Clan Wars: Perception is reality, what's yours?

This forum has all platforms mingling and talking about balance. The metas you see are different platform to platform, and league to league in CW (tin league doesn’t play like diamond league).

DISCLAIMER: The answers in this thread are probably going to vary greatly. If someone says, “Breakers are ruining clan wars, it’s all I ever play against,” don’t get butthurt and go off on a rant. Or do. Whatever. Moving on.

So what is YOUR* experience in CWs?

What platform are you on? What league does your clan frequent? What vehicles do you guys play (movement parts, weapons, etc.)? What is some really common compositions that you play against where you’re at in CW?

Tin/Bronze clan, I mostly play Humpback Kaiju Trombone on Bigrams (1st pick), then either a Cohort Whirls Cheetah wheeled brick against full melee, or a Varun Nova Bigram thing when I need to take the Doppler. What we play againsttends to vary. Some full banana teams, some hoverbois, some melee teams. The most common composition is probably hover scorp, hover porc double kap or Flash, and two random dogs (including Retchers). a couple months back, it was 11 dracos and a Flash on 4 Blights :skull:

Also Ermak bananas need to unexist :pensive:

There are also some clients you recognize because they really love some oddball weapon. JCDG still plays two WWs everytime I see him.

Im in a clan but we never do clan wars. Since we are in rust and its 0 fun going against 15000 ps or more vs our under 9000 ps builds.

Few times we did try we faced off vs diamond leauge somehow or it just glitched out and failed to load map.

I had a relatively short but intense experience with CWs lasting a couple weeks, and it was one of the reasons why I uninstalled the game for about a year. The entirety of Crossout is pay to win, regardless of what paid shills and stockholm syndrome-having scam victims would say, but nothing is as pay to win as CW. Even in the lowest league, relic spam teams are common place, and generally speaking, whoever has the most fused meta equipment (always buying it and using it from as soon as possible until it gets nerfed and replaced by something else by the time free players grind their way to it, a’la Kaiju), and relic weapons, wins. Exceptions occur, but they do not make the rule. Over all it’s a pretty disheartening and outright disgusting experience, but quite sobering too, regarding the game’s nature, in case someone didn’t get it from the more subtle hints.



I remember consistenlly bating full relic builds with epics only in CW none of those epics were fused, did not even have an apollo, nor spaced armor, but we constantly won against them…

There is a reason they are in rust…

If relics were so “Over-Powered” and “Pay-To-Win” why were they not in diamond then? But instead rotting in rust?

I remember consistenlly bating full relic builds with epics only in CW none of those epics were fused, did not even have an apollo, nor spaced armor, but we constantly won against them…

Cool and totally believable anecdote, bro, and it totally disproves the clearly visible, obvious, and obviously intended superiority of relic equipment, as well as that of the flavor of the day battlepass’ fused bullshit items. As for relics in the rust league, yes, there is a reason, every other league is chock full of relic teams as well, and some are more trash than others, and there is the occasional smurfing, too.


Sure Relics are good (I currently play top 30 CWs, used to play top 10 for 3 years) but there are many epic/legendary weapons that are as good or outclass relics.


Most relics are garbage as well, most epics are better than them…

Well… I’m not going to go that far.

But I do agree that SOME epics are top tier competitive, just like SOME legendaries and SOME relics are also top tier competitive.

Also the list of weapons at the top that are good change patch to patch.

But not many people have enough coins to change builds at a split second notice. But also many of us can. :wink:

The one thing that is 100% true is “You do not need relics to be competitive” - this has always been a truth.

Let us not forget that you ideally need 3 different builds, not just one. And don’t get me started on leviathans…


I’m in a PC clan where we mostly run wheeled MastoDON’Ts with some Breakers or the occational Firebug/Draco for support. We’re usually situated in the Bronze league. The competition there is over 90% S+M1 hovers or W+M1 facehuggers with virtually nothing in between. It’s been the same old and stale BS for years now.

Lots of players and clans there are getting so hard carried by various crutches and exploits it’s not even funny. Although there are some clans where I view the players there as actually competent and very dangerous to play against. CW made me hate all the legendary medium cabins that are all OP as heck and bring some serious power creep to the CW and the game in general. Did you know that the upgraded Hadron players got from the Battle Pass has its net mass limit only ~300kg below Echo or Ermak, but has +7km/h greater base speed and an extra point of energy? Combine that with the super heavy Masties and your “heavy” build gets about as much HP as your average CW hover. That is, unless you wanna be about as fast as manoeuverable as a brick.

I also have unfathomable hatred for Porcuckpine hovers now. After they nerfed the speed of my Echo, I put a Blight Draco in the build selection and it unironically deals with porcuckpine hovers better than the medium range Mastodon’t. I’ve got enough energy to run an Interceptor to shut off Cuckpkans and I usually kill the hover before its Flash has a chance to affect the cool-down time. Funny that the thing that was supposed to counter melees is a better counter to other ground builds, but melees still prevail.

