Constructive Criticisms: Wheels (Jan, 2024)

I know wheels have been a big issue over the last year with the introduction of so many new omni-parts. What do you feel could be improved about them. Please don’t just resort to saying revert back to X update, try to explain what you actually mean has changed with them? Same with just resorting to nerfing other parts. Do specify each wheel type and try not to be too general.

Edits for additional questions:
Which wheels do you feel preform the best, and which wheels do you think preform the worst?

What are the seldom used wheels (just wheels) that you’ve never liked and or have issues with that you’d like to see fixed…

Critique of handbrakes interactions on movement: Please specify any differences desired between ST and non ST wheels.

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maybe…restrict all omni directional movement parts (and I mean all even hovers) to only be available to the heli arenas (and Adventure mode)?? That way, the old-school scrap, wires and batteries arenas can get back to wheeled combat. That’s all I got.

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Revert the handbrake nerf.


I actually think they got handbrake right in the original 2.0 update, but the fixes they made after some player complaints messed up what they had achieved.

But yeah, biggest issue at the moment for me is how braking interacts with turning. There used to be a big difference between how normal brakes and handbrakes impacted your skid, and now they both feel more like normal brakes.
The little speed jump thing that used to happen after you released handbrake would also be nice to get back, but not as important to me.

Handbrake shouldn’t stop your build as much as it currently does if you continue to hold the acceleration, and should trigger a skid turn more easily. Normal brake/reverse should be the option that locks all your tires and stops you quickly.

I also think wheels could be improved with the addition of transmission, suspension, and nitro modules, which could only be used on wheels.

One more way to make them more relevant would be for some wheels to extend the speed cap beyond 120kmh. Might not make sense for Bigfoots, but things like hermits and buggy wheels could handle going faster than the speed cap (if the engine/cabin/codriver combination allowed it). Or just let all wheels give a 5kmh bump to vehicle top speed, and keep the speed cap (if the game engine can’t handle exceeding the cap without boosters).

They’ve nerfed Turret rotation every which way they could imagine. They’ve gone through the entire game and found anything related to turret rotation and nerfed it, and that is something of a indirect nerf to both wheels and tracks, and I think it’s harshed the hell out of their viability against omnidirectional parts that don’t need any turret rotation on their weapons at all to be effective, as the popular horseshoe META demonstrates.

Rolling that stupidity back would be a good start, and it wouldn’t indirectly buff the active-melee brick META, like virtually any direct buff to wheels would.

I don’t remember them nerfing turret rotation on the guns I use, but if they did, it was likely to make Oppressor’s new perk more relevant. I guess that change is actually pretty old now, but it works pretty well, so much that I think they nerfed it a little while ago.

I know I have mentioned it a lot, but oppressor + buggy wheels makes any slow turreted weapon much easier to use. Try it on harpy or bat with a couple cannons and you’ll see what I mean. And that’s an option that is only available to wheels.

What was it’s old perk?

Vehicle speed increases the speed and loading of guns and missiles max effect 30% at 80km/hr


Changes came with this update:


As I’ve said before, Bigfoot wheels have a lag time when trans-versing from side to side, you can literally watch the wheel stop in the center line before continuing the turn. This needs to be addressed first because all wheels probably suffer from this at a lesser extent and makes the steering feel laggy. Then there’s the issue of traction, IMO all wheels should have a traction increase of 50-100%. They should also have a power increase and a quicker reaction forward to reverse and vice versa. A properly working e-brake would be a nice touch. After all of these changes that will never happen then maybe driving tires would be tolerable in this game.

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I added this at the top of the questions as I’m curious:

Edits for additional questions:
Which wheels do you feel preform the best, and which wheels do you think preform the worst?

I might add a few extra questions in as we go just depends what I come up with topic was kind of spur of the moment… :smiley: Hope you understand. I’ll add them inline if I do add more though.

i think that shivs perform best, and I’m not only talking about the blades. Something about them is just spot on. Great maneuverability/turning, great breaking/traction. Twin wheels, although they look great, perform terribly. I feel the exact same way about Bigfoots. Maybe it’s the power drain, I dunno, but they’re kinda wonky. Making something up on the spot here; what if we got a Transmission as a module that decreased power drain from wheels??


