Calculation of the “confrontation” rating


There have been a lot of new elements added to the game lately, and one of them is the “Confrontation” rating system. Of course, such an important innovation couldn’t go unnoticed, and you have often asked us how exactly the rating is calculated. “Why does my best battle get less rating than a mediocre one?” — we have received a lot of questions like this in the comments on our social media platforms.

Today, we’d like to clarify these discussions: to put it simply, the rating is calculated as your combat effectiveness per minute. But in order to understand all the details, let’s take a look at its formula:

Battle rating = battle outcome * (c1 * destruction + c2 * assist + c3 * parts + c4 * capture + c5 * destructions of the player) / battle time

As we can see, the calculation takes into account the following indicators:

  • The outcome of the battle: victory or defeat
  • Amount of enemies you destroyed
  • Number of times you assisted in destruction
  • Number of parts you destroyed on enemy vehicles
  • Amount of captured bases
  • Amount of times your car was destroyed
  • Time of battle in minutes

These indicators have their own weight, which is reflected by the c1, c2, c3, c4 and c5 coefficients. Note that the last one is negative — thus, the player’s destruction reduces the rating received for the battle. The coefficient values are individual for each mode: missions, “Confrontation” and Clan wars.

As you can see, victory in a battle works as an increasing coefficient for points already scored in the battle, and not as an absolute bonus.

The time of battle has a minimum value equal to 1 minute. That means that even if the battle ended faster, the time will still be calculated with this value.

In addition, the full duration of the battle is taken as time — even if your vehicle was destroyed before the end of the battle. We’d like to note that in the Clan wars mode, the sum of the time of all battle rounds is considered for this indicator. It’s also worth noting that during such a battle you can be destroyed more than once.

The rating essentially reflects the concentration of useful player actions per unit of time. It’s up to you to decide what kind of strategy suits you best: saving your durability points and consistently dealing damage until the very end of the battle, or dealing a huge one-time damage and then going to observers!

We are still actively collecting data on the new system and carefully studying your feedback, so be sure to share your opinion!

That’s all for today. We hope you found this article helpful, and we’ll see you in the “Confrontation” mode!


Just remembering people who posted “just read the notes” when some of us pointed out that confrontation rating didn’t seem to just be score-based.


Besides the time bonus it is all score based. (I.e. all the normal things you would do in PvP missions match to make score)

So if people were doing well they wouldn’t even think to question it because they have great scores.

Also (from my personal experience) most confrontation games are under 1:30min - and since they have a 1min. Minimum - someone doing well in this mode would not notice a time bonus or point reduction for long games.

On a side note:
I have started a new account on a new platform recently and was able to get Confrontation scores over 1400pt in a single round in the first day of my account being active (within 4-6hr) and Only using blue and teal guns with noob armor. I didn’t even finish the tutorial quest line before I had joined a clan and started playing Confrontation 4vs4. These guys getting low scores are just shocked that once they are in a competitive mode they realize they don’t play that well and they automatically think it has to be something wrong with the score mechanic. Then you have the guys that do play well and were like “what are you talking about? I score just fine.”


Do you think that having the point formula is going to make the people that are confused any less confused to why they score low?

Properly not. (I’m sure it’s some excuse about relics or legendary items or META builds or whatever else)

And even with this info, I have a good feeling they will still score the same that they do now.

I still don’t see the issue of saying read the notes as it was the only solid info they gave us. I even said it probably had to be some ratio based on the numbers already provided since redoing scoring completely would just be a duplication of previous coding efforts and making more spaghetti code. The negative coefficient they added at the end of the calculation would have made it nearly impossible to solve out a solution from just data collection though as the match time is only mentioned briefly on one of the pages and not directly relating to any score out.

It’s good they published more on it though.

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This is the disconnect. I never said I was getting low scores. I stated “It doesn’t make sense that I can score higher yet score less.”

I have figured out it doesn’t matter how it’s scored, I’m going to play anyway.


For me it was the opposite: my match scores didn’t seem very high, but my confrontation rating scores were high, and I couldn’t figure out why.


Pretty stupid having capture points count so poorly and on top of that because capturing a base section takes 30 seconds then the battle time will be longer and cause lower scores. So, playing to win is a waste of time. Playing smart and using the full five minutes would reward more Resources while reducing your Rating because the victory took too much time. Playing smart should be rewarded in your rating and your resources! Instead, racing in, doing your damage and hope you win rewards a higher rating.