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I have 0 experience in clan wars, but going by anything I hear about it, it just makes me not want to play it, not to mention I would have to find a clan, attempt at basic socializing, probably get into some cringey discord server for voice chat and then deal with varying levels of social drama while playing a stale meta vs meta mode for rewards that aren’t generally worth it outside maybe a crumble of uranium



You do earn twice as much scrap in it than pvp, regardless if it is a win or a loss…

some cringey discord

Oh my sweet summer child. The boomers who led the clan I was in made me download TeamSpeak. Oh, the horror. But on a more serious note, besides the pay to win cancer, the other thing that was pretty much unbearable was the constant pressure from the clan itself. I pretty much had to treat the game as a full time job, for their sake, and there was a constant, if usually unspoken, pressure to spend money on the game to advance faster. All this in a rust or at best tin league group.

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I’ll throw my hat in the ring.

PS4 top 10 clans mostly, top 5 most recently and at one point, the x-factor in a clan that went 1st, 2nd, 1st in it’s 3 weeks of existence (that only lasted 3 weeks due to me and another one of the clan members having an existing, unresolvable beef that scuttled it)

I drive a Punisher double bubble on wheels and have since forever at this point. I have a double punisher cockpit with 4x Hermes for fighting dogs. And I have a triple fused destructor-sabbath photon with my diagonal layout. (Some arse named cackerman would have you believe he pioneered the design)

What’s up there is mostly 2 ranged or aggressive hovers(alpha strike range or triple punisher, and bizarrely enough, triple locust hovers that eat dogs and spiders alive according to people I’ve talked to since I’ve been back), 2 dogs. Full dog/rush teams are always on the backburner for plenty of squads, if they are feeling vulnerable or trying to play round 2/3 rock, paper, scissors. Or 3 hover with 1 guard dog. Plenty of 2x porc hover squad with various combination of the other 2 (2x porc being the main emphasis in these comps), used to fight the rush squads and also my wheeled double bubble. (Xbox people, I look forward to spreading this toxic ride and it’s PTSD amongst you when the cross play comes xD, just have at least one or two guys with porcs and you’ll be ok).

Definitely some other prevalent and sometimes very effective rides, but that aren’t necessarily a themed comp (looking at you breaker sabbaths and flash boats).

Anyways, that’s what’s kicking around on top end PS4 CWs. Might be back and revise if there ends up being any other trends I’m not savvy to yet.

Edit: Full MG comps are definitely a thing since before and after I’ve been back. Mostly punisher hovers (ofc), but also vindicator spiders using averter to affect all 4 vindicators configured in a vertical line. This is mostly people who have event, god-rolled 4x vindicators as the spread reduction is significant. The configuration also let’s them pivot and tank alpha-strike without presenting their weapons as targets in 1v1s/times where the enemy is concentrated in one small arc (such as powerplant).

CW is the simplest mode with the most organized win trade system out there. Clans openly derank to get more uranium and it’s a WHOLE 4 TARGETS! Much wow, so hard, many difficult (ROFLMAO)

It’s full of people who think it’s the most impowtant mode… but then get their head handed to them when they go into normal PVP because they can’t handle focusing more than a single target, maybe 2, at a time. About that… clan WARS… yea… 4v4 is clan arena teams. Not WARS…

It’s no wonder that general participation in it isn’t all that high. Many of my fellow veterans see no reason to continue it now they’ve gotten the relics they wanted and it’s just a matter of trading wins, clan politics, and trying not to hurt the feelers of certain players in certain clans with certain members of staff in them.

That’s my overall outlook on CW. Useful to grab relics, but after that? 4v4 isn’t rocket science or even that varied… and the levi mode is interesting enough I suppose… but given you can just use skinners and kings and drag the levi to death… who cares?


If we ARE gonna go technical… It IS a war (or wars) between clans, that consists of small arena-like battles…
Not that I care about clan wars at all …

Pretty much have played clan wars exclusively since being able to get into the queue. Play on pc with a few thousand hours. I have 2 relics and usually at least 2 other sets of clan wars equipment. I have played at the very top level of clan wars and occasionally dropped to a lower silver clan for chill but I’m back at a relatively high level. My #1 weapon of choice now is varuns. Anyone complaining that cw is p2w is outright wrong. I have access to relics yet I chose to use purples. Some people seem to forget that they need to play with the intention of getting better rather than just wanting to nerf what you struggle against. Stop and look at what you are fighting from an unbiased perspective strategise and execute. There are maybe 30 clans in the game which are actually good. The rest are people playing off of a niche easy gimmick of which you can beat no matter what you are playing if you just identify how it is that they are winning.

Good luck out there.

P.S if you don’t have a clan wars viable build varuns are viable all the way to the very top. It’s just a matter of getting gud.

Anyways good luck out there wastelanders.

PP.S nerd flash no power gimmick. Not fun to play against!

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CW is a dying mode. The bottom is slowly but surely falling out. Eventually, the last few participating clans will have to wait much longer queue times to play against the same few opposing teams.

The last two years have made CW a lot more expensive: 3 Blueprints, and Leviathans. Those two additions put newer players with less inventory at a severe disadvantage.

Scummy behavior from higher ranking clans (purposely de-ranking, region locking for easier wins) and garbage MM make this game frustrating for many newer players.

Also, getting 450 badges and a little more scrap per game isn’t enough incentive to get newer players to play.

TL/DR: CW is slowly dying due to the rising cost of entry, scummy behavior/garbage MM, and lack of incentive for people to play.


They disabled region locking on CW around last year…