Confrontation Weapon Tier List 9/25/2023

General Thoughts:

I play on Xbox, generally as a random player. I play a Destructor hover, a Cyclone build on Omnis and 3 Porcs on Omnis.

S Tier

S+ Athena
This is the best Confrontation weapon. It is like the Destructor but has more range and some explosive damage. Confrontation generally revolves around midrange degunning and Athenas are best at this.

S Cyclone
2 Cyclones is the most common weapon in Confrontation. The reasons are obvious: Cyclones have a lot of range and a lot of durability.

S Nothung. Nothungs have big range and tight spread for hitscan weapons. This seems to do extremely well here.

S Destructor. Triple Destructors are great. One volley on a Photon cab can one shot a Cyclone. This would be ranked higher if the range on Destructors were better. Destructors are hard to play with random players, because there isn’t generally a consensus on when to push an enemy and when to hang back.

S Kaiju. Kaijus are great. They are the only real range seen in the mode. Kaijus are hard to play, but a person with Kaiju skills will find the mode extremely rewarding.

S- Miller
Miller bricks are everywhere in Confrontation. They have excellent range and can be boxed into builds.

S- Whirls These are extremely powerful and are very hard to shoot off. This is a winning combination. Throw them on a Huginn spider or something.

A Tier:
A+ Porcupine. These can hit nearly hard enough to one shot every build, and they have great reload. Still, it is hard for even Porcs to make a living in a machine gun meta.

A Avalanche. This on a Deadman is quite a weapon for the same reason that Porcupines do well. They can nearly one shot 9K builds.

A Fortune. Use 2 Fortunes like Porcupines and Avalanche. Drive up to stuff and blow it up in one shot.

A Tackler/Protector/Vindicator. Box machine guns are extremely good in the mode because they are small and hard to hit. Also, legs and Omnis help with spread problems.

A Assembler: I imagine Assembler could be A-tier as an anti machine gun range for the Scorpion crowd but I haven’t seen it work yet.

A Stillwind. I think these are good but I haven’t seen them put in work yet.

B Tier:
B+ Hammerfalls. Hammers are great, usually on the Huginn cab. They require you to close ground and coordinate with your team more than other weapons but they can be quite effective.
B+ Gremlins. These work as well as Hammerfalls and are extremely effective in the right hands and on the right build.
B: Other shotguns, Nidhogg, Thunderbolt, Rupture, Fafnir. These can all be very effective.

B: Whirlwinds and Storm. These are okay but they are generally outclassed by other guns both on the damage dealt and the durability. They are large size and easy to strip.

B- King and Kapkan builds. These put in work against hovers but generally get shot up. They are anti rush in a camping meta. I’m sure a skinner dragger build will surface that will make Kings work well but we are not there yet.

B- Draco/Remedy These are good in that they do lots of damage, but tend to get shot up as team mates often stay close to one another and punish rush builds. It is hard to get more than 1 kill or make a serious impact with firedogs in this mode.

C Tier:
C Incinerator. The builds are too fast for Incinerator play. Incinerators are best when breaking down bricks.

C Snowfall/ Locust/Waltz Brawling rockets can be effective, but they are often too slow to deal with multiple machine gun builds. If you are good with them, and if you have them fused for bullet speed they can be quite effective. Hovers don’t do great in the format and rockets suffer because of this.

D Tier:
Pyres and Hurricanes. As always, except for in helicopter brawls, these are the worst.

D Reapers. Reapers are bad in the mode because they have too much recoil for a 9k rig. Lose a leg and you will spin in a circle. Also, Reapers excel at high powerscore where extra points of energy can be used for extremely useful team items such as Barrier 9. They power score isn’t high enough in 9K for there to be a legendary generator with luxury items.

In general, machine guns and autocannons seem to dominate the mode, and rush teams seem to lose from a lack of coordination and being picked apart before hitting their targets. The team that wins is usually the team with the most strong rangey guns on its team.


Id put imps in the A tier too. Managed to make a 9k rush build with 4 imps on a torreo but can be used as support too depending on situation. Usually dominates every build with the exception of destructors/athena. If I am not against those perticular builds then it is almost guarantee win.


Imps are great. There’s lots of weapons I’ve not thought about.

Good stuff.

One of the builds I play is a Double Kap and Double Porc on Grenada Legs. I think this combo is a S- or S tier. (I tried triple porc and it does not work as well for me)

I have killed whole rush teams almost solo with that setup. (Then again I have been playing porcs for about 5 years)

I had a game the other day - as soon as we spawned in I marked the map to defend on a spot on the map. I Dropped 4 kaps in the area and used the porcs to lead the team in the direction I want them to come at us. Of course one of our team (a rush player) got inpatient and run in to their death. I was like “crap, we lost this one”. Lucky for me the other two guys stayed. The 4 guys on the other side must have been like “easy win boys let’s rush in” well… as you expect they came around that corner and all 4 got tangled up in a kap pile. I unloaded porcs on them while my other two team mates dumped DPS from double Cyclone spiders and those dudes were all dead in like 30 seconds flat. I made a little over 2500pt that game.


