Cannot queue for Scrap below 4k PS

Does anyone have any idea why I have infinite queue times below 4k PS? Started happening around 3 or 4 days ago, I can queue for scrap above 4k, I can do raids just fine, but nothing at lower PS.

If I’m not wrong, because thats one (if not the lowest) of the lowest ps bracket in term of player count. I know people do hang in low ps as well usually not that low its usually 5-8k ps. 4k and under you get longer queues because almost no one is playing at that ps.

Before a few days ago, I was having instant queues at that power score almost all the time. Something changed 3 days ago and I do not understand why. I have a clanmate/friend that can still queue instantly at that PS, but when I’m in the party or I go solo, I cant queue at all.

lots of time you need to requeue (reset)at 1minute 30 seconds,if not you could stay there for 10minutes.
its just a good thing to reQ around 1minute 30 seconds and see if that helps,that’s what we do.and thats for all ps scores…hope that helps…i did for us…

Unfortunately this does not help. Thank you though.

I was told, and it appears to be true, that once you hit level 30 the matchmaker pushes you from the beginner’s lobby and into general population with crueler villains. If you just hit level 30 Engineer’s, I suppose that could be the issue.
I’m guessing most players in gen-pop don’t play under 4K if they have a choice, and the matchmaker struggles to find matches when it’s slow.
Sometimes I get into a PVP match at power-scores under 4k, but usually it takes forever, ever since I hit level 30 Engineers.
I can still run raids all the way down to under 2K without long queues, but PVP has some sort of filter that won’t let me back in.
Matches over 7k go pretty quick and consistent for me.
The matchmaker also seems to hate my Boom-stick builds, and often benches them at around 5K too. I don’t know why.
Whatever the reason, I get it too. I assumed it was my Engineers level, as I was told.


Blame the seal clubbers.


This must be it. Thank you for the explanation! It’s unfortunate, but I can understand why it was designed this way.

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I bet if you switch servers types to Russia you will get in faster.

I think its a pity - you can buidl really fun jank-cars at 2k PS that are just fun to play (try <1k PS to see the limts of you creativity. And its techncialyl same experience - all major weapon groups work the same, just the numbers are lower.

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