Crossout isn't Mad Max

Crossout isnt mad max it was nvr designed to be a madmax game. Hovers are in the story, if they were so OP then everyone would do well with them. Ppl take this mad max comparison too far, having opinions based on if it was in the movie mad max. THIS ISNT MAD MAX!


no, it’s not Mad Max. It’s Mad Re/Macks! Everything Must Go!
mad re macks


I agree 100% here.

The world of Crossout has comparisons to Mad Max, but it’s story/world are WAY different and was always meant to have high tech stuff in it.


Yup, listen to monkey, he’s speaking the truth!

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If anything, XO is more in the Maximum Overdrive universe than it is in the Mad Max universe. In the Maximum Overdrive universe, after a comet causes a radiation storm on Earth, machines come to life and turn against their makers. Holed up in a North Carolina truck stop, a group of survivors must fend for themselves against a mass of homicidal trucks. And, in XO, the Truck Stop is the 1st place we hit in Adventure Mode.

“You’re not my real daddy!”

Obviously, it’s got more than a few elements from the Mad Max franchise incorporated into it, like next to all of them, but no, it does not hold an official license to sell under that moniker, so no, it technically is not “Mad Max.” It’s “Crossout.” Totally not Mad Max, right?

Sure,except that anybody who has seen Fury Road should realize that clearly Mad Max is Crossout’s father. There is no question.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

What I’d like to know is who is Crossout’s Mother? I think that’s a more interesting question. The former is hardly debatable, IMO.

What do you guys think is inspiring it’s more sci-fi elements? I’m not sure they have a very clear model, and I think they’ve drawn from a lot of different places in minor detail, but nothing comes to mind.

Doesn’t the lore sort of continue from where ExMachina left off? I’m not very familiar with that game, but I know it shares some continuity.


Those of you who have more respect and interest to what devs are trying to do would know, madmax-ish elements are just part of much wider XO lore. Maybe not so detailed and worked on, but wider, it’s not really comparable.
Whoever designed mad max lore and XO lore most likely take inspiration from places like southwest of USA “The Boneyard” where dry climate makes corrosion slow and produce interesting landscapes with vehicles. But also XO doesn’t limits on mad max-ish deserts, featuring post-apocalyptic cities and greens, at least that means we have interesting maps to play on. I for one love this mixture of human made environments overtaken/mixed with nature. And abandoned things bring a whole another romantic feeling to it, imagining things that brought this places to ruin, and new opportunities for those who survived. Since their lore focuses on whole world they can bring whatever new elements to it, and they did. Asian part was very good addition.
In general though I still would say XO lore is quite weak. Singleplayer missions don’t play much role in the game, and don’t even have voice acting, so lore don’t really comes into play. Games factions only influence parts, and since you can use parts of any faction on your build, doesn’t feel like choosing any faction even means something. Most times it’s pvp battles so it fills you more in that toxic human online contests more than any lore.
PVE does have more feel to it, but still shallow. At least it feels better that game tries to be and have something more than just vehicle construction and battles, and have some style and feel to it.


what ever XO’s creative inspirations are, it does take heavily from 1970’s and 1980’s movies. Mainly: Maximum Overdrive, Mad Max, Duel, IT, just to name a few.

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I would argue they took some inspiration from Star Wars vehicles too.


I don’t understand what’s happening there. Is that you being offended by the obvious comparison to Mad Max? Why is that perceived as such an ugly thing to do? I really don’t get it. I agree, there’s more too it than just Mad Max, but I don’t see how it’s like degrading or insulting to state the obvious; This game visually looks a lot like Fury Road in particular. Is there a sensitive copyright issue I don’t know about?

I agree. It really was. The Japanese have a very strong car culture and sense of style, and the Syndicate added a lot of unique flavor to Crossout. It helps it pull away from what I think had been an overwhelming “Mad Max” thematic element.

I think that’s why the Mad Max motif tends to drown some of the other stuff out, maybe. It’s the only cohesive and continuous theme in Crossout. I think the other themes are not as well fleshed out, full of dead ends, and maybe lack a little character.

I agree, more flavor could be inserted into this feature. It might help carve out Crossout’s unique character more if these Factions had more thematic influence, and were more relevant in general. The Syndicate brought a lot of ambiance with it when it came. They got their own garage, in-game maps, iconic paint, and a permanent faction bench. The Founders didn’t get as much attention in those regards, but they did present an awesome Battle Pass, and solid Faction bench, and have been another strong thematic element to further distance themselves from the immense shame (oops…sarcasm. sorry) of being related to Mad Max.

