Crossout is turning into a Melee Trucking game

The stats on epic wheels and epic fast movement parts cannot be ignored man, these are not subjective to your success with Astras. They end up having more dura than slower movement parts while having high speed, fast reverse in case of tracks, insanely good cornering now, and perks that aren’t stupid like ML200, Augers etc. You say you can dewheel with Astras easily yet you won’t target wheels on a rush build? What? That’s where the frame hits and gens are. If you had such an easy time knocking wheels off you’d be popping gens left and right through them. I was doing that when Assemblers were OP. Just drilling BF’s left and right straight to cab frames. Those kind of hits need to become more common considering every single one of these rush builds can kill most builds within two heatcycles, which is not long.

I don’t inherently disagree, I also used assemblers before they were nerfed because hovers. Rush, melee, shotguns etc are way too OP due to short range maps, small tracks shouldn’t have the mobility they have, and hermits shouldn’t get 70% resistance, such a dumb % to choose, especially when I can hold my vehicle at a dead stop and still have the speedo say I’m doing 70kmh.

I still do get pops with astras, it semi works to a degree if I’m honest but that’s not its job.

Hermits should have a perk like between 50kmh and 90kmh it goes from 20% to 50% resistance, a wheel shouldn’t get such resistance in the first place, it completely throws the balance of having other movement parts, it’s like releasing a hover that’s better than all the rest and also get s50% resistance at 50km… like no that isn’t how you balance the pros and cons of parts.

Even with a perk nerf the Hermit is still completely OP. The Array is probably the best sub-epic wheel and epic wheels just blow it out of the water. Array has 1095 net tonnage at 175kg with 200 hp, while the Hermit gets 1590 net tonnage at 110kg with 310hp, with a perk that bumps its hp up to 713, if my math of hp(2.3) is correct. Its base stats are insane. Even the unused buggy wheel is op, 250 dura on a wheel that tiny while it weighs nothing and gives 1100 tonnage. If I knew how to put all this on a spreadsheet it would blow peoples minds how OP epic wheels are just by stats alone, just in comparison to bigfoots which were already OP with their lack of mass.
I mean epic weapons don’t deal 2-3x the damage of rare or special weapons, yet wheels gain that kind of HP. The slower parts have crazy dura compared to special wheels, but they’re slow and very large targets. They won’t be zigzagging avoiding half of shots aimed at them either.

You are justifying this by saying theyre epics. Ofc epic weapons shouldn’t be able to dewheel epic wheels faster than other solutions. Why? Because there are no legendary movement parts. NOR SHOULD THERE EVER BE. Want to fuse you 8 legendary wheels? That’ll be 120,000 coins sir. So yes, epics are the tippy top as they should be. Which means their balance has to be reflected against top weapons, i.e- relics and legendaries.

You are just projecting your own personal issues of not being able to deal with people holding W. I do it, I see Kami hovers do it, I see other dogs do it. Figure it out your damn self.

What do you play? I bet that’ll be a fun study on where your bias comes from. Is this thread really about “my Goliath track mastadon build isn’t working”?

Adapt? No, cry nerf. It’s the XO forum warrior way.

What are you even doing at 2k PS lmao?


All this talk about Hermits, yet every borer trucker from 4 to 9k uses 6 APC wheels

The PS pricing of wheels is horseshit and has been rolled using a RNG by an intern who never played the game, that’s a fact. But I spammed this place with something like 50 posts over nearly 2 years before they tweaked the Buggy wheels, don’t expect lazy ass Targem to balance 20+ different wheels anytime soon. But to sum up my thoughts on the matter… +50 PS/wheel for epics, +25 for APC, Chained and Large down to 75PS, and starters and commons down to 20 and 30 respectively.

This also has the benefit of balancing PvP a bit without doing anything to CW’s balance.


If most builds I saw in matches used only Hermits, I would give more credence to the idea that they are massively OP.
In reality, I still see more Bigfoots than Hermits, and at higher PS ranges I see at least as many legs and hovers as I do wheels.
Are there lots of wheels at lower PS? Of course there are, because there aren’t any low PS movement parts that aren’t wheels. If we had special hovers, legs, and/or tracks, we would see more variety in lower PS.
Honestly, I think low PS should be mostly wheels. They’re the most basic movement part, and new players don’t need the stress of being forced to fight against strafing parts while they’re still figuring out the basics of the game.

I fully agree that wheel grip should be decreased. But come on, wheeled builds being the most manoeuverable? They’re far beyond hovers and can only really be manoeuverable while moving in one direction (forward) since they have very small reverse speed and no sideways movement, making their movement by far the easiest to predict.

If there’s one thing I hate more than cuckpkans, then it’s S+M1 Scorp hover rats shooting at wheels. I’m actually glad that there are wheels that can take a punch. Taking away a player’s ability to move in a game where movement is the most important part of the gameplay is lame AF. Not to mention that if dewheeling was made into a bigger part of the game, it would be important to note that your average melee build will most likely take the shortest path towards its target, giving you shorter time to shoot at the wheels, but builds that need to stay in the fight for a longer time than it takes to drive into someone would be screwed over much more easily. That would just nerf hovers that move in reverse for the whole match and the Bigram build that prefer not moving at all.

