“The rule of cool”

I didnt get the handbook on that one xD

I like the idea of Ravagers as a BP theme, and the Ravager limited time events have been fun so far. Not so sure about ravager structural parts with readymade guns for destroying them. Seems the guns would be underpowered for other things or that the structural pieces would have OP stats vs current weapons.


I think this is the upcoming event, actually (or something similar). That’s who Lloyd (last minipass named after him) is, he’s the scientist in charge of the ravagers. A fight is coming, and coming soon.


A rare sight to see.
A moderator posting on the forum.
Remember it ya’ll, March 2024.

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Easiest way to make it more fun is buff the useless weapons so they can compete with the current meta to some degree so people have more fun by playing the different kinds of guns and playstyles this game supposedly has to offer, rather than just miniguns, machineguns, autocannons, fortunes with a side of meelee/shotguns/flamethrowers all used the same way (facehug and w)


I 2nd this, and honestly as a casual rather than competitive player, one who uses decor very often. A big lack i’ve seen, is cabins having completely non-functional lights. Like how humpback used to have non-functional headlights, then was changed outside of a update to have them working. more cabs need to have functional lights, and on top of lights, they should actually work! the game can be super gorgeous at times, especially at night. But the lights never give any effect to any vehicle or ground, aside from neons and muzzle flashes. I just dont see whats so hard about having functional lights, and a actual night to most things? This has always been a thing ive disliked, and i personally think the game needs another graphical update. It’s definitely better than it was years ago but it still doesnt feel up to par with most, even warthunder. And if it’s a engine restriction, maybe it’s time to consider not making a bp every few months… and give us a real big update, one we can all appreciate, and not some new meta bp.

More maps, please…and random weather and lighting conditions.

I love the Ravager mutual enemy thing too. They should come with a thick haunted (toxic?) fog, I think, to enhance their creepy ambiance.

This game has no revolving, or seasonal natural ambiance, and every day feels exactly like the last, and these same maps over and over, year after year, with zero diversity is monotonous and tedious, so to give the game a fresh feel, the developers have to constantly introduce new bobbles that ultimately are havoc to the game balance and need constant tweaking.

I suggest working on the ambiance and game environment more (more maps, please), and less overhauling of the game’s basic mechanics. The constant beta test type changes are upsetting to most people, as we tend to collect stuff and are encouraged to develop equipment through fusions and lengthy grinding to develop our collections and fashion our play-styles…then they nerf that schit out from under you, or up-end large volumes of the game mechanics, and it’s unsettling, to say the least. This is not fun. It’s the opposite of that, like those stupid leader-board scoring methods used in this latest brawl (and many others in the past). It’s the opposite of fun, and seems to just be gratuitous misery inflicted on the players by the developers for no damn reason at all.

Also; Adventure mode. How is it that these developers can’t find a way to make that interesting? A simple static race track would be an easy place to start. I think they could even use the race track (lost highway) format to sell advertising, in the form of old road signs, even if it was just to advertise their upcoming events and sales and build anticipation to support sales…having said that, it would be difficult to sell advertising to outsiders in a game that gets such bad reviews and isn’t very popular, but they could at least do it for their own products.

Steampunk blimps floating about the sky announcing the latest sales or events on an Adventure mode map infected with ravagers that, when the weather gets dark and cloudy, begin to pour out of any one of the numerous caves, perhaps dropping work bench components (coupons?) for events or shell casings seasonally.

Trains could also emerge from these forgotten and abandoned caves, signaling upcoming events (choo-choo!) and delivering tokens (game currencies) for escorting them safely from one port-hole to the other successfully…or conversely, by destroying them before they disappear into their worm-holes (perhaps they are evil Ravager worms/trains).

Tear down some invisible walls in Adventure Mode to allow for rock-climbing. I loved doing that, and met a lot of other people doing the same when I was going about it. Put some goodies, or some baddies to find out there (shell casings, please?). I would still go about doing it, but I’ve explored all I can, and conquered every hill.

Maybe with copters now being a thing (it wasn’t back then) it would be relevant to add access to those, and work on that flying bot A.I. so we have something to shoot at. Flying Ravager insectoids to go with their larval worm-train crawling from hole to hole? IDK.

Those suggestions would make the game more interesting to a lot of new players, I think, as they are less competitive and more adventuresome, and they wouldn’t disrupt game balance like so many of their regular updates do, but would add a lot of color to this game which it seems to have abandoned in favor of the dull and frustrating grind of dragon chasing.

This game has a very solid core mechanic, but is stale AF.


the devs should get a (few) “page(s) out of PoE’s handbook”…that is to say that whenever thereis a new “thingy” that players like, it gets added into “standard league”…so many nice maps and modes just don’t get added…pity
judgement night was fun…the “hekla raid” was a good raid…and so on and so on…

tried to adress to that here…would love to know your thoughts

there is other stuff as well, but adv mode is what i’d love to be “updated”

Doc Savage, I agree 100%. There’s so much more that can be done to give players more options other than the same missions, brawls and raids. But I guess they’ll just say, they don’t have the staff and the player base is too small. :expressionless:

Imagine if we had maps based on geographic themes; African maps, Artic maps, South American maps, Middle Eastern, etc. with the appropriate decor. You visit these places, fight their local factions, bring home some souvenirs. This stuff is all doable now.

And the climbing around the adventure map…combine that with a racetrack which goes up and over some pinacles…using specialized cars…not everything has to be about fighting for a bucket of scrap. Sometimes just the views alone could keep you coming back.

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couldn’t agree more. sometimes i just go there to drive around for fun…