Crossout "Failed to connect to server" or also known as loading bug issue

Me and another minority of players have been experiencing this for months if not years and, yet is still a ongoing issue on Gaijin’s end. Of which I have perfect connection and no sort of loss, but whenever it comes to this server in the Netherlands for me I can never connect to For whatever reason it simply doesn’t allow me entry, yet it allows other people when I still have perfect in-game connection. I’ve done a tracert and it just loses all packets with them being sent and none sent back to of which may be a technical server host issue on Gaijin’s end. Now trust me when I’ve said I’ve tried near to everything to solve this to of no avail, which brings me to having to hope you guys can fix this and listen to me as for Skula has failed to do so far. Hopefully the screenshots and game logs provided will let you grasp what is really going on, but for the love of god don’t reply with some way to fix it on my end for yes it’s possible for me to fix it (meaning changing where I live or changing service providers), but you get my point. Would also to note I can connect to any server in the world except this one specific IP, just for the love of christ work on this with me. This is a connection test from a match that I can connect to as for the problem server just wont let me connect, and believe me I am providing all the information I possibly could.

Crossout game logs/screenshots

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Again: very importand do test connection during battle.

There aren’p packet loss in attached log.

May be packet loss between your pc and a middle host in a trace. It isn’t a trouble.
But in your game logs there aren’t packet loss between your PC and our dedicated server.

Please, if and when you meet with packet loss in the battle, please, during battle, open game settings, run in-game test connection and attach logs and screenshots.

That’s a strange one. Connections always a thing in a game but i never seen this before. Maybe there’s an error on one and its not being reciprocated or its just too darn hard to figure out and they leave it be because of lack of knowledge in that department. How long has this games producers been in the online server business will tell you alot about what can happen in a games server. Or techs are costly because not any old ape can do it lol.

Additional information about your logs. You internet trace to shard server isn’t stable. Part of packets transmit on straight trace, part walk through US routers. We can’t control it.

That’s not what you’re understanding… I quite simply wont connect to the server, really what’s so complicated around that? I have perfect connection to stay ingame, but whenever it comes to that specific server is where issues arise, and of which seems again you have ignored what I have listed. I have told you once and I will tell you again I’ve sent you all the possible information I could send that would be of use; please don’t skim over this again ;).

You can’t control it, yet you can still influence or fix it. Perhaps add a blacklist server so no matter what it wont connect, or better yet if there is a fix please indulge me on it, its all very appreciated. But then again all the previous things I’ve tried to no avail, this is no issue with me, its all some sort of communication thing, though then again I highly do believe there is a fix on your part.

Thank you for the explanation. It is clear for me


Why are you making it extremely difficult to report a bug? I am trying to attack screen shots and logs to report a server problem and the process is the most obtuse thing I’ve ever seen. Why can’t I attach LOG files to where it requests them. What the heck do you mean “archive” them and then send that file? Same thing for screen shots. Why do you not accept the data as the game records it? Why do I need to process it into something else that I have no idea what you are asking for?

Fix your servers. Plain and simple.

please read this and think for a second: if literally everyone on this forum is mentioning that they are only having packet loss issues in crossout, then perhaps it may not be caused by our internet as you have been claming for the past 6 years, yknow?

Puta mierda, que forma de perder gasolina con el puto lag de este juego, demasiadas veces igual, os podeis ir un poquito a tomar por culo

I am experiencing major issues connecting to the EU servers as well. It happened about halfway through cw the servers went to poo.

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