Caucasus on helis

If a Caucasus is mounted on a heli and the rotor is active, it should detonate with the same force as a Gasgen (per Cauc). I was playing PvP with some friends (for the first time in months), and a SINGLE Caucasus copter killed my entire team. (This was at 5k PS, I had an Arbiter and an Equalizer, I did literally nothing to him. The only points I got were from hitting someone else.)

This is a META I hate with a passion. You have NO idea.


And because of those crappy helicopters in a mad max game, Caucasus on the ground sucks big time.
You can’t even lock on a Heli with a ground build cause angles and range. e.g.
Even on the ground Caucasus loses lock with a bump in the map or a small hill, cause copters.
My opinion doesn’t count in the grand scheme of things, but i think this two modes are bipolarizing some weapons.
Fortunately, this two modes don’t cross over in PVP.
Why they don’t do specific weapons for either mode?
More money to be made this way, and they won’t piss off players of either mode
Caucasus is just one of other weapons in this same condition.
My next build i’ll go full Carmagedon mode.

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Caucs and Pyres/Hurricanes/Nests should just have reduced traverse speed/increased turning radius while a rotor is active on the build. Bam problem solved tyvm credits appreciated.

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I bought 3 caucs back in January and sold them a week later. You can’t mount them sideways or upside down, so I found them sorta limited for copter builds, both air-to-air and air-to-ground. Then again, the guy who nuked me 10 times straight with his copter/caucasus build, didn’t notice any shortcomings with the weapon. :unamused:

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They used to have 400 hp and did alot more damage :sweat_smile:


I have them for a couple of months now, and i use them less and less, Cyclones or AC-62s are used in their place more and more ( i have to build a proper build for them)

Shortcomings, right
I don’t know if you noticed ( you had them for a short time) but i’m gonna list them for you.

  • They are made of glass.

  • regardless of the type of radar, their range it’s limited to 100 m ( so, much lower than any other MG), which is a clear disadvantage in comparison to any other MG

  • They are close to Nests, a fly is sufficient to make them to lose lock on target, a team mate, a rock, debris. ( which pisses me off, cause, with any other weapon I don’t need to stop firing nor reposition myself, i just keep firing until my team mate get the memo to move out of the way, and they usually do)

  • they do little damage.

  • My build can out turn them, they are slower than Cyclones to turn

Newer ones ( ground to ground ).

  • Where before I could hit bots in extreme angles pointing downwards ( rock city, founders canyon), i could wedge bots and they used to keep firing at their belly, now i can’t. Shipyard map they are awful, always losing lock unless there’s a plain patch of earth.
    Yeah, i said bots, cause, i don’t do PVP or Patrol with them.

They target the cab, nothing else, in order to get them to shoot other things i often position myself behind the bot in question to make them dig into it, but you know what? any of my drones ( sidekicks/ Hawks) do a better job as long they are not being shot at.

What i can’t understand is why the devs didn’t do a copy/paste of certain weapons with different stats for the Heli mode.
As is a weapon can be night and day in ground and air combat, impossible to balance for both modes, if you balance for one, the others stays in shambles.


Now they are Bipolar at best, they are OP/UP at the same time

Tell that to the 1.2 second kill time for my unexplosive, 1.7k hp APC



Sorry man, but that’s impossible or you were in your last legs, or the Caucasus kill stole from somebody else, or you were missing crucial armour, a exposed gen, maybe?No way a full 1.7 k HP APC build ( with steppen and scavengers parts i assume) goes up in smoke in 1.2 seconds by a triple Caucasus.
Both my drone builds ( the lightest i have) hang on much more than that under Caucasus fire

It had no generator or ammo boxes.

Although I didn’t destroy any parts, and I had an Arbiter + Equalizer, so something is telling me it might not have been an honest player.

No scav parts, by the way.

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Heli mode is a joke lol

Some weak point in the frames? Once gone the all build fall apart? Exposed cab?
Can you upload your build?

No way a Caucasus outperform equalizer or Arbiter, even in open field.
they have got all the advantage in their side.

  • More DPS by far
  • More Range

Seems like I’m one of the few agreeing with you 100% on this.
I now decided to only fly heli in patrol because of this.

That what I thought. But turns out neither my sniper 2xWhirlWind build nor my 3xSpectre can reliably beat Caucasus meta. All that because it’s just too hard to aim in maneuverable air combat(I’m playing on PC and perfectly satisfied with my aim skill in ground battles)
And even though MGs with some effort can do the trick, playing them makes you loose to autocanon snipers as it requires to break quite some distance and rush at enemies to engage.
Heli pvp at 5k is broken too much to play. And grind slaves OP parties are more common there because of higher reward, at least ground battles are more free of them.

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There’s a reason why every air lobby from 5k to 9k is 4 cauc builds and 4 bots, and not 4 equas and 4 bots.

Honest opinion, Caucs should get back their firing angle on ground, but lose it, and a good chunk of traverse speed and/or optimal range, the moment they activate a rotor. Then everybody’s happy. Cauc ground players are happy, air battle players are happy, win/win situation.

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Marauder on the exhibition, just replace the double piercers with the above loadout. Yes, the cab is exposed, but that doesn’t change the fact that it has 1.7k HP.

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what are you saying? Caucasus is perfectly balanced ! look ! we ran a 4 player squad of thes yesterday and we did not lose fuel a single time in 30 games!
We even had a fitting color theme on our builds and made a ton of friends.
And everything in this game is so balanced ! fusion available for more damage , catalina for even more damage, finwhale for super speed and weapon dura… CMON it s working exactly as the devs intended: no skill , high price high reward.
we re not even doing this for the sake of farming , just so that this pile of garbage gets nerfed into oblivion.


Ks of dura don’t mean much if you don’t use the right parts in the right places.


Tell me,
it’s an art build?
In Which PS bracket do you want this build to stay?

I’ll give it a treatment of my own
i’ll contact you in a couple of days

Then lose the rotor and see how crappy those things are on the ground.

For a mission that i had to do - kill or help to destroy 10 helis i had to rely on a single Chord, and you know what?
It outperformed my 3 Caucasus by a country mile.

It was in 5k, this guy had a 3.5k or 4k build. Yes, while it looks good (art build, I guess), it has outperformed my entire team on many occasions, and has more MVPs under its belt than any of my other builds.

I don’t doubt that.

I would say it’s more than a art build, that thing has seats and with that degree on detail i found strange how you didn’t go for a V shaped hull. :slight_smile:

Anyways, i will see what i can do.

Most probably we will meet in that PS soon.

( you aren’t the only one making art builds)