That part of the game reminds me the most of ExMachina (raids), if anything at all. Maybe they should milk that harder.

PVE might indeed be a good place to expand the identities of the many personalities of Crossout and make Crossout’s own individual identity more pronounced. The map they came up with for the Ravagers event last October is an excellent example of what could be done. That was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and was excellent Sci-fi, IMO.
I would love it if they reworked the maps for raids, and made them like a tour through each factions particular theme-park. Each rich with that factions lore, color palette, habitat, easter-eggs, rewards, etc. That would go a long ways, I think, towards Crossout being less confused with Mad Max, and forging it’s own personality.

A Syndicate Map might be a good start? They sure have a lot of flavor, but I’d also like to see the classics (Engineers, Nomads, etc) personalities turned up a notch, along with faction builds being updated to the glory they deserve.

I think it has pulled away from some of those overbearing Mad Max themes a lot over the last couple years, but I’m personally glad it’s still in there.

if it wasn’t for inspiration we wouldn’t have toilets…
just saying,same 'ol same’ol just like the old forum…
but please…carry on…

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Now that you mention it, Stephen King’s "It"was actually an alien, and not the amazing Tim Curry.

His performance was so iconic it sort of left the rest of the script in the dust. I mention it because (you did) of the “We all Float” sticker, and that it is another reference to aliens, but it’s not immediately recognizable as such.

They need to start running random UFO sightings in game. It’d be fun to try and get screenshots, and maybe something to fuel the intrigue of “The Postman’s” conspiracy theory (It’s a government conspiracy-No, it’s aliens). They already have the Helicopters flying over now. I wonder where they are headed? Maybe to recover alien wreckage?
I’ve been begging for a crashed saucer from this game for a while, and I’d be glad to see more of their interpretations of an alien presence. The Ravagers are very interesting, IMO.


It sounds too blunt, saying “crossout isn’t mad max” like… who would say it is?? Like is there people that would say crossout is just some kind of online mad max game? Meaning that crossout don’t have it’s own unique lore elements and ideas? Idk, OP post title suggest there are such people. Somehow with this hover changes people apply some weird sly twisted logic in attempt to save their sideways meta going like “crossout isn’t mad max” meaning that there shouldn’t be just wheel crafts, even though nobody removing hovers and legs, they just reworking them, no changes is final, it’s a constant process and devs want what best for all - which is equal love to all parts and prosperity of the game. But hover f@gs just cry “it’s the end of the times” and this direct comparison is just… isn’t mad max?? Of course not. Does it have to be?? Oh, you mean if there will be wheel meta for a while this game would be some direct copy of mad max? Riight… Or like OP post suggests… if this is not mad max than it’s perfectly alright for hovers to be master race?? Well, guess what, it’s a sh*tty game if you have lots of options and one of them is superior to all others making it THE meta of sorts, leading everyone who wants to fight with fair chances - be forced to use it… like why the F devs bother to make all other parts then? They all should have chances.

Because people’s minds work that way. They don’t perceive things being told/shown to them but rather tend to build their impression based on what they already know.
“It has some weird crazy dude in lore and rusty crazy vehicles! Where did I see that? Mad Max! It’s a Mad Max game.” - and take that as basement for their understanding of what they are dealing with.
Why is it always about mad max? There are steppen wolfs, engineers, knights riders. Characters are not complete I think, mostly because we can’t see what is the story and where are they even fit, and why this story even matters. Perhaps if we seen more of them, hear their voices, have dailies after them, having you to choose who you will help to day, have them compete for player’s attention like some daily quest where you get some part and 2-3 faction leaders go “bring that to me” “don’t listen to him, listen to me”, give you different rewards, and have faction progress affect something more than just open few parts and then do nothing at all. But well, there is time, perhaps they’ll get more alive in the future.

Not might. It IS. Because it’s most convenient to make lore events. Having some chain of events to place the characters. I believe in some way devs try to portray this faction leaders as faction leaders that always compete each other, or should, maybe make alliance sometimes.
Could actually even add them to pvp battles, but that is more complicated. Imagine if you go into battle there are special tasks like: “capture ammo depot” (instead of capture… zones?? duh) or “Defend the base/town” while other enemy tries to destroy it. And each time on start you get random faction leader giving order, and in case of victory you get additional XP or something with that chosen faction, so that players could be extra motivated in some battles.