Shivs I remember when they did the testing I complained about a lot about them (When everything was feeling like they were on the rails wheels wise.). Stating that they needed to be able to drift to functionally hit targets with them. However that was more close to the torque update that they didn’t go through with and when they did the testing for that prior to the 2.0 changes. Hard to say what they keep in mind and what they don’t though.

The twin wheels I remember always being on the pokier side performance wise. They were always slower then a lot of the others via their power drain. They were normally a lot more stable though in return. These have really high power drain too.

Bigfoots I’ve had since they came out but I never really liked them that much. They always had poor acceleration at least in my own opinion. The change to having non-st wheels have half the power drain did help a little though for some builds.

I think I agree that Shivs perform outstandingly.

If I am trying to be ultra-conservative I am often forced to use the Array, as they are very worth their power-score, while Shivs, which I like better, tend to jack the power-score up and become much less competitive.

At the end of the day though, I use the Racing Wheels the most, largely because most of the other options are hideous, I like their looks and I’m shallow that way. They perform well too

The Big Feets are too clownish and sluggish to be competitive, I think. They tend to get wedged real easy and offer no advantage to make up for that, and they accelerate poorly, as do all the wheels, but they are probably the worst.

I hear the Hermits are great, but I won’t use them because the green lights disrupt my color schemes…and I’m shallow like that.

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I put hubs on them to cover the light most of the time not to get off-topic. I do think they preform fairly well too.


Oh…I got one…

They seem to have put Stallions and Cambers in a class of their own, so they bug out if you mix them with any other wheel.

This needs to be un-done, IMO, and looks like a bug to me. I get why they didn’t want people using wheels as a tonnage exploit for legs, but it seems unnecessary to cause them to clash with other wheels especially ones of the same diameter.

That one you should report here:
As far as I can see I don’t see it listed.

Do check to see if removing the CK from it fixes the issue though first though. We can at least try to rule that out first.

Things that could improve wheels:

Increase the acceleration profile
Increase their traction for handling
Give back the handbrake speed burst
Remove 120 speed cap

I am not necessarily for all of those changes but they are easy and obvious ones to improve performance

BF offers great benefit to certain items, when paired with cheetah…but until there is a legendary engine that is syncs with, they offer more downside that upside (getting wedged by all other wheels)

Hermits are nice
Buggys offer benefit to a few select builds but otherwise, probably are inferior to hermits

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I recall LockmahnTY recently pointing out that they are indeed listed in the update announcement as being in a class of their own. The logic for it seems inexplicable though…I found it…the announcement, not the logic.

With this mechanic, the movement parts are grouped according to their “height” above the surface:

“Group 1”: “Low Clearance”, “Stallion” and “Camber” (1 - 1.5 structural pins above the surface). “Stallions” and “Cambers” are included in this group due to their variable ground clearance.
“Group 2”: all other wheels and tracks (2 - 3 structural pins above the surface).
“Group 3”: mechanical legs and hovers.](

I think most of the wheels work in some contexts.
Personally, I find hermits most versatile, but they require a hubcap to cover those ugly green lights. They’re low power drain, decent traction (although all wheels could use more traction), and great durability thanks to the perk.

But that’s not to say the others aren’t useable in a variety of builds.

While I find Bigfoots slow, they’re good with any build where you are using cheetah to buff module cooldown, and their traction and tonnage can be good on heavier wheeled builds.

Buggy wheels are extremely underrated and very cheap if you wanted to fuse a bunch. First of all, they are the fastest wheel option, and speed is the main advantage of wheels. Second, they help any fast build with overheating weapons, as they buff Seal. Third, they are great with Oppressor and any slow turreted weapon. Add in their ability to buff some reload shotguns, Heather, and lances. They can help at least one weapon from the majority of categories.

As far as the special and rare wheels go, I mostly just use them when I’m making low PS art builds and don’t care about performance.

The frontal wheels have their uses, but I don’t love their handling. I like them best mixed with other wheels.

What happens when you try to drive that build?
From what I understood from the patch notes, that’s just telling you they’re at different heights, but not that you can’t use them together. You might not get the tonnage from the lower clearance wheels, but I think they said they still work if they touch the ground.