Crossout in the sky! — First Look

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Bah humbug

You could build an under-mount flamethrower build and fly around peeing fire on people!
Aka monkey around


Have not watched all of it but someone said they announced that crossplay is not coming. If that is true they just announced the death of the game.

Yeah you would figure they’d implement that after half a year of saying that they will, especially with this update that has very little to it aka no balance tweaks

Time to start seriously looking for a new game.

still waiting for EverQuest3 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
that new cabin giving me chills,Harvesters everywhere again? :rofl:

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I don’t take this game seriously enough for it to affect me as it does with most others, though I have not bought any packs in months and am not really inclined to do so. Now if they started to include all the maps they make for special brawls and old retired maps or ones that weren’t released, updated them, and made the maps, in general, more destructible, that be a good start and less focus on the mighty ole $$$$ but more about improving the game and making it more fun to play

So play Earth defense force 4, in crossout got it.

Is everyone ready for copters? Seriously hope this mode does well and ends up staying, though I don’t see it doing to well on console do to well console problems. But On PC I can see it doing really well.

Also as hovers can’t fly, gives them a balancer, sure they have the highest ground mobility but they can’t take to the air when needed.

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If I had a dollar for every time someone said the game was dead or dying, I would have enough money to buy every pack in the game.

Imagine copter blades on a Hover build!

I’m not disagree with that.

But if they don’t add crossplay it will really hurt this game.

We already have a super low population and it is only going to get worse.

then make a game people like,'Crossplay won’t help if people don’t like it,very simple. :thinking:

Not really as most the players are on PC anyway, crossplay will just keep the dying console side up for a few more months at most, but lets face it like many games on both console and PC the console side is dying while the PC side lives on and well.

This is very much what needs to happen, IMO, but these developers give me no reason to believe that’s going to happen. They just don’t do that, and never have. Instead they simply continue to roll this turd in more sugar, add sprinkles and frosting, etc…or rather that’s what they used to do.

That new cab is not sugar, but is another melee turd this game very much did not need. That’s not sweetening this game at all. It’s what currently makes the game in low power-scores suck. More of that spread into higher power-scores is not likely to improve anything, but instead make a wider range of players miserable too…so, welcome to the party.

It’s not fun. I’ve had fun before. I know what it feels like, and I’m absolutely certain it’s not anywhere near melee truckers. IDK WTF they were thinking with that, and this new update basically boils down to that cab, doesn’t it? There is no battle pass. No new map. Just this awful, poorly re-skinned trucker cab, tuned-up to accommodate some of the worst game-play Crossout has to offer, and a brawl? Neat. Am I missing something? My sense of humor? Ya, probably.

Maybe you guys in the balcony will deal with it better than us kids in the cheap seats do. IDK. Hovers won’t find it very threatening, I suppose, but this cab is in no way a game sweetener, IMO. It’s highlighting one of the worst aspects of this game, and I think that it’s a disappointing revelation to see these developers appear so oblivious. Bummer.

I guess the new turd-mobile will encourage more players to leave the ground game entirely, and pursue the new flying feature. That’s definitely going to be a permanent thing. It’s the whole reason for the last update to the controls. It’s baked in now, and these copters will not be simply a temporary brawl. They’ve rearranged the entire game’s mechanics to make way for this feature, and I can’t see them just tossing it to the dust-bin, even if it has major bugs and balance issues, which I’m sure it will have. That’s just the routine.

I think the flying gimmick has great potential as a new permanent feature, and maybe they should also allow Boosters to be rotated, so we can build other types of flying things too. Personally, I think it would be fun for raids, or breathing new life into Adventure mode, but I don’t see it balanced well outside of a brawl or PVE. Allowing it into PVP will require a separate mode, like they have with War Thunder. Otherwise, people playing on ground vehicles will just get pwnd.

They could also change the objectives in PVP to make ground vehicles more competitive against the incoming plague of flying Ultra-META, but they ruined that potential with this stupid new cab, so whatever.

I’m going to need some help to see this game more positively in the future, I think. I’m already struggling to enjoy it, and this new garbage cab doesn’t give me much hope, or faith in this team of developers. Maybe the flying thing will work out better than I expect, but even if it does, it’s not what I came to play Crossout for. I came for the Thunderdome, and that’s over, I guess. It was a schit-ton of fun while it lasted.

If you can help me feel more positive about this game’s future, that’d be great. What am I missing? Stronger coffee? I used to really like to play it, and still want to enjoy it, but I don’t, and this update doesn’t improve my outlook any. It was a long wait, and ultimately looks disappointing.


but why ramming? while they just made ramming that tonnage update where we can’t move because of wedges?


My guess would be so it doesn’t need to be activated via active melee dmg. Any player can activate it then and nab that 25% dmg bonus. I think they are able to micro manage the collision dmg on different parts too.

News flash, console makes more money then PC.

It has been mentioned by the dev team that console is Crossouts biggest market share.

You got all these broke guys on 10 year old PCs without any money.

That actually explains a lot, I think.

I’ve never been a big enough fan of video games to actually ever own a console for anything. Ever. I had pong when it came out, but didn’t find Atari amusing, nor did I spend much money at the arcade. I liked pinball, darts, and pool a little, but this video game era was entirely uninteresting to me, until Skyrim came along, and I only like that for it’s Creation Kit…which is what brings me to this game; it’s creative engine.

That creativity appears to be getting replaced by arcade style pre-programmed commercial content that probably is more in line with what console players are into than I am. This game is getting closer to a slot machine than anything I’m going to find amusing. I’m looking for a creative outlet, and that’s not where this game is heading. It’s where it’s leaving from, and it’s where we’ll part ways.

I’ve never enjoyed a video game more than I have this one, I think, and it’s hard to even want to just move on, but this isn’t doing it for me anymore. The fire has died. It’s time for me to get a divorce from this game, probably. At least I won’t have to pay child support, but I really don’t know what I’m going to waste my life on now. I don’t have any new love lined up.

This development is giving me the blues.

Crossout: The best game I ever hated.

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