CatbugUK is intentionally pushing me every game

I have lots of screenshots and he does not even talk about what is the problem. He is constantly pushing W and Great emote

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Yeah there are players like that, for example there is one guy who will instantly start to repeatedly target me in Bedlam if we happen to be in the same room, all because a stray bullet hit his build in bedlam once like a few months ago.

Not much you can do but report and hope they do something. I think the reporting works in a way that once enough reports have been piling up people might look into something. Or then reporting does absolutely nothing, it sure feels that way lots of times.

Don’t know if blacklisting helps, I have a few people blacklisted but I have run into them in missions a few times none the less

Hello @87436465,

Please contact our Senior GM to report this behavior.
Here is how to do:

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