Clan Wars Participation

You did. Clan wars as it is is a dying game mode and it’s down to the clan wars players for the most, the devs for the rest.

Clan wars has far more problems than the business model. XO’s grind is heavily front loaded but while that could be improved with a better tutorial to get players learning faster and thus doing better at the start, clan wars still would be dying.

Clan wars needs to be burned to the ground and rebuilt from the ground up:

  1. Leagues need to do more than just define your uranium limit, they must be the most basic part of the clan wars MMing. Either reset every clan to step one for a fresh start or just accept that it’ll take time for the leagues to become fleshed out again.

  2. Remove having a choice of builds. This just raised the cost of entrance to clan wars. You use what you have, that

  3. Levi clan wars is retained but it is a clan wide choice whether the clan is playing in levi clan wars or regular clan wars. The clan has to choose.

  4. Clan wars moves to 6v6 at a minium, ideally it’d be an 8v8 mode. If this isn’t done, then alternatively in clan wars all items have different stats to reflect that clan war’s format is 4v4, not 6v6 or 8v8 (This could be shown with toggles.).

  5. Clans can have more maximum players in them, the new limit will be set at 50 players maximum.

  6. The reward for a win is 1 uranium is and 5 ranking points. A loss is no loss of uranium and -5 ranking points. There is no limit on uranium that can be gained.

  7. League based rewards will be handed out at the end of a season. A season is a period of 1 month in which clan wars is open constantly, depending on your rank everyone in the clan will be rewarded uranium with no requirement for playing in that season. Diamond will get 100 uranium, gold will get 85, silver 70, bronze 55, tin 40, rust 25, leather 0.

  8. Clans start out ranking in a leather league. They have to gain 25 points to get into rust.

  9. Clans have to pay a “maintenance fee”, this will be a 250 coin cost every month. If you don’t pay it, the clan will be dissolved. How it is paid doesn’t matter so long as it is paid by the clan and the payment will not be limited to 250, you could pay 750 coins to cover 3 months of the clan existing if you’re a clan leader and you don’t want the clan to dissolve while you take a break from the game.

All of these are aimed at 3 specific things:

  1. Fixing clan war’s rotting foundation. By laying a new foundation, the mode can be saved.

  2. Increase the supply of uranium. This is affect it’s price on the market but right now, relics are already cheaper to buy than craft.

  3. Reduce the toxicity in clan wars. Losing will matter not when the loss results in a standardized ranking point decrease and even a clan that doesn’t climb past rust will still end up with some uranium to make clan wars worth their time.

Your missing a good part of the game.

You do not have to be all hardcore to enjoy clan wars.

Even if you lose every game and are enjoying it with a group of friends laughing and joking around you still earn scrap.

Just think of it like playing 4 man PvP missions.

I think the only person that can ruin clan wars is yourself. It is only as competitive as you make it.

The funnier thing is, after you do it enough, you can get a group of guys on goof around builds and still do better then half the people out there.

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Gotta agree completely with RoughMonkey here. If it wasn’t for CW, I would have stopped playing this burning trainwreck of a game. Sometimes I notice after the Satursday evening session that I’m literally sitting on 0 PvP games of the week.
Some people have this weird impression that you can play anything in PvP, and have to play the same 3 builds in CW. Nothing could be less true. PvP is so polluted by tryhard builds, lack of teamplay and map awareness, and in general stupidity, that I just can’t have fun there anymore. Playing a bunch of random epic weapons for the lulz with friends who will watch my back if shit hits the fan? Playing around a strategy instead of rushing as fast as possible clockwise, every round, on every map? Sign me in

And I’ll have to agree with RoughMonkey again regarding performances. Yes, if you want to rank top 10 you’ll need 1 a tryhard team 2 tactical skills 3 mechanical skills and 4 tryhard builds. But anything goes below that. One of our clanmates is kinda negative when we see a bunch of fused scorp hovers, and it annoys me. Sure, we can’t do crap against 2 good hover scorps (no Flash). But if you’re in tin and face fused scorps, chances are they’ll be played like ass. I yeeted 2 hover scorps with my kaiju spider recently (was the only ranged build), that crap shouldn’t happen, but “4: tryhard builds” was pretty much the only thing they had going for them lmao.
And nowhere in PvP will you see a 12k PS team honking around a pinned, burning opponent in a 200k coins, 20k PS build lol.

Rust, Tin, Diamond, if you’re not having fun in CW you should reconsider how you use your free time (^%


When you let go of the idea that your performance depends on other players, XO suddenly becomes a much more fun game. Winning or losing in normal PVP in terms of reward is irrelevant anyway. CW might be fun if you’re still at the stage where you need ura for relics, but once you get past that stage or finally figured out that relics aren’t important to have fun at all, CW is an otherwise dull affair. I think most players play XO as an entertaining game to relax with. XO competition in the form of CW with schedule is so dull that most players drop out or don’t start at all. CW challenges are too minor to let game determine when you can play.

