Crossout: Festival of fire

Crossout: Festival of fire

Halloween is once again at the gates of your hangars, survivors! This year there will be plenty of fun: the “Witch hunt” brawl will be replaced by 3 unique modes! And you’ll be able to produce a variety of things on the traditional event workbench, from unique cosmetics to upgraded parts.

“Festival of fire” event

Attention! The event will be available from October 26 to November 6 inclusive!

Main features of the event:

  • During the event, players will have access to 3 special brawls.
  • Each brawl will be available for 4 days without interruption.
  • Only 1 brawl is available at a time.
  • By participating in these brawls, players will be able to earn a special event resource — “Tricky treats”.
  • In addition to brawls, “Tricky treats” can also be earned in the special PvP mission “Trick or Treat?”.
  • “Tricky treats” as well as other resources can be used to produce numerous thematic cosmetic items, a “Witch’s sticker container” as well as 1 “Help of the spirits” container from which you can choose 1 tradable epic item.
  • In addition, you can produce a number of already upgraded parts pre-determined upgrades on the event workbench. To do this, you will need 2 such parts without any upgrades, as well as a certain amount of resources.

Event brawls


  • The battle format is “free for all”.
  • Players take part in the brawl on their own armoured vehicles.
  • The vehicles must not have the following parts: explosive spears, “Aegis-Prime”, and the “Werewolf” cabin.
  • Victory condition: take place from 1 to 4 at the end of the battle.
  • Placement ranking is based on the number of destroyed enemies.
  • Each player has an active “adrenaline” meter, the level of which gradually decreases.
  • As long as the adrenaline level doesn’t drop to 0, the player can return to battle after being destroyed. Once the meter has dropped to 0, further return to battle is impossible.
  • You can replenish your current level of “adrenaline” by destroying enemies and collecting bonuses that remain from their cars.
  • Occasionally, an amplification bonus will appear at a random place on the location, which increases the characteristics of your armoured car, as well as the adrenaline level. The bonus disappears if the armoured car gets destroyed.
  • Once you reach a certain number of eliminated players or after a certain amount of time has passed, the “adrenaline” level starts to go down faster.
  • In addition to “Tricky treats”, players can also earn “Plastic” in this brawl as a reward.


  • Team brawl. Players take part in the battle on pre-built vehicles.
  • Objective: destroy the armoured vehicles of the opposing team within the allotted time.
  • If a team destroys the opposing team before the allotted time expires, this team wins. Otherwise, it’s a draw.
  • Each player is given an armoured vehicle on hovers, which has a number of vulnerable points, as well as a number of places that are completely invulnerable.
  • To destroy the enemy, you need to accurately shoot at his vulnerable spots and manage to defend your vehicle, using your invulnerable points.
  • In addition to “Tricky treats”, players can also earn “Batteries” in this brawl as a reward.

Deadly ritual

  • The battle format is “free for all”.
  • Players take part in the brawl on their own armoured vehicles.
  • The vehicles must not have the following parts: explosive spears, “Aegis-Prime”, and the “Werewolf” cabin.
  • Victory condition: take place from 1 to 4 at the end of the battle.
  • Placement ranking is based on the number of destroyed enemies.
  • Initially, the player has the ability to return to the battle 3 times after being destroyed.
  • In the first minute of the battle, special totems appear on the location. Each collected totem is an additional opportunity to return to the battle after destruction.
  • After the first minute, the bonuses stop appearing on the map. The only chance to increase the number of “respawns” is to get a special totem in the very center of the location, which will give you 2 chances to return to the battle at once.
  • The battle ends when the timer runs out or when only one player remains alive.
  • In addition to “Tricky treats”, players can also earn “Scrap metal” in this brawl as a reward.

New rewards

In addition to the already existing thematic rewards, you will also be able to produce new cosmetic items using the event workbench:

  • Hologram “Primal terror”;
  • Sticker “Fire idol”;
  • Hubcap “Spurs”;
  • Temporary flare “Ritual smoke”.

