Crossout=pay and win

Terrible weapon balance

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I despise p2w games. I dont play that trash. Crossout? Its not p2w. If you think its p2w your just makeing excused for suckimg at the game.

You= needs to get gud


I don’t understand a single thing you wrote. What is gud?

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It’s a terrible game. Those who pay outrageous money have a huge advantage.


Seems more like that these days, with events requiring cash items to access features, but the argument is going to be, “Ya, but you don’t have to. You can grind it.”

I’m not sure that’s as true as it used to be, but IMO, it’s META to win, and the META doesn’t always require many coins to accomplish, unless you’re going to try and roll with people who have been playing for years at 16K. Then, yes, you will need to have made a significant investment in the game to compete with the META there. If you want to just jump in and pwn kids that have been playing for years, you will need to bust out the wallet to catch up.

If I knew what to buy that would make me win, I might consider it, but I’m not sure what that would even be. As far as I can tell, If I just wanted to win, Borers work pretty good. Sledge hammers do too, and those are both pretty easy to come by.

Hovers seem to be pretty out of whack these days (those are expensive), but really, nobody wants to start another Hover thread. We know already.


People have different definitions of Pay to win. Some people will argue that the best items are no good if your build is bad and you don’t know how to play. Some people call it Pay to win because paying money allows the player to reduce/skip the very long grind.

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I keep quoting you, Doc… because you keep nailing it.

I mean, look at what Charlie posted in the EAB thread. I haven’t played it yet, but I’m willing to bet this thing dominates. No money needed… just a low PS Meta monster.

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I think I might actually give it a whirl, as I’m just not coming up with any of my own ideas anymore, and I’m pretty frustrated. I need a change of pace, because I’m not enjoying this game anymore, but it’s not because I think it’s pay to win. I just think the game balance is super trashy currently. There’s like three builds you can play in PVP right now; Hovers and whatever (of course), the Goblin sandwich, and the Auger/Bastion with whatever. I’m not sure how the latest Auger up-date effects that last one, but I played a couple matches (PVP) just now (could only tolerate a few) and it was a lot Goblins and Augers. Anybody not using that, or Hovers, got pwnd every time.

I suppose those aren’t really cheap parts, and if you just started playing, or don’t have that stuff in your inventory (like I don’t), this game’s not going to be very entertaining. I didn’t think it was.

I’m struggling to enjoy this game for a lot of reasons probably, but I don’t think it’s because I haven’t spent enough money on it. I think the Mad Max era of Crossout is finally over and I just don’t fit in anymore.

I hope not…

I’m not really having the same experience, but I don’t play exactly like you do . My main PVP build right now is a little box truck I can slap maces/sledges/vectors/Sinuses etc on. It’s pretty good & covered in lights if I wanna be a clown.

I’m doing a lot of really silly builds when I’m not trying for the dailies… that duck was one of 'em.

Hope things turn around for you in the game…

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I work hard for my disposable income. If I want to spend money on something fun I will. Having relics and stuff doesn’t make you a better player.


I does make people better seal-clubbers though, and some of the latest passes have features like the Athena which are fairly pay to play. It’s been argued that it was pay to win, but they don’t perform that well, and looks more like evidence of whaling by the developers. This latest pass looks like it’s got some of that in there too, but I’m a disgruntled customer lately and I’m not even going to look at it, so I’m not sure. I do think it’s a running joke, as the “Extinct Species” sticker alludes to.
The whole Polar Lights pass and many of the latest event benches, have an openly nautical (naughty-naughty)“Moby Dick” theme, I think, that is designed to sponge up blubber-bearing inventories.

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Yes, yes it is. I have won way more after paying for packs and getting hovers, and done things way beyond I could ever wish to achieve without putting real money into the game, and I am not afraid to admit that this game is absolutely pay to win, pay to have fun, pay to enjoy, pay to experience many weapons. The difference between non paying and paying players in what the game gives to them is humongous and anyone telling you otherwise is lying.


Pay to win…

I downloaded Charlie’s latest “Hold My Bear.”
First go round with it… so yeah… and yes, I’m going to double post this in that EAB thread (quoted above) as well.

edit… forgot the image




I’ve only ever bought BPs, but it wouldn’t change much for me if suddenly I couldn’t use any of those items. I guess I might have to get a few more cabins, but my favourite weapons aren’t the BP ones, and while I do like Bigrams, hermits, and omniwheels, it’s not hard to obtain them from grinding. I’m pretty sure I have an extra four of each of them that I grinded out.

If you’re talking about CW, paying money will help to get you into a competitive build, but in PVP it’s really not necessary at all.

I’m probably an average skill player, and I’m very cheap/poor. If I don’t need to pay to compete in PVP, neither do you. Don’t believe the hype about what money will buy you in Crossout.
Too many people are so impatient, and never even spend the time to learn the lower level weapons before the upgrade. Accumulating new stuff is the main focus for them, rather than actually using the stuff. I think this is one of the reasons people get so worked up about the profit aspect of the game: they spend coin or cash on new toys they want, but still aren’t winning as much as they think they should be. That convinces them that the people killing them must have just spent more.


Ya…but…but…“technically” it’s not. You could theoretically get…almost…anything you wanted by just grinding…for a really, really long time.

Ya know, if the game play was more fun, it wouldn’t be a “grind” to play. It would just be playing and advancing gradually, but crap seems out of whack to me, and the envy of people wanting to skip that whacked grind has increased.

I know it has been leaning into some bad marketing lately, but I’m not convinced it’s really “pay to win.” They didn’t offer much in this new pass for free to players though (they do in polar lights), but then there really isn’t much in it for people who might buy it either. It certainly contains nothing that is going to give you an easy win. I’m not even sure it’s any better than the typical starter pack.

So did I, and the"Hunter" too. I didn’t do as well as you did with “Hold My Bear” (cool name), but I did better than all the other players on my team, both times, with both builds. I was about to go applaud his efforts with that project. It really is a cool thing he’s got going over there, and it does fly right into the face of the notion that this game is pay to win.

They are just so ugly, though. I really hate META builds, but he does know what he’s doing. I have no doubt about that. Those builds work, and are cheap and easy to acquire for anybody who wants to play, and I will probably try more of them. Maybe I can find a way to make them beautiful. I think he should develop a signature paint job, so people out there know whose build I’m sporting when I delete them.

EDIT: In fact, I think I’m going to switch to my F2P account and work that for a while using his (Charlie’s) builds, just to see how it really does work in a F2P environment.


Boom. Spot on.

Boom Boom. Spot Spot On On.

This is EXACTLY why I’m doing my best to no longer pay attention to gaining resources/rewards etc. I will go for those things if I can do those things and still have fun. I’m done working while playing.


That’ll be the mods I make to it. That’s usually the 1st thing I do to something I download from the exhibition. If I do, I’ll share in that thread.

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Argue whatever semantics and definitions you guys want, but general opinion of everybody that knows of XO is that this game is P2W. New players are saying it, loads quit before they reach engi 30 because they are getting rolled by paying players. Go to any yt comment section or steam reviews and its everywhere and well received. In every occasion where I am struggling to have fun or win games I could pay money and immediately do better. This goes for Pvp and ESPECIALLY CW.


That people are here disagreeing with you kinda’ makes your point moot, doesn’t it? :man_shrugging:

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Extremely small minority of players here.

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