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What you’re saying is, log into game, press buttons without paying attention to the screen, call it a fun game. We’ll have to disagree there. If this game was supposed to be some hamster wheel for lemmings, it should have never went the team deathmatchs route. Just replace PvP with FFA crap and be done with it.

It’s a TD game, Imma play it like a TD game. Expecting basic teamplay and some form of situational awareness from people doesn’t seem like much. Sadly, because of the grind, poor rewards, and low incentive to do well, those very basic elements can only be found in CW.

No that wasn’t what I said. It was in response to what you said here:

You allow your fun to be influenced by other players that you actually know nothing about but give very condescending and negative qualifications because they have fun in a different way?

There you do it again but this time as an argument to show that in CW players play who do meet your standards?

It’s nice that you do enjoy CW, there’s no need to insult other players to make that clear.
About CW, don’t get me wrong, I usually have fun in XO but when I want to play something competitive I play other games instead of CW, I find it too limited and poorly implemented by schedule and idiotic limitless PS. I am not alone in this, CW is played by a limited and decreasing number of players. Unfortunately, XO is underdeveloped in that area.

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I started on older games that were unforgiving and required people to actually put some efforts. Not learning to use your minimap and team-killing/flashbanging your allies repeatedly in CS would result in you being kicked out of a server extremely fast. This isn’t toxicity, this is just how you learn to play and have fun with others in a team game.

I’ll grant it to you, the game simply does not incite players to learn anything. Start a game, score 40 pts, win or lose as fast as possible, rinse and repeat. But after three years, it gets tiring seeing people rush clockwise on every map without paying attention to anything that’s going on. Maybe I’m stupid to assume the fun in a team game is to play as a team, and that it’s basic courtesy to play as a team when you play a team game.

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why does everybody go left in every match?..this should be a new topic!..


is why i said this…
maybe for a win your team gets 1 uranium …instead of what it is now,(top scores and wait to get a reward)…
and keep it open 24 /7/365…
turn it into a clan Farming resources…
no ranking tin or crap…
just farm…it will keep players interested and want to join a clan…and want to stay in a game that rewards them…

Another thing to consider is that since Rust and Tin clans do not get 1 ura/win, another thing that happens is that lots of Rust/Tin players have no reason to play CW at all, since they capped their metal already.

I think a good idea would be to split the non-ura reward in three: 1/3 scrap, 1/3 cable, 1/3 batts. Increasing it a bit wouldn’t be a bad idea either :eyes:


Update: 7/10/22: 593 teams with points, down from 617 last week.
Sorry about not replying to you guys I’ve been taking a break from Crossout and I’ve couldn’t muster the energy to reply.

I’d like to apologize for taking so long to reply.

I think most of us can agree with these three points. The Clan Blueprints and Leviathans have increased the cost of CW.

That would increase Uranium for sure. Maybe 2 Uranium for a win?

That would make CW more chaotic for sure.

That is very interesting. I think it would offer more incentive for people to participate in CW.

Very interesting ideas. They sound solid to me.

Everyone seems to keep left in Eastern Quarter and Control Station-17. I can’t unsee this now.

I wouldn’t be opposed.

It’d be more than chaotic, it’d also be more balanced. Items balanced for 8v8 are not balanced for 4v4. So either change the format to 6v6 minimum or have separate stats for clan wars.

That’s the point of them. The idea of matching by leagues will suck at the start unless the clans are all reset to the bottom, that’s why this will give clans a reason to push up in the leagues and the extra uranium supply will allow new/low ranking clans to get caught up faster since you’re not only getting uranium from wins but also leagues but there is also a fee when it comes to clans that is in coins.

Neither am I.

What works for 8V8 may not work for 4v4. It would also make one person making a mistake less punishing. I am afraid that it would increase the effectiveness of Firedogs though.

Will that mean that there is a Clan Treasury as well? If so, maybe a clan Armory/Garage where players could donate items for other clanmates to use.

That’s my point. The vast majority of items are not balanced for 4v4, they’re balanced for 8v8. Firedogs and dogs in general are not as much of a problem in higher PS PvP, that’s because they’re in an 8v8 format.

I don’t want that because when there’s far more uranium available and being put on the market, there’ll be a lot more organic catch up that isn’t tied to being part of a clan. The vast majority of the cost of a relic is the uranium. The idea of increasing the amount of available uranium is to get more uranium into the market which will reduce the prices of relics even more than it already has over the years.

So how would the clans pay for the 250 coins each then?

i said this in an old post :crazy_face:

and at any givin day,they can get rid of uranium,because this is just a Video game…
and replace it with what? idk…but we need more farming like i said in another post,cw is crap for new ppl and clans…
i played better games that offer clan benefits which made it more fun and want to log into everyday… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Have a button to let anyone in the clan pay into the fee as part of the clan screen like in the market when you’re selling and buying. It wouldn’t be difficult to track a number.

Yet they haven’t.

Clan wars doesn’t need clan benefits or anything similar. It needs it’s foundation to be destroyed and a new one built on the ashes of the old.

Update: 7/17/22

I’m getting burnt out. I’m seriously considering just quitting XO in general.