Bone hunter (Lite edition)

  • Unique armoured car: “Bone collector”;
  • New cabin: “Manitou”
    • Light cabin.
    • PS: 1800.
    • Maximum cabin speed: 100 km/h.
    • Tonnage: 4200 kg.
    • Mass limit: 8300 kg.
    • Adds energy: 12 pts.
    • Durability: 260 pts.
    • Mass: 850 kg.
    • Perk: upon activation all mounted revolvers with at least one projectile in the cylinder will start reloading faster. The more rounds there are in the cylinders, the more the reload speed will be reduced, up to 30%. All ammunition loaded in this way will deal 20% more damage. The cabin’s cooldown is 10 sec.
  • Large-caliber revolver: “Nagual” (2 pcs.)
    • “Epic” rarity.
    • PS: 1375.
    • The cylinder holds 3 rounds.
    • Penetration ability: 80%.
    • Durability: 296 pts.
    • Energy drain: 5 pts.
    • Mass: 423 kg.
    • Perk: deals 20% more damage to weapons, movement parts and hardware.
  • Early access to new structural parts;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 70.

“My journey began a long time ago in the vastness of the great Wasteland when the spirits chose me. It all began with an understanding of the circle of life — the foundation, the bones on which our world is built. And this knowledge became my curse”.

Bone hunter

  • Unique armoured car: “Hungry spirit”;
  • New cabin: “Manitou”;
  • Large-caliber revolver: “Nagual” (2 pcs.);
  • Portrait: “Isi White Bone”;
  • Early access to new structural parts;
  • 1500 in-game coins;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 75.

“The spirits told me that life and death go together, and one cannot exist without the other. And only by constantly testing yourself can you become stronger. But the more you harden yourself and get closer to the spirits, the stronger your hunger becomes.”

Bone hunter (Deluxe edition)

  • Unique armoured car: “Nightmare”;
  • New cabin: “Manitou”;
  • Large-caliber revolver: “Nagual” (2 pcs.);
  • Portrait: “Isi White Bone”;
  • Unique horn: “Call of the spirits”;
  • Unique paint can “Bone”;
  • Early access to new structural parts;
  • 4000 in-game coins;
  • Background and logo for profile customization;
  • Maximum number of parts increased to 80.

“Hunger is not a punishment, but an awakening. And when it comes, only those who have lost everything and found themselves will survive. Only those who have unraveled the mysteries of the eternal will be able to stand for their lives in the great test of the spirits. And very soon this test will begin in the Valley”.

Attention! The lite and deluxe editions of the pack will be available for purchase on all platforms until 00:00 GMT on November 27.

  • Updated the decorations of the garages for the duration of the Halloween event.
  • Added carrier explosion effects on the “Gates of the Valley” map.
  • Implemented improvements to a number of maps adapted for battles with armoured aircraft:
    • Ship graveyard;
    • Sandy gulf;
    • Factory;
    • Desert valley;
    • Crater;
    • Old Town.

  • In the clan window, it is now possible to check the results of the participants from the previous season.
  • Now the garage screen notifications are displayed lower in order to not overlap the event banners.
  • Made a number of improvements to the interface of seasons (battle passes), as well as the placement of elements of the season window for different screen resolutions.

Added a new music track for the “Festival of fire” event modes:

Now, after falling to the ground, armoured aircraft do not roll on the surface in an inverted position.

  • Fixed the matchmaking system in the “Bedlam” mode.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect appearance of allied vehicles on the “Old Town” map in the “Patrol” mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a window with all player blueprints to open when navigating through the blueprint rating change notification.
  • Fixed a bug with the “Find clan” button not working correctly when viewing the profile of a player who is a member of a clan.
  • Fixed a bug where players on previous generation consoles didn’t have enough time to choose an armoured vehicle before the start of the 1 round of “Clan Wars” or “Confrontation”.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Improved a number of in-game texts, descriptions and icons.


Hmmm…looks like the Firestarters may have lost that other battle but won Halloween. I’ll take it.

This looks pretty shiny to me, and that new audio track is fun. Can’t wait to check it out.

