Okay … enough is enough. You’re censoring of comments has gone beyond acceptable. Y’all screwed the game up and now censoring my post about things we would like to see in General discussion.?? How petty of you for flagging it. nothing lewd, rude or socially immoral or flaming another person re: bullying but yet you remove it. FINE! You’re house your rules. Done with the rubbish game never the less. Stick a fork in it I’m done.


Well this forum does have a couple of professional flaggers if you :stuck_out_tongue: their :boot: you should be fine, but if you don’t they make sure to spam flag your posts, one of them is on daily and comments on everything almost so I am getting used to my post being flagged


‘Well you know the roadrunner always wins’ :crazy_face:



As RuskIe said,

But Imo theres more than a couple, U can easly find who they’re by tracking some not flagged posts in most flagged threads.
You have to get used to it ,weak personalities can’t handle the truth most of the time, these are the times we live in right now.

Now wait to see my post flagged :rofl:


I don’t think he even reads the posts. He just flags them…when it comes to RuSkIeLaG anyway. The grudge is nonsensical, like the flagging itself. If he doesn’t like what RuSkIeLaG has to say, and finds everything he says to be offensive, just set the guy to “ignore,” for Christ’s sake. Leave the rest of us alone. Maybe I’d like to read what he has to say without the stupid mini-game. But like I said, I don’t think he even reads the posts, so it’s not like he’s “offended.” He’s just being an ass.

Sneaky people are necessarily liars too, so I have to wonder how full of schit this guy is, on top of being a petty narcissist with a juvenile grudge.

I bet if I went and looked around, I would find that WyleCoyote has now also “offended” the same person as RuSkIeLaG. I really don’t want to know.


Docs bored… :crazy_face:



Yes indeed.

I had a Dusk project going but I solved it. I bought some of those new Gerrida, but I realized I’m not very inspired to build anything with them, so I sold them. The only builds I have that work are META, and I get sick of that repetitive crap over and over. The build feature seems pointless, and has been reduced to “what color would you like to build your META?” So, ya…bored.


Again, just to clarify… I read flagged posts. Every single one of 'em.
The only thing that annoys me about the current flagger is that he’s not flagging anything particularly interesting.
At least flag something dramatic.
Don’t waste my time.

I have a very drama-free life.
If I come here for drama, un-flag something expecting some, then read someone’s completely normal and rational opinion, I’m pissed. :wink:


Is “General discussion” an in-game chat? If so, yeah, I wouldn’t advise people to pay attention to that chat.

Happy trails!


We seem to have a few alts here on the forum playing games.


That’s what I did to him, but he still looks at my posts as he’s replied to a few after being ignored, this is why I wish there was a flat-out block function, not this kid-glove crap they got

Probably as those who preach the loudest commit the biggest sins

I don’t know how someone can hold a grudge like this person can for such a petty reason too, I couldn’t put all that effort into a grudge for a petty reason!

Don’t read mine cause I had a post flagged/hidden and all I said was all my posts are being flagged/hidden :rofl:
That’s it !

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I have been noticing someone going back and flagging old threads too. Im pretty sure I know who that one is. You can see a pattern.

Another guy was just put on vacation a few days ago that was also spamming flags, so it should slow down a little.

We also have 3 or 4 accounts that pop in that are alts of people that have got a ban in the past.

We have a few members on the forum that where rather notorious with thier other profiles and I know for a fact who their alts are.


wily coyoty

I know. It’s Wyle E. Coyote.

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Doesnt matter what ppl say, actually I think :monkey: is one of the biggest flaggers here, it was proven a month ago. Theres a few more a so-called mutual admiration society who pat each other on the back in support of their own goofy ideas.

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Myself, if I see something I don’t want to read, I don’t. I am capable of moving to the next reply, I have a scroll button on my mouse. Sometimes there are valid nuggets of info in an otherwise horrid post.


Pro tip: real bros don’t have the snitch badge (^:


When was that? It’s not me.

We have a few guys that will even blame other people and they are the one doing the flags.

We have one of those guys posting in this thread right now (FYI: it’s not you or me :slight_smile: lol)

This is also not a thing that I know of.
To my understanding these guys like the goofy stuff, what they are doing is just having a conversation and enjoying themselves.

I want the freedom of any criticism towards the games. But unfortunately that’s not possible here. :alien:


Well, it seems pointless when you do it…I’m not really sure (maybe that’s not fair) because I have you on “ignore,” but if you’re not playing the game, why bother harassing the people who do? I think that’s the bigger issue. It’s probably fine to criticize the game, but harassing the people who play it, doesn’t make sense. It’s not their fault if the game is out of order.

Why not go harass the kids playing War Thunder? Maybe you do. IDK.


Can suspended accounts still flag posts?
If so, I suspect that may be happening. Either that or some alt accounts.
I know I haven’t been flagging anyone, and I don’t think many of the frequent posters are doing it either (with a couple possible exceptions).
You really have to cross some serious lines to provoke me to flag a post, and it’s only happened a few times.