Wouldnt chase be better if it was happening at 80+ kmh?
Yes, heavy and leg builds would be unable to participate, but at least it would have some energy of what was hinted at in the intro cinematic. As of now its low convoy speed makes it just sleep inducing.
Also because ultra-heavy works fine, one can fully ignore smaller convoy cars and just face-hug the convoy till it explodes, there is zero risk of dying.
Wouldnt a mode where you are forced to actually strap Kaiju on a Medium cabin (as shown in the picture) and split tasks in attacking and protecting be more fun?


That’s what I was saying since day one of this new ‘Chase’ …
It’s not a chase it’s a CRAWL…
It was supposed to be high speed… But instead we get this super slow crawling…

My pet three-legged turtle fell out of my trunk when we started the Chase raid yesterday…
When we got to the end of the raid, the turtle was already there waiting for me…

P.S. I like the raid, don’t get me wrong. But just as something different. Not as a chase, which it isn’t.

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but…you are still “chasing” it… :rofl:

I would call it more of “technical harassment” or “inappropriate touching of heavy transport”


I don’t think 80+kmh would be practical (just think of the size of the maps just to play 2 mins), but I would definitively like +5 kmh. RN with a maxed mass limit Kaiju build, I can catch up with the truck between shots :joy:

Another thing I’d like would be, more inspiration from shmups’ bosses. Patterned and telegraphed attacks, weak points, different phases…

Make it a serpentine? It only takes 2,6km which can easily be fit in under 6 loops on 500 meter wide map. So actually pretty easy.

the kaiju would be rather ineffective in a high speed chase due to it slowing the vehicle down to 40km/h when fully charged.

Technically… I guess…
Was at a friend’s place when I’ve tried to get him to come back into the the game. So he did a chase and there you are, in the group. You had 2 or 3 people with you who ware pretty low end, so ofc, the raid failed.
I admire that you fought, didn’t leave and even after 2 deaths said - Don’t buy the repair, not worth it -. Like - we did our best, but…
And you never blamed them for being low geared.
Respect for people like you. :+1:

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Like rk8 said. It can do loops. The truck is trying to shake you off. Why not… But definitely needs faster action… Remember droneapocalypse? Sure it’s a different thing, but chasing that truck felt so much faster and more action packed (I know it was because of players on both sides, but still).

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I love how in almost every game that has a sort of ‘boss’ punish you for face hugging or being near the boss and makes you learn a strategy, not in crossout though, they know people aren’t capable of anything other than ram and hold shoot lol

Prolly a cultural thing, strategy is for sissies, some cultures only want brute force and destruction :innocent:

Those other games have special abilities and terrain hazards that teach you to move, do things other than hug the boss…
But also have jumps, disengages, teleports, etc, for fast movement.
Fights are dynamic. You run up to a boss, hit a few times, he charges up an explosion, you jump a few meters backwards, run behind pillars to hide, run back in… etc… There is action!

Crossout is super slow. You either STAY in a spot at range, or you facehug…
How much time would it take for a car (NOT HOVER, those broke movement) to pull back, turn, drive away, move… Just doesen’t work in a game as slow as this…
Crossout IS basically world of tanks, just looks different. NO Dynamic… BAd physics too… Not even wall colission damage, and that is the same as playing an RPG without fall dmg… just meh…

That’s why I compare it to car fighting games that did have action and dynamic combat… Twisted metal and even more - Carmageddon, which had crazy fast driving and adrenalin would always pump.

Tbh I’m just a bit tired of the game being bias to close quarters and braindead gameplay; and no, cloaking to just close distance and ram someone isn’t some massive skill

Everything is so close quarters based I guess it just sucks that again the new ‘thing’ is just close quarter dominated

It’s to be expected in a game like this, but I agree fully… And it’s horrible.
I’m still playing machine guns, because I love them. But sometimes I wonder… Chipping away at armor and trying to hit the guns at a distance with all the spread, only to get some guy get close, and either shotgun salvo my guns off, or melee me down in seconds. (Unless I use tracks, but melee still stick to the sides)…

I expect a melee nerf some time soon.

I feel as cannons, rockets, crossbows and machine guns are the only balanced weapons. No easy kills because you simply approached someone. Takes a bit of chipping and shooting to do something (Except unguided rockets, but they are harder to aim). All of these be countered by fighting back, unlike melee that simply hugs you once and you die…

The logic is that melee (close range in general) has to be deadly because it needs to GET IN THERE. But this in general is an IN THERE game.
What would be the solution?

  • Nerf melee to make them as weak as Sidekicks/Fuses when they used to be OP and now are nerfed to being useless?
  • Or make long range weapons MUCH more powerful (at range, not up close, or they will just be used up close ofc) so that melee actually IS n danger when driving around? (But that can open a whole new can of problems)

The problem of this game is

you can easily break distance, but its hard AF to keep distance unless you are a hover. As soon as enemy touches you, you are pinned due to power drain. And because of this a Whirl can not be countered by Whirlwind for example. Shotguns are broken AF and so on. There is basiucally no mechanic to keep distance while making damage unless you are hover with a scoprion or similar. Facehugger builds work. And technically it snot even games fault.
Melees get fewer at higher PS, but not because of mechanics, for some reason same people play differently on higher PS and stay in groups.

They have been nerfed already - all it takes now is remove the f-ing “touch of crawl

As long as cloaking exists, you dont have a solution. But as mentioned - melees are 60% of cars at 5000 PS and basically non-existent above 7000 PS. Melee is already just broken, its not OP, its unbalanced.

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I’ve been using melee before the ‘wedge fix’ and it was always wayyy to easy. The moment I touch someone’s sides, I push forward and brake through his armor parts piece by piece. Wheels go off in 2 seconds. All I ever had to do is just approach them.

I rarely used cloaking. Only with lances. When I used active melee (Borrers, Saws, Druzbas, etc), I didn’t need a Chameleon. It was so easy to brake through a few little bullets and ram into someone. Most melee now at 5K-7K PS don’t use one either.

That is true, but I was referring to the balancing in terms of “make it hard to engage”. The easiest thing to do in a car is to ram somebody, thats why bad and drunk drivers create car-collisions. It comes very natural.

Yeah… But if you ever played Twisted metal, (and pretty sure you did, we all did)… Remember Hammerhead?
Anyway… This monster truck that can run over enemy cars for some good damage… But even then, playing Hammerhead, you would mostly shoot rockets, machine gun and so on… And usually get to run them over only once you freeze them…

So why does a melee specialist in that game use ranged more than melee?
Because that game is:

    1. Cars move fast (even though physics is really silly)
    1. Heavy firepower that messes you up in the open. If machine guns here did twice as much damage with little spread (Spread in Crossout is too much), then melee rushing through bullets to get you would risk loosing more than his hood ornament… But like I’ve said, too much damage on ranged weapons will brake other things.

It would be interesting if not just crossbows but all hits had impulse, so that diving into the bulletstorm would slow you down significantly. Though I dont see a solution to light-heavy cabin disparity here.
The problem with increased ranged damage is, it would just make an MG into the same meta as rapid fire MG. If its good at distance its good point-blank. There is a reason exeuctions are done by sniper rifles.
XO has a lot of skill based weapons nobody uses. Emilys are prime example - special tier but usable into the 6-7k PS. Expectaiton is probably that specific cancer-meta is countered by team play and skill, but it doesnt happen.
Same as in real life - stabbing somebody with a knife is much easier than convincing.

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