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what is with them and giving us temporary flares / fireworks?

also this event looks very lack luster and devoid of any activities. i might try ONE of the brawls but i dont really have anything i want to get. plus they released a new pack… who didnt see that coming? :expressionless:
and also i dont know what upgrades they are going to offer but i dont know if theyll be useful to me. seems this halloween update is going to be very BARE BONES… get it?

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Sweet new hubcaps, aww the flare is temporary that’s instantly worthless

New pack seems neat, new weapon is pretty much a triple shot Median, but the cabin perk does not feel that great. On emilys it feels helpful, on corvos and the new gun ther is not much difference between reloading with 1 shot in barrel and doing a normal reload. Gun though feels like a Median upgrade for anyone liking the Medians

But I have yet to see any Athena builds pop up in the exhibition with the new pack cabin, and as slow reload was Athenas only weakness well, yeah there’s that gotta make the pay to win weapon even better heehee

Purple crate with tradable epic item needs both casings and coupuns, so there’s that, of course, it’s crossout after all

Now the first brawl Andrenaline is like all brawls, the metas are clapping everyone around once again just like all of these free for all brawls, it’s the same shotgun machine gun laser drill and minigun meta builds being the only ones standing any kind of a chance. The same kinds of builds and weapons you see raking up all the scores in normal pvp is gonna do the same in here, even with the 8000 ps limit.

I’m glad I don’t have to play witch hunt with the absolutely poor handling it had ever since the supercharged, but I don’t think this brawl is any better than it, it’s got it’s own problems and enjoyability is equally low. Gotta see what the other brawls will be like, at least some of them use pre-build vehicles instead of letting the players minmax the same stale better than everything else builds that everyone plays

Edit: A Athena Manitou build popped up in the exhibition and yeah it works, speeds up the reload considerably when doing three shots + reload with perk and the perk reloads about as fast as stock Athenas so you can turn it into a more dps style weapon


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How many cyclones are they gonna add to these events? why couldn’t they add mammoths or something? that is like 3 or 4 events in a row now that they added cyclones. The new blasty revolver things seems op as hell and then they adds a cab that dramatically buffs the most controversial toxic weapon in the game. I swear to god I don’t think it is even about the money at this point because these types of decisions are driving away players in the droves I think they does it because they get’s a kick outta it and find’s it amusing or something, how else can you explain it?

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I’m tempted by this pack. Could turn out to be the first one I buy, unless the cabin and guns turn up cheap on the market.

I’m really enjoying corvos, and would be nice to have a cabin to boost them. And the gun looks like a fun tool.

I tried it with Corvos and sadly it does not boost them enough to notice
We’re talking of only a fraction of a second faster reload when unloading only 5 shots and activating the perk, vs just firing all 6 shots normally, rather than multiple seconds off of the reload time.

Only weapons where the perk seems to speed up the reload enough to consider using it are Emilys and Athenas. Still not enough playing around to offer a perfect view on it, but so far it feels that just going full spam firing with as fast reload as possible does more damage than using the 20% damage boost perk at the cost of slower firing time, especially on Corvos. 3 corvos + hardon > 3 corvos and new cab, at least by the feel of the few games I have played

I am saving up mine though this is pretty much gonna be the most sought after Athena cabin for all the whales as it’s just a blatant Athena buff, turning it from being op but at least reloading slowly, into more damage and a faster firing rate and reload weapon

New gun is a bit of a mixed bag, I’d describe it as a triple shot Median at the cost of general accuracy. Especially if firing all three rounds consecutively, they usually fly all over the place, and even slowly firing is nowhere near as accurate as medians

But I still consider it a neat step-up though. Sadly the perk itself, while very good, does not reach it’s full potential most of the time, these things have super small rounds it shoots and the general accuracy of fatmans/mammoths with what feels like a randomizer on where the shots swerve and curve to after they leave the barrel, so at a range most of the time you can’t really hit what you are trying to hit. Shots you could land with a wide array of other weapons fly all over the place and they don’t have the hp for close range brawling like fat man etc builds usually do. But the damage is there when it lands from time to time. Definitely not as accurate as it lets on in test range imo, even when tap firing

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I’ve been playing corvos on Griffon, to help me pick off guns without people noticing where the bullets are coming from.
Hadron felt too slow for how I like to play this gun, and I’m not sure deadman adds enough reload boost when you’re running three guns.
But thanks for testing it out. I’m not totally clear on the perk: sounds almost like it has the most effect if you trigger it when you’re fully loaded? Or am I misreading?

