Comusming players's trust is not a good idea

I reached level 37 in operation radiance todoy, i believed that i have chance to collect 3 miller and craft kami cabin untill i saw “You have completed ALL chanllenge in…”.
It is too sudden, why our operation mission completed so early.Did gaijin saw it will not be update from the last 5day in this activity?
Apparently gaijin hurt my trust,i dont like it :sob: :sob: :sob:
lastly, i am sorry about my bad english :cold_sweat:


sorry my friend. We’ve all been burnt by Crossout in one way or another, some of us many many times over. It’s possible that the devs did not take something into consideration before launch and, now, discovered a problem (possible market issues) so, it’s been ended. But this is just a guess.



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Deception? Like…they woke up one morning, 6 months ago and said to themselves… “I’ve discovered a new way to deceive our player base!” and then, it’s been an entire effort to do this the whole time?

The reality is that there are only about 10 people working on this game, humans…they can only test so much, they can only catch so much…problems like this tend to only show up when it goes out to the MASS player base.

Meta-problems that cannot be seen in small test groups.

It’s not a “rug-pull” or scam or deception. it’s more like…“oh shit! we didn’t think it would break like that! full stop!”

What they really need to do is fix up their crappy servers and net code instead of blaming everyones connection problems on their internet connections. I have way to many matches where my wheels turn according to my button pressing but the ride just goes straight or randomly turns the other direction then rubber bands and slames me into a wall or off a bridge that i was nowhere near. The game is fun but it feels like its more player vs steering/lag/desync the last few weeks and it only gets worse with every update


They don’t have their own servers, they rent from a server provider, it’s true what you say, stability hasn’t gotten any better lately. I think it’s a simple matter of money, if you go for cheap server provider you get less quality.

I didn’t even knew that (Kami and millers)

I’m there to run and for the scrap. I’m out of coper right now.
for the third consecutive week i’m doing 6k scrap that’s 18k scrap
with this event alone.
I’m only doing missions for the dailies.
I feel that i already have my share of meat that i set up to get, now it’s for fun.

I will repurpose my event build to do PVP.

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It’s okay Terra
Don’t be sad , you will feel better soon

Have you considered buying operation radiance pass level like the developer wanted you to ?

find interesting is in the mini BP it showed and infinity symbol over the iris; as it has been with other battle passes.

Implying we would be able to get more then one as a reward as we leveled up.

Yet now this is happening, sounds kinda like bait and switch. Not that anything will come of it.


Thanks for your reply, you got a point, but i thought players shall be made up for it if devs found some problems and have got to fix it by canceling the update of operation mission. And not tradeable amends is acceptable in that case.
But i didn’t saw the notice or something else about it. Perhaps devs seem this means as normal condition? But i konw little about what they thought. :slightly_frowning_face:
(I type above paragraph with the help of translation, forgive me for some possible mistakes in my view)

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Perhase your view is we shall paid for level increase to get full rewards? Please point them out if my perspective was wrong.
(I type above paragraph with the help of translation, forgive me for some possible mistakes in my view)

Thanks for your reply, i konw little about devs’s thought. But the reaction of market shows that quite a part players fail to foresee this condition. Now i suspect if the same thing will happen in polar light and later operation and i have never thought before it.
(I type above paragraph with the help of translation, forgive me for some possible mistakes in my view)

Thanks for your reply and i agree with you.

Thanks for your reply, continue your journey and good luck!

I bought the battle pass, and can tell you that it does not let me move past level 36, nor let me earn more irises as advertised. I hope Gaijin will fix this and reimburse us for lost opportunities for leveling. I see they’re adding a few more days and giving away some premium time, but neither of that is what we expected or continue to expect. I specifically want to earn more irises so I can make the Omimori (or however it is spelled). Barring that, I would make some Millers. I made the Kami cab earlier under the belief that we’ll be able to make more millers and possibly and Omimori.

This is what all my clanmates expect too - how they read the seasonal event.

I am not freaking out because Gaijin can certainly fix this error, as it is what I believe, is an error - despite what those people who troll me say. I don’t expect the worst from the people at Gaijin, I expect the best! Or if not the best, at least what they have advertised. I have faith they will do the right thing.


I heared that gaijin admit there’s mistake and the premium subscription for 3days as the compensation will send to everyone.
Some coins and 3days premium subscription are much less than we deserved, but if it is truth, it is better than nothing, at least.
(I type above paragraph with the help of translation, forgive me for some possible mistakes in my view)

What is so hard about simply keeping their promise to us?

Also, the mistake Gaijin admitted to is not what we’re talking about here. They admitted that the radiance challenges didn’t update properly (every 24 hours, on the hour), possibly preventing people from leveling up within the timeframe of the season.

Those of use who have been able to keep up - those who have reached level 36, can’t go beyond. So, the mistake they are admitting to, and are correcting, is not related to the inability to continue to earn levels (and irises) as we expected to.

This is NOT compensation. it isn’t even for the full amount of days we were f*cked out of…

And Premium time costs WAYY F*cking less.

“Oh shit, we didn’t think it would break like that! FULL STOP NOW THAT ALL THE DUMMIES ALREADY PAID! We’re only humans we make errors, be kind please, no refunds.”

Great business ethics. Sounds like the latest car mechanic I had to deal with. Lemme tell you their ears are still ringing, and it’s not “whining” to expect capitalism to work according to its shitty rules. Any legit business in the street, this happens, their clients are all over the shop asking wtf is up and for a refund.

Anyway, it’s probably mostly the snail’s fault. They do the same shady greedy crap on other games they publish.


it is whining to expect it to work in a part of the world that’s been under Communist rule for the last 100 years. Yeah, they’re democratic countries now, but they are still very far behind in how to make “capitalism work.”

If your last car mechanic happened to do something that they DID NOT KNOW would break your car, and you then took it out on them…that makes you inconsiderate towards people that make mistakes.

If your car mechanic woke up one morning and said to himself “I’m going to break that persons car just because…” then they would deserve it…they would not deserve it for making a mistake. So, you admit to taking things out on someone who made a mistake…you’re a bully.

You are paying them to KNOW. End of relationship story.

Most countries this would be a crime, willful destruction of private property.

Vehicles are kind of a bad comparison for your point. A vehicle is the second most expensive (for the vast majority the first most expensive) purchase one will ever make. They are the most complicated mass produced machine in the history of the planet.

The very basis of a relationship between a vehicle owner and a mechanic is that the mechanic knows how to work on the machine.