stats aren’t great, I still love them. Works great with oppressor or seal.

How’d you guess I want them nerfed? They could use a powerscore reduction because its too high but otherwise they are a good wheel compared to special wheels. The Hermits could use a nerf though.


“ml200s are overpowered”

also, nerfing good movement parts will never make bad movement parts any better.

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I said Bigrams stupid, thats what I’ve been saying. Stop maliciously misrepresenting what I say.


yes, but you said that if hovers, bigrams, and wheels were removed ML200s would be “overpowered”

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It does seem weird that Hermits are lighter than Buggy Wheels. I think the best thing to do is to lower their mass.

Don’t bother with him. His arguments have a lot of fallacies.



And what is that supposed to mean?

Listen here, kids. We’re 11 answers deep and maybe 2 are on topic. Now, you talk about the god damn Buggy wheels or I hurricane kick the snot out of you all. :japanese_goblin:


Okay, other than the obvious Mass of Buggy wheels. I think the wheel needs a different perk. The perk would be better suited for a slower movement part. I think only light cabins would use Buggy wheel, and they don’t have trouble reaching speed requirement for Lances, Oppressor, or Radiators.

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The reason is because you can backup and go super fast quickly with them so its great to dodge things with them.

I can agree with that. The fact their main use is to allow cockpit builds and shotgunners to have the booster/seal bonus at low speed is… :pensive: I dunno what to do with it.
Anyway, I think we’ll have to do with this perk now, but yeah, not the best perk choice from Targem for light wheels xD

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Buggy wheels with oppressor make oppressor’s perk much more useful, as it kicks in at pretty low speeds if you only use buggy wheels.
Try the combo with turret cannons or ACs, and you might be pleasantly surprised. If you put a seal in your AC build, you’re buffing both rotation speed and cooling at low speeds, which can greatly improve your effectiveness against close range enemies.

They are more useful than people realize, but they can definitely use a buff.


Another idea is lower the power reduction penalty.



Buggy wheels reduced mass when? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes please, these wheels do need a buff.

No one uses them