Crossout just fell off a cliff

Holy crap?

Did they by chance separate the Chinese from those numbers again? I ask because there was a huge jump in numbers a while back (which is why the all time high is what it is), and that was later attributed to the Chinese migrating to a different server (that server) due to local changes that effected the game there in China.

So, to see those numbers so far down is a bit odd. I thought maybe it was BS, but I checked (sorry). So I wonder, did something happen in China? Where did all the people go?

It looks like they did drop an update on the 15th 0:00 (numbers crash). I thought I felt a change in the force; guns are easier to strip and the traction on racing wheels feels nerfed…could be just lag with the wheels. IDK, but I do think guns are peeling off easier.

Is it possible they just changed their server arrangement recently, and now the numbers just look different again? Did the Chinese go back to where they came from?

That’s one hell of a descent, considering that at one point, right around update 2.0, they had an all time high on that chart, that more than doubled the numbers for that chart over night. Now they’re back to dead-game numbers again.

It’s difficult to know what the real numbers are, and that chart can be misleading.

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I made that thread too link is here. Where are all these players coming from?
The player count dipped to an all time low of 2088 players last night on steam charts by the looks of it. Something weird is really going on.


I haven’t noticed longer queues… :man_shrugging:

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just me being me, I can’t tell if it’s troll-me though. I know we’re not to get political BUT: Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are said to be lining things up (financially), and the US is set to be left out in the cold. My Swiss-cheesed Conspiracy brain wants to make links. Where? I have no clue. Now I’m the one falling off a cliff, SO, with that, I’m shutting up.

Game is in such a great state right now.

image (4)


It’s an old problem.

The number of Chinese players on international servers has always been small

For myself, I’m really losing the fun of the game

Game is broken and long term players leaving it, here is another example.

Crossout Goodbye Forever - YouTube


Remember that when a country or group of countries have to put their future financial plans on show as propaganda it probably means it’s not going well in the first place.

The fact that you’re comparing these 5 major nations to 1 single nation say it all really. the US is not “left out in the cold”, they neither need nor want part in such a coalition/group.

Any propaganda from BRICS has the backing and consent of the CCP and it’s probably good to ignore it take it with the biggest grain of salt possible.

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It took me a few minutes to figure out what the heck he was doing & why.
Clearly, he was eliminating the temptation.
Kinda’ brutal to watch in a way.

At least he returned that stuff to the market before disappearing.

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If Crossout is so addictiive that it is stunting your adult life, then it is probably good to close out your account in this way.


The steam numbers is more or less the same from before the player spike anomaly that occurred in January. Most likely what caused the spike in January is also what caused the drop the other day. Devs never did explain that I don’t think.


Yeah, he made a live stream and just show his frustration into this game, hes been one of top players playing for a rly long time and just blowed up a few days ago.

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The drop off happens every year.

Time for end of summer vacations and kids going back to school.


Yeah, I looked at the Steam Charts & zoomed out to the entire history of the game, and I think it’s far too early to claim it’s dead. If anything, according to the charts, it’s doing almost as well as it’s ever done aside from a peak or two.


The steam charts is gone back to normal but that is prob gonna come back down to 6000ish player where it was before after players comes to check out the new changes and run for the hills.


I stopped buying anything from them, since their incompetence become so obvious and they dont know what players wants. they dont deserve my money :love_you_gesture:


They seem like a group that is pretty young, when I saw their group photo. I think a lot of their mistakes can be attributed to this, and when I look at them from that perspective (their relative youth), it’s actually pretty amazing what they’ve accomplished.

I’m not saying I think the game is in great shape at the moment. It seems to be going through one of those phases; the calamity of half baked updates. They usually pull it together eventually (then break it again), but wow they’ve made the game complicated at this point. I wouldn’t want to sort it all out. There’s a lot going on. Too much, IMO.

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People do not understand we vote with our money.