I say all that because you know, most times the game doesn’t even feel like it has lore or it needs one, but just some competitive fairly toxic MMO pvp like all others of it’s kind as devs try to make everyone suffer things for grind/progression. I understand it also gives the feel that you are working towards something leaving hope that things will get different once you acquire something rather than fight eternally with no progress or aim, but there are downsides to it, in the end leaving most of players don’t even care about what ride they use and how it looks, but just “can itt pwn other noobz?” or “it’s not ugly if it works”. Lore won’t really cure it, but will make at least some feel that this game intend to show something interesting rather than being just some online PvP arena.

NO one Needs To Type This Much…ever…so stop it! :crazy_face: :rofl:

I do though compare this game lore based on my experience of Bethesda’s Fallout lore for example - they are fairly similar featuring post-apocalyptic world. And since Fallout is singleplayer, and Fallout 76 is… kind of multiplayer almost without PvP - I do have example in my mind of how good lore looks like, the one interesting to explore more, and also see how adding multiplayer PvP elements ruins lore as well.
Fallout 76 doesn’t even have text chat so basically you can’t even communicate with everyone. It feels sometimes weird like why don’t you have that ability, but there is audio chat in proximity actually, which people rarely use… And so I been playing the game, enjoying it like some other singleplayer game… and once after some event when half of the server rallied to fight of boss monster… Some dude says “Fallout 2 is still the best fallout game”. And my mind just go… @#$#$&%*$#% wtf dude? How and why do you compare? It’s a modern game with lots of feature, much better graphics, bigger maps and more functionality. How can you… How do you compare it? Based on your memory of enjoying more the game you’ve been playing like 10-20 years ago?? Does this people even know the difference between “subjectivity” and “objectivity”? People just roll out their subjective feelings like "objective"colt calculated logic all the time. Does game have something to do with you been younger less experienced at the time you experience that game?

  • That’s me getting triggered on quite inoffensive words but… I wasn’t thinking lore and game for a while, just because some dude decided to share his ol c*nt impression of “grass was greener and sun brighter back in the day”. That’s when I realised… gosh people ruin the lore so much.
    That’s a bit of topic, but just example of having people and PvP will always make lore fade quite a bit.
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Your post wasn’t really smol either so I though you were into it lol… but you just accuse me of doing same what you do… but doing it more? That’s funny)
I’m just rethinking my thoughts while I write, so I don’t mind. But from the point of “spare me the reading of all that” I feel a bit sorry so, might not do that in future.
Get me thinking… some people write whole books like… who the F would read all that? But none is forcing you into anything, same here.

Sry… I mistook you for DocSavage, who’s reply on my post was quite open so nvm.

Just some dudes been here real off topic and philosophical so I thought some wouldn’t mind. If you DO then well, ok, noted, but you are not the only one here so…

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How about a question. Tell me “Why?”

i’m just playing with you,we need fun here…that’s why we pick on eachother,we pick on our friends,and now your our friend.prepare to get picked on… :crazy_face: :rofl:

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You make some strong points, like how this is really a hover thread disguised as a lore thread (you’re right, I think), but I’d rather focus on how to turn up the flavor of this game’s iconography and individuality, than pointlessly champion the hover’s reasons for existence. They don’t need any help. Nobody was even saying they shouldn’t belong here, as far as I can tell. I don’t even know where this comes from. Them ruling the roost continuously is an issue, but that’s a different thread…or is it?

I’m not interested in that conversation. Considering the pending update, there is no context for that discussion yet.

Yes, special tasks that are thematically relevant to who the protagonists and the antagonists are in pve would help. Like…

  • Raiding a secret heavily guarded military compound and liberating stolen alien tech (Steppenwolves vs Dawn’s Children).

  • Raiding a Ravager nest to steal alien tech directly.

  • Cleansing a Ravager infestation from an infected Syndicate urban center

  • Halting a Firestarter’s ritual sacrifice of advanced Hover technology

Basically just make things dramatically less ambiguous. I agree, I’d like to see the environment in PVE reflect relevant Crossout themes to help bring out and articulate Crossout’s particular brand more, so maybe it doesn’t seem like it’s riding Mad Max’s coat tails so much. Although, it really doesn’t seem to be doing that so much these days, IMO.

The artists here are great, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this begin to take shape in the future, but first we have this ominous update to deal with. The developers might have something more in mind with this change and who knows what possibilities it could bring?