Buff the special cabs

Title. They’re garbage. Give me one reason why they shouldn’t be buffed


Because nobody is using them and PS difference doesnt justify using them. If you make them any better, Epic cabs will become unnecessary.
As it is you have Growl and Trucker as rare for PS up to 8k and then you switch to Epic cabin with specific perks. For some parts special is not really existing - like next stage after rare wasp is epic cricket (locust cant be built). Or e.g. special targeting module was added just this season - it was horizon->neutrino before without special parts.
Special cabins are just parts for epic cabs.

If you make them any better, Epic cabs will become unnecessary.

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How? What would make special cabs better than epic cabs at every PS if they didn’t suck?

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The main difference from rare to epic is perk. Than Energy and at last some tonnage/mass limit. If you dont include the perk, special will not outperform rare for given PS increase.
At low PS tonnage/mass is not as valuable as more energy for weapons. DPS/Durability ratio is pretty hard to increase at low PS.
So if you give Bat 12 energy over growls 11 - growl or harpy becomes useless. You will just cannibalize people who are using given cabin for energy, without perk bonus.
If you give special cabin a perk it will compete with Epic directly.
We have 2 tiers now - rare for basic and epic for meta (where perk+codriver support your build).
Where should special fit? Just generic mass/tonnage/energy or supporting specific builds?

It should fit in a place between rares and epics, with stats and PS that make sense when compared to other cabs?

And no, Harpy isn’t going to be useless if tomorrow Bat gets 12 energy (something I did not suggest). That perk alone is worth 500 PS with the appropriate weapons, the better stats (including a solid +50% power) are just the icing on the cake.

I think the only way for that to happen is if rare cabins got nerfed (One specific cabin). Only then will special be used before the switch to epic.
And while it’s true that the Trucker is the low PS meta (with Bastion), it’s JUST with melee… So it’s Melee weapon at fault… Once Melee are somehow nerfed (and they probably will be in the near/far future), Trucker will be back to that idle state of not being used.
So, while it’s true the Trucker is used a lot a the moment, it is only Growl that NEEDS to be nerfed…
Best energy, speed, and ease of building (small squared cabin). It simply outperforms ANY cabin in low PS, including epic, which are too high PS to be in low bracket games.

As long as there is Growl, special cabins have no place in this game.

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I’ve asked about the same topic before, but developers haven’t seen it or turned a blind eye, even if there’s no reason not to do this

Question is - what do you nerf on it? Energy? Than Wyvern wins the spot at same energy.
Tonnage/Mass limit maybe? At least if would discourage melee growls - but hit&run shotgun/piercer/boom builds would persist. Problem ist that generators are low PS - adding engine+gen to a rare cabin almost moves it to special properties at slightly lower PS.

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Exactly. And yet not… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Wyvern will have better tonnage, but Growl is faster. Growl also is a bit better for building because of it’s rectangular shape.

But, even IF Wyvern would win in all categories, having 1 cabin being better than some other is ok, IF it sets all the Special cabins in better spot.
We will always have a scenario where this cabin is better than that… Like Bear and Jockey scenario… Same energy, but one is better than the other in certain categories. But neither is better than an 11 energy special cabin with good tonnage.

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This is a valid argument. But it will break majority of builds below 7k so I dont expect it to happen. It is just psychologically bad. So most likely Special cabins could be slightly buffed.

I am not worried about it… It’s a building game… We are supposed to adapt builds and make new ones.
I know many people are put off by the idea their favorite build might have to be changed, but it IS Crossout - CRAFT, ride, destroy…
Any build favoring Growl and Growl only being changed in the low PS, I’d call it a win for the game in the long run.

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Pretty much you jump from rare to epic cabins.

These cabins are currently just a waste of space.

Something should be done.


You did see the outcry about codrivers change and how many people in this forum are crying blood about having to change the shotgun-wedge build they have been driving since 700 B.C.? I do agree with your idea, I just dont think it will be possible to push it past the loud minority. XO as any toxic swamp is mostly tinted by unholy screams of entitled and lamentations of whales.

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With the current data, it is relatively reasonable for bat to become 12 electricity


The special cabins should have perks. They have rare counterparts in the tech tree. The game’s inconsistency can be infuriating at times.

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But we all know what they will be, weaker versions of epics which is lazy and bad balancing.

The special cabins are fine as is, they are completely overshadowed by epics but are just good enough to be a good transition from rare cabins to epics.

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If they are good, then why does no one use them at any Power-Score then?

I think they should have perks as well but I don’t really think the lines are quite right in cabs to start with, so I can at least understand why they might not have them. Not everything in the other cab lines have a similar perk either which is unlike the weapons, so I can’t really agree they would just get a weaker version if they were given some.

The Bat has been bad since they changed it to a light cab, Pilgrim was never that great to start with, and the PS increase to jawbreaker never did it any favors but people use to use that cab often. I haven’t used any of them since they made the change and it’s not because I picked up more epic cabs.

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In my opinion, they have as much energy as blue cabins and they do not have any advantage to give a real advantage over the blue cab and they have a much bigger power score, there are only 3 such cabins so you can come up with delicate bonuses or reduce their power score a bit so that someone decides take, for example, a bat not a growl

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I think all the specials could use some kind of buff, but we don’t need to go overboard.

My preference would be a stat buff. More speed for bat, more tonnage and/or durability for others.
If not that, then another point of energy.
I don’t think they need perks. Would take away from epic cabins, and make things overly complicated.