Console Crossplay

Are you a console player? I’d like to hear your opinion on the addition of Crossplay.

Is it actually live yet?
I’m excited about it, but hope they manage to get cross-platform groups and clans working soon, as I have XBOX friends I would like to play with.

It’s a myth fabricated by flat-earthers to deceive the public into believing Crosscrowns will appreciate.

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Oddly enough, there are perhaps some allusions to the Illuminati, sacred geometry, and that kind of weird schit in the game.

In the east quarter, there’s a giant sign that says “I Obey” that’s dressed up to look like Ebay logo

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Can’t wait to fight more than the same 3-4 meta squads every day… now I’ll fight the same 10-12 squads, amazing!

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See, that’s the kind of optimism we need more of!


I am curious to see the difference between NA and EU from PlayStation. On Xbox it seems that while both are full of meta users, NA have far more pure squads who play what seems like 24/7.

NA are definitely more “sweaty” than EU but I feel like it has more to do with population. Sometimes I feel like I’m “taking it easy” by playing on my own EU servers due to their lower population.

I’d like EU to be more populated so I can enjoy it more because I like when I don’t need to play with lag all the time like I do when I play NA with my NA friends.

I have such a reputation amongst all of these meta tryhard types from NA and I think they forget that I perform how I do while also being on 120+ ping all the time.

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I haven’t noticed any way to set my region on PS4, and of the players I know, I encounter both people in my own city and on another continent.

Seems like we don’t have anywhere near the wait times that XBOX does, unless it is a region thing (I’m in Toronto).

As far as player type, I notice big changes depending on time of day and day of the week. Weekend evenings are particularly dominated by sweaty death squads.

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On PS, EU is MUCH more sweaty. US servers are pretty easy


How do you set your region on PS4?

i dont know bruh but i typed in your question on google and found some stuff.

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Have you used google lately? Not super useful these days.
The only info I could find was more about accessing content that was geo-locked, but not finding anything about choosing what servers I’m actually playing on.

I dont think we can on PS. Many of us learn where others are from when playing CWs…and you probably recognize the same 50 names if you play around the same PS…occasionally you will see new names at odd times of day, when player count in a diff region is too low.
You can also play on other servers by grouping up with someone from Europe and letting them be the group leader.

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yes, i have! and ive read about getting access to geo locked content too and read on for 2s more and it said: you cant, make a new account.

and now you know!

My clan, Pylon on Xbox is half US/Canadian and half French. I play most of my clan wars with my French bash brothers. They really know how to play. One of them, Pepsi, invented a new META that only he has caught on to: a quad Parser Odin build. He clutches multiple matches with this build. The rest of them are excellent with Punishers, Scorpions and Firedogs. I play Helicon hover and tag along to lob bombs into whatever fights they get into. I don’t always understand them, but we make it work. I am worried about my character getting radiation poisoning from all the uranium we farm.

Anyway, I object to the insinuation that Europeans are less talented at Crossout than US players.

You can’t set your region on console, your region will be the Host’s default. After 2 mins of searching it opens up to other regions. I have my NA friends host a lot

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That’s honestly nice to know as Xbox is the other way around. It’ll be nice to play against meta slaves without the lag.

I am excited, Just hope we can get linked up with PC too.

Be a decent player count all of us together.