Clan Wars is a JOKE

Hello, me and bunch of guys have decided to participate in uranium ranked batlles (clan wars).

We 've decided not to go too far with out PS stack, as IT ALLOWS TO PLAY FROM 6000 PS.

The result you can see here, screenshotted, we have got matched vs fully armoured 15k stack, what means automatical defeat, which means that this game mode is unplayable.

It needs some fix or rework.

But on many point of view, there shall be :
(the idea is raw but it contains blueprint from vast famous sports game, tested by milleniums)

LIGHT LEAGUE (4 000 - 6 000)
MEDIUM LEAGUE (6 000 - 8 000)
HEAVY LEAGUE (8 000 - 10 000)


That’s pretty bad. Not fun.


Now that we have confrontation maybe they need to increase the minimum to set a more realistic expectation of what clan wars PS is like really.

Because confrontation ends at 9k then maybe clans should start at 9k-10k.

I know you have your “ultra-heavy” set to 10k - but in its current Meta I would say that 14k+/- is the bottom of clan wars PS no mater what the mode says you can bring to the battle.

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It doesnt work like that bud, clan wars is based on points you actually have and league you belong to, power score has nothing to do with it.

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My suggestion is not to fix it at a maximum of 9000 ps, but one of many ps, and then change it every day.

‘or just fix the Matchmaker’

'or make all clan wars 12k + ps

this whole game is junk at this point,why login just to chase your tail?


I’ve said similar a number of times. Though I used the boxing weights for the league names.

Confrontation should probably be split into smaller groups too. I had a number of matches where I was matched up with people at 5k vs 9k which is kind of a one sized fight too. The leagues should be fairly tight until you get to the last one.

That’s pretty much where I’d think it was from looking at exhibition builds.

I think we’re aware that it doesn’t currently work like that.

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But that’s the idea. You fight with whatever best gear you have. Relics. If you don’t have them - buy for… how much hundred dollars?
Or grind for year or few.
Otherwise who would need them relics. That’s their tool for milking whales.

Idc what you know and not, I didnt wrote to you, your answer is not needed in this regard.
Thank you :love_you_gesture:

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Agree with OP…CW lack of matching PS is a total joke. That’s why when it’s close to starting, I log out so nobody can ask me to join in.


Hope I didn’t go to far out…




I disagree. Epic and legendary builds can both be below 14k. No CW build should be below 10k though. The min should start at 9001.

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Agree, as I said above. (Quote below for fast reference)

Clan Wars is in a terrible spot. The lack of players is causing the MM to pit 6k builds against 15K.

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Even when it was more popular it still use to match people like that. That’s one of the reasons I never bothered past 6 games of it. Long prior to the best of three conditions went into play.

Even with a good match maker it is still going to do this.

People just don’t play CWs at that low of a PS. So your options to match a team at a low PS are slim to none.

Raising the limit might help not confuse people as much.

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I doesnt work like that bud, clan wars is based on points you actually have and league you belong to, power score mm has nothing to do with it.

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But when there isn’t enough teams participating at a certain time. The MM does its best to match within a league and ratings, but the difference might be great.

Yeah, because they don’t like having their 6k cars getting stomped by 15K cars with fused legendary/relic items.

CW is from two problems that feed into each other:

  1. Lack of players
  2. Exorbitant costs

Most newer players would rather quit rather than spend hundred/thousands of dollars into this game.

Both of these explain the new weekly challenges.

The devs like the exorbitant costs because that’s money on their pockets.

The lack of CW players is what they were addressing… Or attempting to address with no regard as to whether the players who weren’t playing CW wanted it or not.

More CW = more money.

Continuing to attempt to compete just means encouraging the devs’ behavior.