Carjacks should cost energy again

There is no reason not to get your guns as high as possible now. It doesnt matter if you have an unstable bus for a build because you got a free carjack. Its not a problem getting wedged & flipped or pinned sideways because you can just carjack away now. CW builds used to require a low center of gravity for the stability, now they are 5k hp tophats with wheels. Cabins need to have their center of gravity move up as well because they all have their center of gravity located under their frames. The game makes itself too idiot proof in regard for vehicle stability.

these builds dont flip. a car jack is not remotely comparable to any other module unless they give it many special perks apart from flipping your car

Car jack should never have cost energy.
Things are good now.


If people want to drive aground in awkwardly tall roll-over hazard vehicles, and think the car-jack will save them, I wholeheartedly invite them to do so…I don’t want them on my team though.

It should never have cost one full energy but it needs to cost something other than a measly little bit of powerscore and mass. Making it cost nothing just removed another aspect of physics from the game that would have otherwise restricted absurd vehicles. There needs to be consequences for driving these massively powerful topheavy builds in stupid ways. Vehicle stability was a good and healthy balance restriction that is now completely and totally removed.

It does save them. They wont be flipped long enough for someone to drive around under them and pop their generator. Driving dumb up walls or sideways off ledges carries no consequence.
Shit like this cannot possibly happen ever again with free carjacks. Retards just want an easy game that can’t penalize them in any way without another player doing it. Then people wonder why the highest powerscores are dominated by 3 story tall speedturtles that are only vulnerable on the roof and under their wheels.

No, you are wrong.

For a long time now, it’s mostly the small fast cars that flip. I haven’t had a big one flip forever.

Anyway, if you think carjacks are OP at zero energy, remember that you lose power after using it.

But honestly, complaining about this is one of the funniest things you’ve complained about over the years, and you complain about a lot of things.

Carjacks should cost energy again

no,the players want free carjack,whats the big deal? can’t shoot fish in a barrel? lets just have fun. the bots do :rofl:

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You are aware that it takes away 50% engine power and speed for 5 seconds after usage now, right?

Also, the little lore description states that it’s powered off the engine now, to stop being reliant on generators.

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The opinion of a PvE main who never plays competitively is irrelevant. 5s of speed and power reduction is irrelevant because you are still mobile and on your wheels shooting the enemy and nobody is shooting frames.

i never use the junk

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Neither do I, I dont need to use it as a crutch because I consider build stability when building and driving.

i dont use it cuz i know every map so if im battling i know i wont crash or flip unlike ppl who dont use any brains

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An epic car-jack that cost 1 energy, launched you twice as high into the air, and operated on command (with a cool-down period, of course) would have my vote.

Buff car-jacks…I’m heading to the parts suggestion thread right now.

Yesterday I was trying to finish off a hover that I had immobilized with a Tachi build, and they kept timing their carjack jump perfectly every time I charged at them, hopping out of the way.
It was annoying, but I have to give them credit for managing to use it that way.

I still can’t believe anyone is seriously complaining that carjacks are OP. Then again, the same person thinks wheels are OP, and camera steering is OP, etc.

Anything anyone else uses is OP to some.


all it takes is not running into walls like a drunk driver. these tower vehicles dont flip otherwise. i dont see why try to nerf the poor car jack instead of actual dog builds


Someone in Bedlam said tracks and a single Starfall were OP after I destroyed their poorly made melee brick with the Cobra IV.

Kinda funny


“You are now incapable of outrunning your opponents but that doesn’t matter because you play PvE”

OK, have fun with melee/Retcher mains.

The reduction is massive, it reduces my Sportscar to 50kph for 5 seconds (can reach 120 in about six seconds, and 110 in about two), and that is a huge problem for vehicles that rely on speed to survive.

Also obliterates the Omni’s pushing power.

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“Trying to finish off a hover that you crippled” and they kept saving themselves from you with a carjack, a free module. You will sit there and defend dogs, fire, and bricks all day and then defend a free module enabling a crippled hover to sit there and jump over you completely voiding your weapons. You have zero sense for balance man.

Tipovers should be a problem that you have to mitigate with building and better driving, now its as simple as installing a free module and pressing a button and now physics arent a problem. Its been that way for years, the only people complaining about carjack costing energy were bad players who can’t either build or drive better. Now that we have twice as many energy points the carjack should cost half an energy point. Its really not that expensive, but players will have to choose between ignoring their bad driving and building skill or having an oculus/argus/whatever else.

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I dunno, to me that sounds like I’m a chill normal human who thinks it’s fair that someone can void my close range weapons by skillfully using a free energy module.
I also think it’s fine that someone can use melee weapons and kill me if they can catch me. I also think it’s fair if a scorpion player shoots me from across the map from cloak before I can defend myself.

Where is the contradiction?

The devs give us lots of tools, and we use them to the best of our abilities.
Some of us are willing to adapt to changes, and some of us go crying to the devs on the forum, expecting them to change their game to suit our particular tastes.

The only time you will catch me complaining about balance is when build diversity is being reduced too much. If any build is truly OP, eventually you start seeing too many matches where half the players are playing it.

What I don’t see as evidence of a balance problem is someone killing me (or avoiding being killed by me). All that means is that they were a better player than me, or they were running a good counter to my build, or they were lucky. If I am always having trouble against one type of build, that just means I need to improve my build.

Claiming that carjacks are OP either means you are relying on flipping your enemies too much, or you are just too fragile for the reality of Crossout. You’ve complained about a lot of dumb stuff over the years, but this is possibly the dumbest.

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