I have to download that build before you erase it. I played the triple Porc build, decided I liked Cyclones better, and haven’t really messed with Porcs since.


Yeah, I didn’t really like that build.

Everyone at 9k moves really fast and is small, and it is harder to land porcs then it is at higher PS.

Of course if someone gets hit with a triple porc at 9k they are going to have a rough day. But then again 2 porcs pretty much does about the same at that PS level. The kapkans just hold them in place so you land more shots consistently.

It also helps your team. So even if I’m not in the right spot/angle and I’m missing them my team can still take advantage of them not being able to move when trapped.

It works best for a team playing defensive, but I’ll rush in alongside a rush team too. You have to take off like a bat out of hell and stay as close as you can to them. Because as soon as the pile up happens and all the builds are clumped up I sit back a little a dump porcs in their direction while I drop kaps around me. So even if all 3 of the guys I’m playing with die then I’ll back off a little and lead the rest of the broken enemy team into the kaps and finish them off.

The best thing about this is - even if I die and we don’t win I still normally get the “Unyielding Patch” and get a ton of points for the match.


A tier: Impulse. These are nasty on a Harpy. I don’t remember Impuse being this good.

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Whirls team4ever, baby.


Impulse were always top-tier, dunno why Targem made 'em shoot like autocannons recently… Not complaining tho.

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Your experience on XB differs greatly from mine on PS. Interesting stuff. Wish we had crossplay…


Post up the Playstation tier list or where it differs. I would love some different ideas. Xbox 9k is mostly one big Cyclone/Miller fest. There are at least 2 Cyclone builds on every single team for both sides forever.

I finally downloaded this build and put it in my lineup. It is extremely good. Porcs are undermounted and can’t be shot off. Kapkans ruin teams in 9K. This is a perfect 9K build. On maps with uneven ground on it, i.e. Fortress, Ashen Ring, Clean Island, I play Porcs. On flat ground maps, such as Radar station, Founders Canyon and Ship Graveyard, I play Cyclones.

There is not a need for any other build for 9K.

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I see lots of Cyclones, Millers, and Nidhoggs on PS4, along with some remedy dogs and some destructor/trigger builds.

Lots of gerridas, some hovers, some omniwheels, and some wheels for the dogs.

Edit: Nidhogg should be Nothung. Oops!

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That’s about the same as Xbox except for Nidhoggs are never seen. On Xbox, by gun popularity, first and second place go to Cyclones. Then Millers, then Porcs, then Remedies/Dracos, then Destructors/Triggers, then Fortunes, then Hammerfalls then everything else. Athena would be popular but no one has a set. For Porcs, 2 Porcs and an Aegis or Kapkans are extremely common.

For movement parts, it goes: Gerrida on half of all builds, Omni on 1/4 of the builds, and the other 1/4 is hovers and wheels.

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Oops, I meant Nothungs. I get them confused sometimes.
I did see one person running Nidhoggs and doing OK with them, but they are definitely not common.

I see a fair amount of people running Athena’s actually, but I usually only see them during peak hours. Definitely very effective in this mode. Not seeing many porcs, and the ones I’ve seen have been relatively easy to counter.

I don’t see a lot of kapkans, but they can definitely make a huge difference if you have some on your team.

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Ahh. That makes more sense. Nothungs are great in the format. I haven’t seen many of them but they always put in work.

I think we probably see much of the same, and maybe my paradigm is off from the majority, but I play remedy and astraeus builds. Either build normally does well vs athena and cyclones. I will often prioritize killing athenas and destructors over cyclone/miller/nothing builds.

Porc/kapcans often do well vs the dog but are at a big disadvantage vs range build.


I’m going to build a 9k Athena Spider and upload it soon.

Thank you sir. I see a lot of people playing that build when I play

After playing much more, I would like to revise my tier list. 3 Remedies/2Draco should be rated A tier instead of B-. These seem to be able to kill everything in the format. They beat down hovers and wreck Athenas. What’s not to like?

Also, I would like to move Stillwinds to B+ tier. The damage plays, but they seem to be degunned too easily for the format.

More bad guns:

Gravastar, B-. These have great damage but are degunned almost instantly.

Thresher, B-. See Gravastar. Not sure why Impulse is so much better but it just is.