Crossout South America Server

First of all, this “letter” represents the Brazilian and South American Community, not my opinion.

Most of us, Brazilian players, play with an MS around 130 in American Servers and in European MS Servers it is around 300. We have a relatively considerable difference in the Northeastern region of Brazil, where MS is a little further down, as it is closer to the United States.

And believe me, we managed to play very well, even if that makes any precision weapon become a decoration artifact, because how do you get precision if you have a huge delay in response when you press the fire button and the shot is shot?

And of course, MS isn’t even the biggest problem here, can you believe it? In every game we always have Pack Loss (Loss), on American Servers we have small teleportation, things appearing and disappearing from nowhere, it’s still playable, but on European Servers or any other server, the Loss is above 50% , that is, it is simply unplayable. The match just doesn’t start and we have to go back to the garage.

I have a Youtube channel and I constantly do LiveStream on Twitch of Crossout, and we have a lot of players in Latin America I really don’t understand the problem of having Servers for us.

Do you want numbers? No problem, ask me how many players you need to have a server here in South America, and I’ll do it.

One of my Channel videos has more than 1300 views and more than 85 Likes, and the channel was made in a very short time, and I practically don’t promote the Channel, the players who find it are active players and they really like Crossout.

And the numbers don’t stop there, I have Community exclusively for the Crossout game on Discord, and only in my community, without taking into account any other Crossout Discord in Brazil, we are more than 100 players.

So I would like an answer from the Developers about the problem of not having Servers here in South America. And I want to make something very clear, that Servers are just 1 of the big problems we have here, but one step at a time!

Thank You!


I can confirm that but it is even worse for players from “lower regions of Brazil” like me per example i play with 250 ms in the North America server and it’s very hard to hit my shots even with machine guns if Gaijin did something about this i’m sure a lot more people would play the game… And sometimes my friends have to quit the battle right at the start because of a packet loss bug if they are in a raid that means -60 fuel in a hard raid…


What a gamer…


:slight_smile: yes


It’s really hard for us Brazilians to play crossout, this was one of the games I’ve played the most lately and I hope gajin launches the Brazilian servers soon :grin:


Yes, I know several people who like the game, but they don’t start playing because they know about this problem with MS.


Amo esse jogo, mas infelizmente passo por todos esses problemas citados acima, mas a diferença é que no meu caso, mesmo morando na região mais para o Norte do Brasil, literalmente a cada 10 partidas que jogo, 8 estão com muita perda de pacote e não consigo sair do início, saio com 10 segundos de partida pois era inviável jogar. Tenho uma internet razoavelmente boa, mas não é o suficiente para evitar esse tipo de problema, então, acho que falo por todos os sul-americanos que jogam esse jogo incrível, por favor Gaijin, tragam um servidor para esta região.

Encarecidamente, um jogador que ama esse jogo e não quer parar de joga-lo!


I love this game, but unfortunately I go through all these problems mentioned above, but the difference is that in my case, even though I live in the northernmost region of Brazil, literally every 10 games I play, 8 have a lot of packet loss and I can’t leave the beginning, I leave with 10 seconds left because it was unfeasible to play. I have reasonably good internet, but it’s not enough to avoid this kind of problem, so I think I speak for all South Americans who play this amazing game, please Gaijin, bring a server to this region.

Sincerely, a player who loves this game and doesn’t want to stop playing it!


I’ve seen a guy in the old forum hoping for the same 2 or 3yrs ago. Nothing is changed :rofl:

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Believe me, It’s not about the money.
And we are not this same guy! :wink:

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If not then what?

But another one whos asking for it after you will be next one asking for the same after another 2 or 3 yrs :rofl:


It’s not all about money, my young man.

And so far I don’t understand where the fun part is about needing a server and not having it. You are more of a gamer, who likes to make fun of the difficulties of others, rather than having a minimum of empathy and helping.

You just don’t understand yet, that if you don’t have players, there’s no game. Work 9 hours a day, get home, take your college classes, clean and organize your house, and play 2 games out of 10 because all the other 8 you had connection issues. And then, you will understand that the issue on the forum goes far beyond money.


Don’t judge me buddy, I feel your pain thats why Im laughing. Im sitting here over 5yrs and I’ve seen a lot! believe me, I also wish to have more players and more servers but I also realize that developers dont want to put any effords into it, thats why theres no point of begging them. They do not listen!

I dont know for how long you’ve been playing crossout and if you ever been on the old forum but as far I know crossout doesnt have own servers and is running on war thunder backup servers, Many ppl say that but I’ve never seen any official info ,also never look for it tbh.

And as I said before, “its all about the money” you just dont understand it yet :love_you_gesture:


I play since 2018, and we still waiting for some answer, but in 2018 I had not noticed that Brazil have a very nice Crossout community.

About the Backup War Thunder server I don’t know too… If this is true, we all are really in a poop situation.
There’s rumours about Crossplay between the platforms. But no ones know if this is true.

The game is very cool and we all just wanna a better “place” for everyone play it. :handshake:

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Idk if theres a bigger Brazilian community now than before but I remember some Brazilian players claim the same as you now. There was more ppl asking for servers Australia and Japan players had the same issues and what developers did? NOTHING.

Yes thats true, crossplay is coming before end of this year but nobody knows how many platforms will be included, developers mention crossplay but without any details.


Platforms will include and might include…
Magnavox Odyssey
Sega Genesis
Game Boy
but not…PC :rofl:

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U forgot to mention - Pegasus :rofl:

EDIT:Btw Atari is an old pc :rofl:


I wold like to add that South Pasific / Australia / New Zealand had active community but our cw time got removed by cheating from USA players. They say they will not return it as they will get cheating again so we play at minimun of 300 - 350 ping which really sucks


Hello!!! my name is junior ps5 platform (JUNIOR557 ) I am from CBR clan (CROSSOUT BRASIL , the best clan currently in Brazil. We are very competitive and we love the game. I really wanted this server in south america, we suffered too much with delay. It would be a big step for our stability and game life here in South America. I know more than 50 players who have given up on the game because of this problem. I thank the creator of this request. let’s fight for it.


play crossout game since 2017, I believe that the Brazilian community has many players, but due to the lack of a South American server, many will already give up, so I come to appeal to the developers of the game, to pay attention to the South American community.