Basically, as far as I understood, the fewer shots you have left, the faster the gun reloads when you activate the perk rather than emptying your gun and letting it reload normally. The shots you reloaded this way do 20% more damage (not sure if it means the next full clip, or the next 5 shots out of 6 if you activated the perk when using Corvos and had 1 round left in the gun). You can’t activate the perk if you’re fully loaded, you have to have shot at least 1 shot before it can be used.

Sadly the reload boost is not something like X less seconds, but instead of 4.2 seconds to reload your gun it reloads in 4, the reload time boost feels extremely minimal on the new gun and the corvo, but noticeable on the Emily, and extremely noticeable on the Athena

Also the new cab has the best horn out of all the cabs imo, it sounds like a clown honk horn, but better than the one we have in-game

This reads as if the maximum reload boost comes when the chambers are full, although from what you’re saying, I guess it’s more about being almost full?

(“You” refers to Kohtupora_69)

Now I need to test this more when I get back into the game later on today, it does read out like that, not sure from where i got the idea of the more empty it is the faster it reloads

In that case it might be a lot better than I thought at boosting all revolvers

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I think it’s a bitch to operate, doeesn’t seem to be much of a perk, and three shots feels mighty weak on them guns. IDK how I’m surviving, and I doubt my luck will hold out for very long…but the cab and the guns are gorgeous, and I couldn’t resist it.

I couldn’t help myself. Cabs like this one and the Catalina are just too pretty for me to walk past. The Harpy and Bat too. I bought the Dusk and Call for aesthetic reasons as well…horrible cabs (like this one maybe?), but they have too much charisma for me to ignore…most of what I like about this game sucks, probably.

These hub-caps don’t suck, though.

…and I love the seasonal decor too, but I’m not convinced I will enjoy any of this stuff. I just can’t get into the melee META. I’ve mostly gotten pwnd by it (and everything else) this year, and Supercharged 2.0 seems to have left me behind. I’ve had a lot less fun ever since that update.

Despite this cabs smashing good looks, and all the revolutionary Crossout updates lately, I just don’t enjoy this game like I used to, and I doubt this purchase will change anything…but we’ll see. Game looks delicious, but feels toxic as hell to me.

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Yeah it reloads faster with only 1 shot shooted. Still though, don’t really notice any grand boost in damage with it, it’s kind of wonky all around to use and in effect but yeah you were right, works fastest with only 1 shot used

I’m not really expecting a huge DPS boost, but if I can get a second volley quicker, that means I’m more likely to actually degun my opponent.
Too many times I’ll get their guns sparking, but get pummelled while I reload.

how to exchange tricky treats?

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You go to the Fire Festival marker on the right side of the home screen and go to “crafting”.

This has been a huge issue on Xbox. Players with older than a Series S xbox often DC out of Clan Wars matches because their old Xbox didn’t load the clan wars map fast enough. The only solution is to get a newer Xbox or load Crossout on external solid state storage. This will make a lot of Xbox players very happy.

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Ahhh OK didn’t realize that only some of the craft’s needs tricky treats


If you don’t have it, the -Mass +Power fused Nova is a must have item for all kinds of builds. It can competently run power intensive movement parts, such as Icarus IV or Gerrida with only a Hot Red engine. This means this fusion is used in many unpossible builds and it is a staple cab for Clan wars and high power score play since it was introduced.

It was introduced once in Season 2, in the summer of 2020, and has never been offered since. That means, unless you are an old player, or got a good roll, this is your first chance at obtaining this cabin fusion.

If you want to play high power scores, and win someday, run, don’t walk, and do what is necessary to get this cabin.


wont the hadron do the same thing but better with a king and a reload booster?