Confrontation Rating Blocked

My confrontation games counter are not working, i dont get points for matches, it says i am blocked.

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“You don’t have enough activity in your clan to get the reward?” Wha…?

So, I suppose kids who want to just join a clan and then let the clan do all the work for them while they kick back poolside sipping martinis don’t get paid. Maybe that’s not a bad thing, but I wonder how much required activity we are talking about.

Not really true.

You have to do the “minimum” activity to get “All” rewards, but everyone does not need to do all activities or the same amount.

I logged in yesterday and bam “1000” badges.

All I have done from the start of the patch is PvP missions and confrontation. I have collected all rewards from only playing those two modes. And I don’t plan on ever playing raids.

But yes, you do have to play to get rewards.

That seems like BS to me. While I grind my ass off and get absolutely nothing, you just log on and get 1000 badges. That’s way fucked up.


That’s the same glitch me and some others are getting. Nothing we do accumulates any activity.


I’m not sure we are on the same page. Since the update, I’ve been able to accumulate points towards my challenges, it’s just a lot of grinding for very meager rewards, like 50 badges. On the other hand, Monkey just logs on and gets more badges than I’ll be able to grind out in a week.

That’s not a glitch, it’s BS, and it explains further why so many people are pissed, and he’s oblivious and ignorant as to why, and thinks this update is “great.”

Until that moment (“Bam 1000 badges”), I really didn’t know how fucked up this situation really is. It’s way worse than I had initially imagined.


I agree, seems like some PS4 clans are bugged.

Might want to try passing leader and leaving the clan and rejoining 3 days later OR make another clan?

I know that is a hugh pain but it might be faster then a fix. Pooney has been working on it too. We have been trying to figure it out even in PMs.

It sounds very frustrating - sorry to hear :frowning:

Well, thanks for the empathy, I wasn’t sure you had it in you, but I’m on PC

Now I will go contemplate my destitute status in Crossout as cannon fodder for the elite.

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Sorry, Monkey. I know this isn’t your fault. You didn’t develop this system or create this update. It’s just that by being an advocate for the update, it makes you look like their spokesman or representative, and a potential target. After a deep breath and a moment of reflection, I realized this is misguided.

I apologize. Sorry, Monkey. I flew off the handle.

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it says in one of the patch notes that itll start working the next reset.
from the patch notes:

  • “Confrontation” battles will be counted correctly with the next season.

on that note as well i cannot do anything in the band i joined so i guess i need to wait till it resets yet again. it says im blocked from it until next season.

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Doesn’t surprise me that he says that, as he’s a kiss-up to the devs so preferential treatment he does get, but also, the fact he said in another post the guns on his clan war builds are over 50k each probably means his clanmates are very active and try hards so I could see him coming on the game and reaping the reward of their efforts


Thank you sir.

If I hear anything about a solution I promise to post it.

But in the mean time :slight_smile: if you need a punching bag then I’ll be glad to help. I don’t have weak little internet feels like all these other dudes.

It seems like I have a few Fan Girls :slight_smile:

Yup, I said this exact thing on another post and had others get on me talking about how an untradable resource flooding the market and lowering their inventory prices

I still can’t see the logic in by not giving out more badges to the player base would make the in-game market crash but upping the grind is prefectly fine

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No one said this but you. Show us the post that you didn’t write that says this?

No, you really don’t. Thanks for having the thick skin to go with the thick head. :slightly_smiling_face:


Lol :slight_smile: that sounds about right. Your welcome.

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I’d call it a left-handed compliment. A lot of my friends are assholes, but I try to love them anyway.

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