Clans and weekly challenges planned changes

Here is a very good example of developers refusing to dump a game mechanic which is becoming more and more antiquated by the day, and instead, trying to enforce it on everyone as a low-key clan “obligation”.

People are not playing weekly challenges because they are not (and they have never been) an interesting mechanic.

People have given so many nice ideas on what to do with clans and how to make them more meaningfull for the members, and what you got was weekly challenge integration?

The band idea seems ok, if you do it correctly it could be more than decent, but the weekly challenge clan integration no, its not good.

You dont enforce unpopular mechanics, you either revamp them or remove them.

I almost never go for weekly challenges because i dont like the game i play for fun to low-key dictate me how to have fun through better rewards, especialy when they revolve around aspects of the game i dont like (raiding).

Know your audience, there is a reason weeklies are unpopular.

Hey man, You can find out what people think about this change and talk about it more in this below thread.

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