Clan Message Board 😘

How about a ‘Clan Message Board’ for clan members to post their thoughts and messages ?
‘Clan News’ is not a place for that and should only be locked for the Clan Leader,and the devs still didn’t fix how fast it blanks out when you type at any speed… fix please devs :slight_smile: thx

In the last clan I was part of, we just had a group chat going for that.
In the recent clan I started, none of us are interested in talking to each other much, so I just have separate private chats with the members that are social.
For the most part, we all just do what we like and collect the badges.

but if we had a message board for clan members,they can post ie: things that work better in cc for players, that are not online at the moment ect. i just think a separate board for them to write on would be very useful.
i don’t mind them writing in clan news.
''But what is happening when they do it blanks out and deletes everything thats been written.even their message,so they give up trying to write anything and now it’s just a blank board. the devs need to fix this… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Poony, do yall do the invasion challenges? If so, how many of ya are there?
We do all of the CW challenges but need people to help with invasion.

We have a few people who seem to mostly do PVE, so those ones usually get done.
Our issue is getting enough kills in confrontation, as not many are playing that.
We don’t generally get higher than the renowned rating.

How many active guys ya got? Yall may be able to join us in a symbiotic move.

We’re usually at the full 20, but people are coming and going on a weekly basis.
I like the idea, but I also don’t communicate with enough of our members to coordinate something like that.
How many people do you have?

If you’re not talking about that many active players, I could kick a bunch of our less active players, and hand control over to one of your more active players. I don’t really want to be in charge of a clan anyway.

wait till this guy finds out about discord… or any communication app


and wait till he will find out he can even use Discord bots with events where people click to assign at CW or other events, or voice chat, or sending images/videos easly, or auto-notifications, or other things.
Or even creating polls lol.

But noo… he will just use game message board.

example of cw bot:

But ye, some people just cant organise clan.