I hate melees and wedges as much as the next guy, but nerfing wheels is not where it’s at. (I mean, aside from Hermits needing more PS and possibly weight)

Other dogs and hovrs isnt really a good comparison lets be real…

2499 matches are 3:00 long at maximum. It’s the ultimate scrap/gas grind. I enjoy all PS ranges. And sometimes having 12 people who absolutely throw caution to the wind is refreshing. 10/10 would recommend.


What about gasgen?

I think that would just make Small-Tracks more OP, and I don’t really see an issue with wheels, personally. It’s not broken, don’t fix it.

The two movement parts I would like to see updated (buffed) are Augers and ML-200s…my Fuzes take too long to get it together, and I’d like the Call to be un-broken from that horrible speed nerf, too. No big deal though…maybe, I do miss my Call.

Overall, I don’t have any issues with balance right now. I think it’s unusual that there isn’t any one thing that’s outstanding and skewing the playing field, like missiles, or hovers, or fire, or whatever, and I like it. I certainly wasn’t seeing wheels as any kind of issue…Chain wheels could sure use a buff…The tread is backwards on the Tractor wheels. That sucks.

I see only some minor issues presently (crafting kinda sucks, IMO), but the game seems as playable as ever, overall. For the moment.

The OP is right though, when he says the Melee is off the chain. It’s pretty thick, but their high body count is due to bad team efforts, and kids thinking throwing it into reverse will counter Borers on small tracks, probably. It totally doesn’t. Watching from a safe distance as the beast grinds up your cannoneer isn’t helpful either. We need that guy…for bait…just kidding, but that is your opportunity to take out that awful red melee guy (when he’s already engaged). Also rush his arse if you catch him slamming into a wall and desperately looking for reverse. Pin him. Then double up on him. I think this Melee META just takes team work to overcome, and I actually like it for that. Teams that don’t play like one should loose to those who do, I think. If nobody wants to play like a team, then let the melee eat’em.

When it gets like that, I’ll bust out my own melee and eat’em myself. I’m certain the Borer-Small-Track monster feeds primarily on Lone Rangers.

My advice (PVP): Find a travel buddy. Look out for your heavy builds, and if there is a melee META guy on your team, make sure I don’t find him alone. If you can escort him to a win, your team will win. I think it’s fun having the health-brick melee guy run pole position.

Also if you’re new to the game and ain’t got Monkey cash to fling like poo, the Borer META is a great way to get the new guy into an important role and playing competitively…as long as they don’t buff that schizz. It is borderline OP, but I personally like it where it’s at. It’s giving my light machine gun builds a purpose they didn’t have before, and obviously I’m for that.

I think the Melee Trucker META is my favorite Crossout super-villain so far.


Trucker borer is much better than the old low PS sparkvesters that were dominating that range years ago.



Keep my Hermits out of your mouth.


It is not. the 70% damage resistance does not mean that the Hermit only takes 30% damage. The damage resistance is actually calculated as 100% / (100% + DamageResistance%). This is true for most resistances in Crossout (Grizzly co-driver, Ermak cabin, etc. and many other videogames. Meaning, that the damage taken by a Hermit at maximum perk effectiveness is 41.176% lower, giving it about 437.65 effective HP.


I think we should have a special activity day where teams from around the world attach chainsaws to the front of their cars and drive through the targem developer team armed with paintball guns.


This reads a bit confusing to me. Are you commenting on how dammage resistance from from multiple sources is multiplicative and not addative? So say omomori+cab resistance fusion+cohort perk is not addative(90% resist) but is calculated multiplicative(70ish%)?

The percantages actually add up, but within that formula I stated. So if you stack multiple resistances together, let’s say 10% DR fusion, 30% Averter and 30% Grizzly’s perk, the total damage will be calculated like this: [TotalDamage] = [OriginalWeaponDamage] * (100% / (100% + 10% + 30% + 30% ) ) , Which means [TD] = [OWD] * 0.5882352941, resulting in lowering the damage only by about 41.17% For comparison, If you leave the Grizzly out, you would only lower the damage ~28.57% while getting “40%” Damage resistance. So, if you manage to stack your damage resistance to 100%, you will lower the damage taken by 50%, if you wanted to lower it by 75%, you would need to somehow get a 300% Damage resistance bonus, et cetera…

I’m pretty sure that’s not how Omamori and Bastion at least work (and all the melee resist and passthrough stuff). I know Hermits do not block 70% incoming damage, but I thought it was the only resist to be calculated in a stupid way.

Omamori literally states that it absorbs half of the damage, it does not provide a “damage resistance” percentage. Bastion, frames, grilles and bumpers are indeed an exception in this regard (seems that items with the resistance icons actually lower the damage taken by the percentage shown, instead of providing DR). The rest you can test out by yourself in your garage with a calculator. This is how damage resistance percentages work in lots of other games as well.