Clan Wars Participation

This is based on a thread I made in the old Forum. I’ve been tracking the number of clans with 1 point in CW. The number of Clans that at least get 1 point is slowly decreasing. The first screenshot was taken in April and the second one was taken today.

It seems like fewer clans are participating in CW. It’s gonna get worse if something isn’t done. CW needs an overhaul. Newer players need incentives to play.


maybe for a win your team gets 1 uranium …instead of what it is now,(top scores and wait to get a reward)…
and keep it open 24 /7/365…
turn it into a clan Farming resources…
it would only be a clan perk…
but it won’t happen due to the little thing called making money…lol

Better rewards would be a great incentive. Maybe reward Uranium for a victory in Tin, and capping it at 10.

Keep clan wars open? Not yet. This game needs more players first.

This game needs casual players as well. Whales aren’t gonna spend money on game that nobody plays.

you can actually get a single uranium per win starting from bronze, but you are limited by 20 units each week.

Okay… Thank you for pointing that out. I already knew that…

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I think if they had different rewards.
RUST = Wires
TIN = Plastics
At least their is more reward for play


The limited time slots is mostly why I don’t bother with it.


Maybe Electronics as a reward in Tin and Plastic for Rust. Heck even Batteries and Wires for the respective leagues.

I don’t like them either, especially when there is a weekly reset. However, I think the timeslots are a necessary evil right now because if there weren’t dedicated times for CW, I think the CW mode would have extremely long cue times without them.

Hard to say as there’s no way to include a number for potential players that might try it in other currently unavailable timeslots. International games that cross time zones though tend to be able to support more slots though then games that don’t have that type of user structure. Noon to me is midnight in Singapore and vise versa.

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Maybe I’m just a little too scared of long queue times.

There’s ways around those too like setting up match requests lists that work with a lobby system. I.e. you mark that you’re currently looking for a match and it alerts you when someone accepts or goes into the lobby.


That’s a great idea. Thanks for mentioning that.

Update 7/3/2022. 617 participating clans, down 15 from last time. I don’t like the look of this.

look at it this way…
if cw was on right now,how many clan members in your clan are on right now? and that have cw builds?
and have time to play cw in these time slots?
cw needs a rework.a compile of ideas would be helpful…

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Change CW reward to work like this:

Victories against bronze = you get ura
Victories against tin- = you don’t get ura

This way low bronze will stop leeching of high tin in unfair matches, leading to less tin players, leading to more tin vs bronze matches.

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Thats hugely unfair to people in the bottom half of bronze as you dont get to chose who you battle. You could battle teams 20 points lower and get no Uranium.

That’s better than being hugely unfair to Tin players like the current system, who pretty much play teams that earn ura 1/2 the time because nobody in low tin or rust plays past the 5 victories/week lol. The current system that’s been killing CW participation since ages.

So, I’ve given it Clebardman’s idea some thought, I agree with the first point. If you’re a team in Tin and you beat a clan in Bronze, you should get uranium. I’m gonna have to agree with NZchazman for the second part, players don’t get to choose who they face.
While there are some scummy teams that will purposely derank to earn more Uranium, I think the bigger problem is the crappy MM for the leagues. There aren’t enough players for the Leagues and MM to work properly.
Players who worked very hard to get to Bronze might quit if they don’t get the reward that was promised. Teams quitting the CW (and the game) is the last thing we need.

An idea that might bring in new players is better rewards for lower tiers. Maybe Plastic and Electronics for Rust and Tin respectively. It might devalue the resources, but this game’s grind is excessive.

Some of the biggest problems in the game is the increased cost of CW worthy cars and the game’s business model itself.

CW has more exepensive due to a few things: 3 Blueprints per CW match, Leviathans, and power creep.

The biggest problem is the game’s business model. This game is infamous for its grind. A real life friend of my mine quit the game after an hour of playing it. After multiple bad expiriences, people will quit the game, and warn others not to touch it. With less people playing the game, there won’t be as many people to try CW.

The game’s battlepasses seem to care more about short term profit rather than long term player retention. The battle passes are only avalible for a few months to complete before they’re gone. This is unfriendly to the newer players who will have a more difficult time to obtain certain items.

Sorry about the long text, I’m bad at expressing my thoughts.

TL/DR: A number of issues are affecting CW player retention. These issues are rising costs, lack of players, and the game’s business model.

When crossplay arrives, it will help keep the Matches close to each others place so its a short term problems for now i hope.

I think the power creep is largely due to players have been in the game longer. After a few years, players will have a good inventory so there will be more high tier items in the game. I think its just natural progression really.

I never wanted to play in clan wars, but then I decided to join the forums, play around in Bedlam, get to know the community a little, be more social with the playerbase and so on

And now I never, ever want to play in clan wars. Feels like I have saved myself from a lot of headache and actually made this game more enjoyable as a whole for myself