Chatmute Appeals

The moderation appeal thread is locked. What is the current proper appeal procedure?

Try reading it…

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I am surprised people actually get chatmuted, how does one pull it off?

On the PC I don’t think anyoen ever gets chat muted, one player a lot of people know never seems to be chatmuted even though they definitely rank up reports on insults and foul language

Bro spends time being toxic in chat and dm’s like it was a text based bedlam, many matches sitting completely still in spawn while engaged in messaging. And there are a bunch of these people diet version I remember by name now out of the sheer amount of times they’ve been going crazy in chat(s), but they never seem to get themselves muted

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You’re assuming appealing via PM wasn’t the first thing I did.

Two months and still hasn’t been read. HornOchse hasn’t been active since November 2022.

Only because all you said is it was locked. If he isn’t answering which sometimes he doesn’t. Try contacting one of the other forum ops or put a support ticket in. @HornOchse @Charlie9204_XO Where are you guys? I tagged Charlie for you he’s very nice.

Where i can make appeal against chat mute ?

Go into this section and look at the locked threads there are instructions in there:

I wrote to HornOche ,but there is no answer