So i lve noticed its basically impossible to join a clan in game. Wouldnt it be neat to have a place in this forum to look for clans/members? Is there a specific place for this already that im not seeing?

just ask people that are in clans to join bro its really not hard

The limit of 20 members is causing problems for me, as my friends come and go from the game (as I do as well). We’re just a friendly, casual group of friends who like to play together. Why is it that there’s a hard limit of 20 players?

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Why do sports teams limit the amount of players on their rosters?

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Becuase all the try hards would group up in one place.

Monkey is right all the monkeys would form a troop and base all others with their banananas

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All of Crossout would look like this :slight_smile:



Clans are overhyped and overrated, grinding away just for a chance to be able to grind for uranium just to grind for pathetic scraps of uranium. but uranium is so pricy that you either have to spend a fortune or grind away like a prison workshop to get table scraps


Clan Wars is very expensive and can be very frustrating.


Clan wars… playing with people who aren’t even having fun in builds you don’t enjoy to get resources you don’t need for the vast majority of the rest of the game. I tried it. I decided having fun is more fun than not having fun.


Fight Club right there. And most clans don’t even earn Uranium from CW.

Currently taking a break from it. The frustration is draining. I have better things to do than play a mode I hate.


only mode i have fun in cause everyones dogshit but yeah fr ig

I enjoyed CW’s, the people I played with and the builds I played.

It may not be for all.
But many do enjoy it and the builds they play and the people they play with.

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For sure… I actually had a little fun from time to time. Maybe it was even most of the time, but the angriest and saltiest people were there. The people who would rant and rave after a bad match the most… Meanwhile, the rest of the team is just🙄.

The longer I’m in the game, the more I appreciate the lower PS battles. People are more carefree in general. The builds are more fun. The battles are faster… I like silly. There’s silly down there. There is no silly in Clan Wars. :joy: Do not be silly in a clan war! :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Im an active player looking to play in a clan Im on ps5 PSN imyofajah

Well, after a solid month of applying to every english speaking clan on the list, and looking for clans in the searching for clans channel, i still dont have a clan. After what ive read though, im not missing much. A shame.

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What is your engineer level? (This maters because of parts unlocked and Co-drivers levels and so on)

Do you have a meta CW build? (Most clans want a yes here, and many want you to have two or three)

You don’t have to answer those questions, but I think those are two questions most clans want to know the answer to.

Many new clans want you to be at least engineer 30.

I used to run a clan where we wouldn’t except anyone below Prestige 30.

With all of that aside, do you ever group up and play with anyone? Sometimes the best thing to do is just try and find a play group and not really a clan, it might even turn into being a clan or you might meet people that play in clans and can friend them and maybe join up.


If you’re looking for a clan to play some regular pvp with, just keep looking. You’ll find one eventually.

Clan Wars is a different beast. The game mode is very very expensive right now. Fused epics and legendary items are the minimum requirement right now. As a result, the match making pool is really low. Don’t be surprised to encounter teams with legendary and relic weapons.

I quit CW because it isn’t worth my time and energy anymore.


3 years of top ten burnt me out on CWs.

I was basically a baby sitter for full grown man children that I wouldn’t even consider hanging out with in real life. Of course there where a few good ones in the bunch, but I spent more time getting men to not act like children then I did play clan wars.

I’m sure it is everywhere not just high level CWs - but it feel like the top clans have more then it’s fair share of socially broken, smooth brain, no job, chest pounding, drug addicts.

I’ll pass, I already wasted years of my life… F*** Me lol :joy:


I pretty much had the same experience as you guys. Once I got a couple of good meta builds, I went hunting for a clan. That took forever.

Once I found one, it seems like scheduling battles was half of what I was doing.

When we did manage to fight, very few people seem to be having a good time at all. It’s as if the angriest, pettiest, and most immature players gravitate towards Clan wars.

The kicker was that we sucked! Lol! So, I spent a ton of time and energy to lose in a game mode I did not enjoy. It nearly ruined the entire game for me.

I eventually started reading and then participating in this forum. I learned real fast that my experience was not unique, and that indeed many of the people who play Clan Wars regularly clearly don’t enjoy the game.

So, I only play the game and game modes the way that makes me happy. This is an escape from real life. If it’s not fun, it’s not an escape.

People keep saying Clan Wars needs to be fixed, and I suppose they are right. On the other hand, I have a suspicion that having those angry petty childish people all self-segregating into Clan Wars is probably making the rest of the game much more enjoyable for the rest of us.