CKS ideas

Glass Cannon: equipable by cannons like the fatman, executioner, mammoth, mastodon and others. it fires glass shells that explode and sparkle on impact. when being shot at the gun starts to chip away and sparkle. when destroyed it explodes in a shower of glass sparkling and twinkling.

Nuclear Fuze Drones: fuze drones with nuclear bombs strapped to them, when they explode they make a mushroom cloud. (or they can make this a legendary / relic version of the fuze drones)

Snow Cannon: fires snowballs and ice bullets at your enemies. explodes on hit with a shower of ice and sparkles. upon the cannon being destroyed it explodes into shards of ice and snowballs.

quasar snowball cannon: instead of a ball of energy its a massive snowball!

Sulfuric Ghost Flames: for the incinerator. this adds quite a bit of sulfur to the mix and it produces a very eerie blue glow when it burns. heated cars glow blue as well! works very well for lighting up dark maps.

Ice Cold Mandrake: who put liquid nitrogen in the mandrake? oh well, it fires ice bullets instead and upon hitting the ground makes some frozen puddles that have the same effect as the fire and makes clouds as it evaporates.

King Potato Mines: king land mines but they are explosive potatoes. EAT YOUR SPUDS!!

trombone: add a sound effect of a “bad joke” playing when all three fire. (joke idea)

avalanche: fires a giant bullet bill at people (joke idea)

all i got for now lol. wutcha all think?


I just want more wheel CKs.


im still in this camp…

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Yes, very.

I’d like some vintage hubcaps too. Nothing fancy like they tend to do. Just some baby-moons or something. I’m not keen on the spinning hubcaps or the holograms.

That’s the kind of stuff that might lure me into buying another battle pass. Fancy guns and cabs with perks, just doesn’t do it for me…that Manitou was damn pretty though, and I do like its perk.


Are all the hubcaps either spinners or holograms? I can’t think of any that just spin with the wheel like a normal hubcap.

I can’t either.

I want CKs for guns that have 0 CKs
Especially much so if they’re stuff that has been in the game since forever, like Quasars

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quasar snowball cannon? instead of a ball of energy its a massive snowball? :rofl:


Very yes, please. This game needs more fun stuff like that.

bigfoot wheels can be turned into oreos.
twin wheels can be turned into a long, giant soda can.
gun mount wheels can be turned into old fashioned wooden wheels.
apc wheels can be turned into stone wheels.
omnis can be turned into spinning middle fingers (joke)
hovers can be turned into middle fingers with fire coming out the bottom (joke)


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How about SIdekick Ravager CKs?


Might as well throw in a Unicorn CK. Applies to everything.

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Concerning the deco wheels, Having the ability to attach to the deco wheel to the same wheel tire combo re: The ability to make dual AG tires or other types . It would be more of a artsy thing, But still allow some minute amount of protection to the inner wheel tire assembly.

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Would be nice if they separated the rim and tire out.

I would love a CK that turns the large tractor tires into large racing tires. So I can have true proportion on my dragster without looking like I stole a tractor. (looks real XO though)


And CKs should also alter the color of shots on some weapons, like the energy weapons for example, the ravager one for the what was it plasma shooter golden rarity

disco energy balls? you shoot a quasar and its a disco ball of energy.
for plasma emitters like helios it can change colours like a rainbow or remain a stationary colour!

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With the new titan wheels, how about a ck that turns them into oil drums, or even porc drums (porcupine ammunition)

I have also wanted a shoe wheel ck for a long time now

preferably on some purple wheel so it’s usable in battle

Legs could have different faction CKs, like Gerrida is pretty ravager looking, while the Bigram and ML are more founders-looking, so how about a more founders-style gerrida and more ravager-style bigram and ml

Meat grinder could have a few CKs, like metallic spikes and blades attached to a metal cylinder rather than the screw, or a high tech energy screw

Some movement part CKs that change the whole thing rather than just the shape of the tire like on the bigfoot, how about a full metal bigfoot? Does not make sense but could look very cool. Or a medieval style wood wheel bigfoot. Something more than just alternate tire shape, movement part CKs feel very lackluster, only ck that stands out is the candy canes one for the shiv, other than that it’s just slightly different tire shape or shinier metal on the track

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Yes, we need an Insane Clown Posse faction (Twisted Metal?) that presents us with gag features, CKs, weapons, and modules, like a hand buzzer melee weapon, a catapult that throws toxic cream pies, exhaust pipes that spout bubbles rather than smoke, foolishly bouncy melee resistant wheels, an epic car-jack that activates on command and goes “BOING!” when it does, a cannon that looks like a big potato chip can that launches mechanical snakes that chase your victims down and crawl into their car and explode, a bubble gum weapon that makes enemy tires sticky and slow, and an engine that sounds like this:

…because sometimes this game is too stupid to take seriously.

Also, a circus map with rides, like a ferris wheel and a roller-coaster…and a bumper-car cab, or bumper that causes melee to bounce off it ridiculously.

We need more CKs for movement parts of all kinds.

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